Clearing Liver Wind – a breakthrough

This needs a little background; I will be as brief as possible. In my Chinese Medicine books and research, Parkinson’s is described succinctly as internal pathogenic Liver Wind. In short, the liver is not functioning well, and “wind” causes things to shake and tremble, i.e., internal tremors.

Last month, I reviewed The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine again. Subsequent to explaining how the Heaven and Earth and all of the elements of nature as well as the seasons relate to one’s health, the Yellow Emperor’s physician then explains a course of events and health issues (many of which I began experiencing in 2009) that lead to “Finally, when autumn arrives it is likely to be particularly harsh, and rapid decline in nature would be obvious. At this time, one’s liver is particularly vulnerable to illness.” Page 259. When autumn arrived in 2009, I began having internal tremors.

For about 7 months, I have been doing daily QiGong for liver deficiencies. Two weeks ago, I came across the first Chinese Medicine book I had read. It is called The Complete Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine, by Tom Williams. I found a sitting form of QiGong exercise that Mr. Williams refers to as “Form 3 of the Sitting Form Brocade Exercises.” It is for strengthening the liver and clearing internal pathogenic Liver Wind. On page 201 of the book, it states: “Sit upright with legs crossed. The palms should be held inward toward the Dantian (step 1). Turn the trunk to the left and to the right 15 times (step 2). Interlock the fingers and turn the hands to face away from the body; push outward eight times (step 3). Strike the teeth and swallow the saliva. Finish by meditating quietly.”

My breakthrough — this exercise makes me sweat (about the only time I have broken a sweat since November is every morning for the last two weeks when I have performed this exercise). Also, while meditating for a couple of minutes after the exercise, I have no tremors. It is the only time I am sitting still and experiencing no tremors. It’s a start.

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