Fighting Parkinson’s, It fights me back – Part 2

Yesterday was a better day, not great, but better. The hips and lower back pain I experienced on Saturday and Sunday had reduced themselves to dull sensations. Today, no hips or lower back pain.

On April 21, 2010, I have a blog entry entitled “Clearing Liver Wind – a breakthrough.” I have been doing the Clearing Liver Wind Qi Gong exercise every morning for about a month, and my results have been very promising. Not only does it make me sweat, but my tremors subside for the couple of minutes of meditation afterwards. I have come to learn with Qi Gong that I will not know how well it is working until three-to-five weeks after I begin a new exercise. The fact that I began sweating with this exercise on the first day was a good sign.

This morning’s Clearing Liver Wind Qi Gong ended with a big surprise – during my meditation, my body began to tremble. Initially, I thought it was Parkinson’s tremors and began to become disappointed, but then I realized it was meridian opening trembling and I got excited. Over the years, I have learned with certain Qi Gong exercises that during the calming or meditative part at the end, the entire body trembles. All of my TCM and Qi Gong books that speak to this issue explain it as a clearing of blockage and an opening of channels or meridians.

I try to keep my emotions in the middle ground; not too upset over the pains of Saturday and Sunday, and not too excited about this morning. Part of the reason behind this is that I have learned with my Parkinson’s that good or bad, nothing lasts more than a day or two. Admittedly, though, this morning’s Clearing Liver Wind is a good thing and does excite me, and I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow morning brings.

All my best,



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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, It fights me back – Part 2

  1. Julian Hapel says:

    Once again, you have posted a response to a question that has been in my mind for a while; telepathy, or what?
    However it happens, thanks for the encouragement easch post gives me, and I’m sure, many others.
    I know that we can overcome this condition.
    Upward and onward,

    • Howard says:

      You are welcome, Julian.

      I feel it is the Parkinson’s that gives us all a little extra connection to each other. I am happy that my message was timely for you. You have a wonderful attitude toward your recovery and I appreciate you sharing your journey with your periodic comments on the blog.


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