Fighting Parkinson’s, the issue of depression, and a thank you to good friends

I have read that depression is a Parkinson’s symptom. Upon reviewing the definition and symptoms of depression, I am happy to say that I am fortunate it has not visited itself upon me. I do not feel depressed; quite to the contrary, I feel upbeat. However, I had fallen into a mental cycle that I was discussing yesterday with my friends Mary and Jerry.

Even though this does not fit in the category of depression, I explained to them what had been plaguing me: Although I know that the only way I am going to fight Parkinson’s drug free and get better is to follow the regimen Sally and I have set forth, every morning I would engage in a conversation with myself about how I did not really need to do my QiGong exercises or meditation that morning…maybe I was stiff or my shoulder hurt and I didn’t want to worsen it or I did not have enough time before the rest of the family needed to be awakened…I cannot explain it except to say that my mind could find excuses I never thought I knew.


Every day, eventually I have overcome my excuses and performed my exercises and completed my meditation. Mary and Jerry listened. That is what friends do. And they empathized. That is what friends do, too. What happened this morning was a surprise to me. I walked into the living room to begin my QiGong exercises and I actually began do them — no hesitation, no excuses, no having to convince myself. It felt as natural as breathing. Apparently, by talking about this issue, I let it go and no longer owned it.


Thank you Mary and Jerry! By just listening to me and understanding me as a friend, you have helped me immensely.


All my best,




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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, the issue of depression, and a thank you to good friends

  1. Kay Disbrow says:

    I’m going to use you all here as my friends who will listen to me say I have been doing just what Howard mentioned doing in this blog ~ making up excuses, excuses I never thought I knew, as he put it, for not doing the exercises. Resistance, big time. Adding some resentment in there too! Some days I go right to them and there is no problem, I’m grateful to have them and actually happy to be doing them. Other days, it’s another story. Kind of like the rest of the recovering, and like the changing symptoms, eh? I look forward to feeling some of the opening (trembling) of the meridians. OK. Willing to be vulnerable here with my friends.

  2. Kay Disbrow says:

    Amazing how different our symptoms are, varying from one person to the next. Depression and exhaustion have been at the top of my list, so different from your list, Howard.

    • Howard says:

      Hi Kay,

      We all came into Parkinson’s the same way (see the causes listed in the Recipe). However, we all manifest the symptoms differently…the symptoms are the messengers that the soul, mind, and body are out of balance…no need to be afraid of the messengers…no need to be afraid of the symptoms.


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