Fighting Parkinson’s, something new I am learning

I haven’t written in a week as I have begun learning something new. In my research, I discovered the Parkinson’s Recovery Project. “The project leader is Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), a teacher at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, California.”

For years, Dr. Walton-Hadlock has worked with Parkinson’s patients and she takes a holistic approach to healing. Her research, presented in a 690-page pdf, is filled with information for curing Parkinson’s. That’s right, curing Parkinson’s! You cannot imagine how refreshing it is to find somebody else who knows that Parkinson’s is curable. I am working my way through the pdf. So far, so good.

What strikes me is the logic of her methodology and how her descriptions of many of her patients easily could be descriptions of me. I have felt that since Parkinson’s is an electrical problem (improperly working neurological impulses), it can be corrected by re-routing the circuits, not by chemicals. By the same token, it makes sense to me that to treat infectious diseases or chemical imbalances, you would use chemicals that will re-balance the system instead trying to re-wire the circuitry.


Dr. Walton-Hadlock has discovered commonality in her patients from a Qi flow perspective. From what I have read so far, here is my simplistic explanation — at some point in their life, the patients suffered a severe foot or ankle injury, and the Qi in the stomach meridian or channel is flowing up the leg rather than down the leg. This reverse flow, along with certain mental blockages, has resulted in Parkinson’s. To cure Parkinson’s, the Qi flow must go in the correct direction and the mental blockages must be unblocked. This may seem easy. However, if it was easy, it would not take a 690-page pdf to explain it and all of us fighting Parkinson’s would be cured instead of being told our condition is not curable.

I am early in this process and will update as I learn more.

In the meantime,

All my best,



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