Fighting Parkinson’s, Forceless Spontaneous Release (Yin Tui Na)

On May 25th, I discussed briefly, Dr. Walton-Hadlock identified a former foot or ankle injury as common among the Parkinson’s patients in her research project. In particular, they had an issue with Stomach Meridian Acupuncture Point 42 (ST-42), and the Qi flow in their stomach meridian traveled up the leg rather than down the leg. In Chapter Thirty-Six of the 690-page pdf mentioned in earlier blog entries, she begins her discussion of Forceless Spontaneous Release (FSR), a form of Yin Tui Na.

I will get right to the point — FSR is a special way of holding the Parkinson’s patient’s foot to reverse the flow of the stomach meridian and get it to flow correct down the leg. I studied this until I understood what was to be accomplished, and then my wife, Sally, and I worked on this together because I needed a practitioner.

Sally and I have worked studied and performed energy work for nearly a decade, primarily acupressure and Dr. Sha’s soul, mind, body near hand-far hand energy work. Also, Sally believes in this as much as I do and she wants me better as much as I do, so who better to team with. In 1976, I snapped the ligaments in my right ankle, and I re-injured that ankle 4 or 5 more times in the following years. I was not difficult to know where my old ankle injury was located.

Essentially, I lay down and Sally holds my right foot in the manner prescribed by Dr. Walton-Hadlock. Neither of us is to concentrate on Qi flow or getting better. I silently perform the meditations and gratitude affirmations previously discussed in my blog entries, and Sally performs her own silent meditations. We have recently started this process and I will update my blog as we are able to access our success. So far, so good.

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