I am symptom free

In my last entry, I explained how close I was to full recovery from Parkinson’s. In response, a friend sent me a note I read Friday morning that suggested I surrender my ego to my teacher and be done with it (Parkinson’s). I was confused.

I always have associated the term ego with being big-headed or full of oneself, so I needed to think about what she meant. Later in the morning I realized what it was — even though I was recovering, my ego, consciously and subconsciously, still was attached to the idea of me having Parkinson’s. I had to let that go, essentially surrender my ego to my teacher, the Higher Power, and just let go.

Friday night before I went to bed, I meditated on this realization and let go. On Saturday morning, I was symptom free. On Sunday, I cleaned the garage. It was the first time I ever have viewed cleaning the garage as a blessing.

All my best,




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