Still symptom free, still learning

I am so blessed with my recovery and I feel the need to help others. Last week I contacted Kathy Fleming, a local practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu to see if she could help me learn. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a subtle, but powerful, energy modality that has some similarities and overlaps with the things I had been doing, and Kathy invited me to attend a group meeting/learning/training that was held last night. Two main things I learned: 1. The people who attended are wonderful people and magnificent healers (I could feel the energy in the room); 2. Just when I thought I knew a lot, I learned I know very little.

That is actually a good thing. In the Zen books I have been reading, there is a theme about approaching things with a beginner’s mind instead of an expert’s mind. A beginner’s mind is wide-eyed and ready to listen to everything and learn. An expert’s mind may be closed to new ideas as one feels one is an expert.

What was so wonderful about last night is that I was in a room full of Jin Shin Jyutsu experts who still have a beginner’s mind as they practice their art. I am so pleased they want me to come back.

All my best,



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