You have the power to heal yourself, Part 3

I am working with many Parkinson’s sufferers, and the concept that “You have the power to heal yourself” continues to be difficult for many. Also, many have told me that when I explain that in my experience (and from my research), symptoms may get worse before they get better, they are having a difficult time staying with their plan. When symptoms start to get worse, they change their plan, or get off of the path they had chosen to take.

I hope it will help to see an excerpt from the third day of the daily journal I kept regarding Parkinson’s. It was one year ago today:
“09/30/09. Got up at 4. This is my worst day so far. Hard to get off of the bed and whole body is tight and aching. Hard to get dressed. Hard to get downstairs. I follow the same routine every morning — out of bed, get dressed, go downstairs, use the bathroom and put in contacts, go to the kitchen and turn on the espresso machine. I look at the clock as the machine takes 10 minutes to warm up. Every day the clock shows 4:04 or 4:05. Today it showed 4:08. I am hopeful that the slowdown is a result of the Qigong performed yesterday. I have found that releasing toxins always makes me worse before I get better. I can only hope that this will be the same….”

Parkinson’s Disease is the embodiment of misery in your body, and the misery creeps into your mind, and the misery creeps into your soul. Anger, frustration, fear, worry, depression, and pain seem to be your only friends because they are hanging out with you all the time. Happiness, joy, and lack of pain appear to be fair-weather friends because they dumped you when you got Parkinson’s.

Here’s the hard part — take anger, frustration, fear, worry, depression, and pain, and THROW THEM OFF OF YOUR PATH! Happiness, joy, and lack of pain are up ahead…know this and stay on your path. It is the path to recovery.

How do I know this?

Because the formula works: Heal your soul and your mind and body will follow (reference my August 12, 2010 blog entry). Connect with your Inner Divine and follow your path. Dr. Sha has wonderful suggestions, and Dr. Walton-Hadlock has wonderful suggestions, and I have been sharing with you the path I took to recovery. However, we all are different, and you need to connect with your Inner Divine and find YOUR path. It will be YOUR path to recovery. It is how I found my path. That’s how I know.

You have the power to heal yourself.

All my best,



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