Fighting Parkinson’s, responding to a comment

On June 23, 2010, my entry was entitled, “I am symptom free, more about letting go.” Today, I received a comment from somebody identified as Andrew. It says,

“i have pd.and id love to give up the drugs and cure myself but…. do you really expect us to buy this rubbish stop pretending you pseudo spiritual phony.I do not believe you for a second. its so cruel to give such deluded hope to sufferers a mind trick may help but bla bla its bull and you know it!!!”

When I clicked to view Andrew’s profile to learn a little more about him and his Parkinson’s I received a message that said his profile is blocked and not public. I will respond to the comment as if Andrew actually is a real person who is taking Parkinson’s medications and who wrote the comment.

Nothing is gained from name calling. We all are in this fight together. Everybody’s path is different, and it is more productive if we each are respectful of others’ paths even if ours is dramatically different. I do, though, want to be especially clear about one point: I had Parkinson’s and I have it no longer. There is no rubbish here. There is no mind trick here. There is no deluded hope here. There is no bull here.

What is here is my story of how I recovered from Parkinson’s. What is here is what worked for me and what did not. What is here is real — to recover from Parkinson’s, it took nine months of hard work; physical work, mental work, and spiritual work. I have covered all of these in great detail and do not have to repeat them here.

I welcome comments and an open dialogue. Whatever choice one makes in one’s fight against Parkinson’s is the right choice for that person at that time. Let’s try to be mindful that we do not want to make others feel badly about the choices they have made and the paths they are on just because we made other choices and are on a different path. Because the path is different, it doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it different.

As Dr. Sha would say: “I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.”

All my best,



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