Fighting Parkinson’s, standing and balance

Standing and balance is really part 2 of walking and balance. With Parkinson’s, I found myself hunched forward, in large part because my balance was somewhere behind my heels. I knew I never would be able to stand up straight or walk properly unless I corrected the problem.

There is a Qigong exercise I did called “standing.” That’s all you do…stand. It is a very powerful exercise because it opens channels, lubricates joints and gets balance back where it should be. As a result of being unable to stand straight without falling over backwards, I modified my standing as follows:

1. Put your back against a wall where you can be looking at a clock.
2. Feet should be shoulder width apart and pointing forward.
3. Bend your knees a little as if squatting to sit on the edge of a stool; squeeze anus once and release.
4. Hold arms in front of body as if holding a beach ball against your chest, with hands at eye level and palms facing your abdomen.
5. Your shoulders and elbows should be relaxed.
6. Your mouth should be closed, teeth closed but not clenched, and tip of your tongue resting against the roof of your mouth directly behind your middle two top teeth.
7. Inhale deeply through your nose into your diaphragm.
8. Exhale fully through your nose.
9. If possible, stand for two minutes. Gradually see if you can stand for five minutes.

Although some people believe nothing can be gained from just standing, I found this exercise released the tightness in the joints of my knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists. When I stood for five minutes, I felt pain in my joints. I figured it must have been toxins being released because how much damage could I be doing to myself by just standing.

Over time, I gained confidence when I had to stand still, such as in a line at the grocery store or at the movies. I remained hunched forward, but I felt more grounded…physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Step 1. Believe in yourself. You have the power to heal yourself. Repeating the phrase “I have the power to heal myself” will go a long way to achieving success with Step 1.
Step 2. Get your feet pointing straight, get your balance back, and be with other people.
Step 3. Stand with your feet pointing straight.
More to come.
All my best,



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