Fighting Parkinson’s, medical Qigong for the liver

In my earlier blog entries, I mention medical Qigong for the liver as something I started doing in September 2009, and I still perform this exercise. I was focussed on cleansing the toxins from my liver and strengthening my liver, and I consider this exercise to be of the utmost importance in achieving liver health. It is in the Medical Qigong section of Qigong Empowerment, by Master Shou-Yu Liang.

Medical Qigong for the liver

1. Hold hands in front of bellybutton like holding a small ball.

2. Slowly raise hands to slightly above eye level.

3. Lower each hand to chest at lowest level of ribs directly in line straight down from nipples.

4. While pressing palms against ribs, rotate hands six times in one direction and then six times in the other direction. Leaving palms where they are, alternate bending toward the sides four times to each side.

5. Lower palms to lowest point on ribs on each side of the body directly in line straight down from arm pits.

6. While pressing palms against ribs, rotate hands six times in one direction and then six times in the other direction. Overlap hands against your body just below the bellybutton, alternate bending forward the and backwards four times each.

7. Put hands on knees, trace bone down front of leg, when reaching ankle, lift hands and point fingers at toes. Straighten back up.

Repeat 1. through 7. sequence ten times. It may take a while to be able to work up to ten. The idea is to go slow and easy and stop before over-doing it. Your body will tell you when to stop, and eventually you will achieve ten repetitions (I was able to do 4 repetitions when I started and it took a couple of weeks to work my way up to 10).

As always, I would like to point out that this is an exercise I did and found beneficial. It may not be something your doctor thinks you should do based upon your own physical nature and abilities, particularly if you are experiencing balance problems. On the bending forward and backwards part, step 6, bending backwards was not an option for me because I would have fallen down. Please check with your doctor first.

I am doing my best to provide the things I did on a daily basis that I found useful in my recovery. I saw a video the other day about staying on the path — the lecturer said to decide what will make you happy, then get on the path toward your happiness and do not get off. Happiness for me was becoming symptom free from Parkinson’s, and I got on that path. He said that some days you might feel like you are walking through hell or be facing terrible pain and self-doubt, but do not get off of the path. Why? Because you already determined that your happiness is at the end of the path. With that in mind, isn’t it worth some pain or discomfort or self-doubt to achieve your happiness?

Step 1. Believe in yourself. You have the power to heal yourself. Repeating the phrase “I have the power to heal myself” will go a long way to achieving success with Step 1.
Step 2. Get your feet pointing straight, get your balance back, and be with other people.
Step 3. Stand with your feet pointing straight.
Step 4. Brain vibration chanting and awareness of neural (electrical) impulses.
Step 5. Medical Qigong for the liver.

More to come.

All my best,



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