Parkinson’s Exercise Videos

I have received some inquiries about the exercises I have listed. Back in April, I discussed Clearing Liver Wind. I am reprinting an excerpt here and adding Clearing Liver Wind as Step 7 on our list.

In the Complete Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine, by Tom Williams, I found a sitting form of QiGong exercise that Mr. Williams refers to as “Form 3 of the Sitting Form Brocade Exercises.” It is for strengthening the liver and clearing internal pathogenic Liver Wind. On page 201 of the book, it states: “Sit upright with legs crossed. The palms should be held inward toward the Dantian (step 1). Turn the trunk to the left and to the right 15 times (step 2). Interlock the fingers and turn the hands to face away from the body; push outward eight times (step 3). Strike the teeth and swallow the saliva. Finish by meditating quietly.” (NOTE: For those of you who cannot sit cross-legged on the floor, this can be accomplished sitting in a chair. Sit forward in a chair with your back straight and feet on the floor pointing forward, and then perform the other parts of this exercise listed above).

Here are the steps with four videos. Click a video once and you can watch it on this page. Click the video a second time, and a larger version will open on You Tube.

Step 1. Believe in yourself. You have the power to heal yourself. Repeating the phrase “I have the power to heal myself” will go a long way to achieving success with Step 1.
Step 2. Get your feet pointing straight, get your balance back, and be with other people.
Step 3. Stand with your feet pointing straight.

Step 4. Brain vibration chanting and awareness of neural (electrical) impulses.

Step 5. Medical Qigong for the liver.

Step 6. Be in the moment as you confront Parkinson’s and put into practice, “I have the power to heal myself.”
Step 7. Clearing Liver Wind.

More to come.

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