Fighting Parkinson’s, It Is Time For A Study, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, an MD I know told me that he felt that my methodology for Parkinson’s recovery was medically provable and repeatable. He explained that if I could repeat what I did with 5 people and help them achieve recovery as I did, he would assist me in an effort to have the study published. 

Here is what I envisioned as a study:
1. A six-month commitment from participants.
2. Daily Qigong exercises (many of which I already have posted on this blog).
3. Daily chanting (some of which I already have posted on this blog).
4. Vegetarian diet (I had a difficult time processing animal proteins leading to constipation, so I switched to a vegetarian diet; although participants might not have this issue, digestive processing of animal proteins takes much more energy than a vegetarian diet, and as much energy as possible should be spent healing organs instead of processing food).
5. No alcoholic beverages (no sense in dieting and exercising to heal and cleanse the liver only to overload it with alcohol; this seems counterproductive to success).
6. Daily meditations/affirmations/prayers/visualizations (many of which I already have posted on this blog).
7. No supplements, herbal supplements or Ayurvedic formulas (I have discussed this issue at length already in this blog, so no need to repeat my reasoning here).
8. Learning Yin Tui Na for stomach meridian healing.
9. A weekly one-on-one one-hour meeting, telephone call or Skype conversation with me to discuss how each participant is doing and cover any other issues that may arise. Unlimited communication with me via email with a guaranteed 24-hour response time for answering questions.
10. Each participant certifying his or her doctor’s approval of participation in the study.

This is what I did, so a study means that you would need to do what I did and not do what I did not do. This is not ego talking here…quite the opposite…I do not believe that I am the only one who could succeed from this methodology. I believe we all should be able to succeed. Simply put, it was a long, hard road to recovery from Parkinson’s, but there was success for me at the end of the road and I do not see why there should not be success for you.

In my previous post about having a study, in an effort to explore the level of interest in a study, I did not post how stringent the requirements of the study would be. There was very little interest in a study; I had only 4 people send me emails that they were at least interested in learning what I had in mind for a study…not a willingness to participate necessarily, but an interest in learning more. I will need 10 people to participate in this study or there cannot be a study.

Please let me know.

All my best,


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