Fighting Parkinson’s, having faith in yourself

In my last blog post, I received an online comment, and I responded to it as follows:

Elin said:


i like to read about your experience. thank you so much!!
indeed the qigong exercises that I did -in the beginning there was lots of pain, but it disappeard… and sometimes comes back (in the time of 5 years…)
How did you get the belief, that you will win the fight?


Howard said:


You are welcome. Thank you for comments as they will help others.
Faith and stubbornness. I had great faith that Parkinson’s could be overcome if looked at from a different perspective. I had great faith that if I listened to my body, it would let me know what to do. I had and have great faith in a Higher Power and that by connecting with that Higher Power through my Inner Divine, that I have the power to heal myself. I have great faith that you have the power to heal yourself as well. And my stubbornness refused to allow me to give up my faith.


I have posted in the past that you need to determine your path, get on your path, and stay there until you have reached your goal. It was the faith that I would reach my goal that kept me on my path through the most difficult of times. And it was my stubbornness that made me do my exercises and meditations and affirmations and vegetarian diet day in and day out, day after day after day after day because I believe that faith without action will not lead to success, and action without faith will not lead to success — you need faith AND action to beat Parkinson’s — that’s how I see it.

Recently, I saw a video that I feel is very compelling on this issue. It is 9 minutes and 22 seconds, and I highly recommend you watch the entire video:

In closing for today, as Dr. Sha would say, “I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.”

All my best,



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