Fighting Parkinson’s, the tortoise wins the race

I have gotten much feedback over the last month, and there are some common themes. Here are the two most common: 1. The “recipe” is too overwhelming to digest at once. Is there a way to ease into it? 2. I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks and I do not see any great results. Why isn’t this working?

Answer to 1. If you are trying the recipe and are overwhelmed by its magnitude, I recommend starting with three things: Medical Qigong for Liver, Qigong for Clearing Liver Wind, and Standing. All three of these are explained in the blog and include videos. Do these for the rest of February, and in March we will add on a thing or two. Those who have contacted me offline who I have started on these three have expressed they are a good three in which to begin. Most have expressed a lessening of pain and stiffness.

Answer to 2. I will begin by pointing out that Parkinson’s recovery is a race won by the tortoise, not the hare…slow and steady without many results for a while. This is why you have to believe you are on the correct path and repeat, “I have the power to heal myself.”

If it was easy to recover from Parkinson’s without medications, none of us would be on this blog having our dialog. If it was easy to recover from Parkinson’s without medications, it would not be considered an incurable disease. If it was easy to recover from Parkinson’s without medications, you probably would see wonderful results after a couple of weeks and be very happy to be mostly recovered from the disease in a short amount of time. However, it is not easy.

So, back to the tortoise. The tortoise believed in himself against overwhelming odds. In a moment of clarity, he knew his path, and he knew in his heart of hearts and soul of souls that he would win the race. He did not stray from the path and he proceeded in the way a tortoise can…slow and steady…and he won. I would imagine that the spectators laughed at him and told him he was out of his mind to think he could win the race. He had to exhibit courage and internal strength to not only compete and win the race, but to ignore the naysayers hovering around his path spouting out their negativity. In this fight against Parkinson’s, we all learn from each other. Today, let’s learn from the tortoise.


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