Fighting Parkinson’s, and medications

Recently, I have received many private emails, and there have been quite a few comments to blog posts, and the topic is Parkinson’s medications or Parkinson’s drugs. I know, here we are on a web site entitled Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free, but the underlying questions are from Parkinson’s sufferers using medications who are wondering if my Recipe for Recovery can help them reduce their dosages all the way down to getting off of the medications altogether. I say, YES!

I would like to begin my remarks by saying a couple of things. First, if you are taking Parkinson’s medications and you are thinking about doing the Recipe for Recovery, and reducing and/or stopping the medications, please confer with your doctor. I am not a doctor, and what I express in this blog is my opinion and reasoning based upon my experience, the experiences of those I am coaching, and my research. Second, I fought Parkinson’s without medications, herbal supplements, or Ayurvedic formulas. Most people diagnosed with Parkinson’s take medications. I do not view this as an issue of right or wrong; I view it as just being different. The nice thing about life is that on an given morning when we awake, we are free to choose a new path, a new beginning, a different way to move forward in our life. Parkinson’s is Parkinson’s…we need to help each other without passing judgment on other peoples’ choices.

Here is my reasoning on why I believe the Recipe for Recovery can assist one in reducing Parkinson’s medications and potentially getting off of them altogether. It begins with liver health. If you have been reading my blog and the Recipe for Recovery, then you know I put a large emphasis on liver health and electricity for recovery.

Here is what one of the foremost Parkinson’s doctors had to say about the liver and Parkinson’s medications:
In Dr. Marjama-Lyons’ book, What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Parkinson’s Disease, on page 219, she states, “Milk Thistle is an effective liver tonic that helps protect the liver from toxins and that can detoxify and rejuvenate a liver that is damaged by toxic exposure. In his book, The Brain Wellness Plan, neurologist Dr. Jay Lombard advises Parkinson’s disease patients who are taking any anti-Parkinson’s drugs to take 300 milligrams of standardized milk thistle daily.” I talk extensively about how we must detoxify our body from Parkinson’s toxins, and Drs. Marjama-Lyons and Lombard recommend milk thistle because the Parkinson’s medications put even more toxins in our bodies. It is one of the main reasons I decided to not take medications. Instead of milk thistle, another formula that has to be processed through the body, I recommend Qigong and Standing.

In the Recipe for Recovery, there are three exercises I recommend to start with for those who are taking Parkinson’s medications. They are Medical Qigong for Liver, Clearing Liver Wind, and Standing (there are videos of all three). By performing the first two Qigong exercises, you are strengthening and detoxing your liver. Following these with the Standing exercise not only helps flush the toxins “stirred-up” by the other two exercises, but it also helps the electrical flows in your body.

My reasoning follows this path:

1. If you are doing the exercises and your liver is functioning at a stronger and more efficient manner than it was at detoxing your body, won’t the medications work more effectively?
2. If the medications are working more effectively, do you need to continue taking them in the same dosages?
3. If your liver is functioning more effectively, and, as a result, you are reducing your medications, won’t this reduce the amount of medication-induced toxins in your body?
4. If you are reducing the amount of medication-induced toxins in your body while continuing to do the exercises and strengthening your liver, won’t this lead to the medications working even more effectively, leading to reducing the medications more?
5. If you are continuing reducing the amount of medication-induced toxins in your body while continuing to do the exercises and strengthening your liver, won’t this lead to the medications working even more effectively, leading to reducing the medications even more, leading to getting rid of them altogether?

Obviously, I think so! Do I know for certain? Of course not. That’s why you are the heroes in this story, not me. We will not know the truthful answer to this query until somebody goes the distance.

I will share with you one other thing. My reasoning above is a hypothesis I have had for quite some time, and I am coaching some individuals who are taking medications and have started down this path. Part of the coaching has been individualizing to their specific needs and physical limitations, if any, what to do next, after these three exercises. So far, their results are consistent with my reasoning above. The additional benefits they have experienced include less pain, less rigidity, better balance and better sleep.

Have a nice weekend.

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