Fighting Parkinson’s, and perseverance

Fighting Parkinson’s without medications is challenging. Fighting Parkinson’s while taking medications is challenging as well. Fighting Parkinson’s and doing my Recipe for Recovery requires perseverance…perseverance and faith that you are on the correct path to recovery. I receive inspiring emails from many of you, but one I recently received had this at the end, “ps As long as my e-mail and last name is kept confidential you’re welcome to include my message on website.”

This email is the embodiment of the understanding that although this path is not easy, perseverance and strong faith defeat fear and keep one on the path toward recovery.

“I’m very grateful for your service to the Parkinson’s community and especially for those willing to challenge limiting beliefs. I’ve read all your blog posts and placed all highlights to my kindle…ever close to my side for guidance and inspiration.
As well, I’ve included Dr. Sha’s Soul, Mind, and Body Healing book. I found very supportive your mentioning that the Liver cleanse qigong was very hard. This allowed me to acknowledge my resistance and to challenge myself to forge forward. My wife also supports my challenge and will participate in the Tui nah technique as I intend to include all of your protocol. I’ve eliminated all pd medications (minimal as it was) as well as the otc benedryl that I had used for sleep. Fear crept in this morning as I awoke uncomfortable in my skin…I turned the fear over for Divine consumption, and did my qigong and meditated to a blissful comfort. I’m grateful for a non-demanding lifestyle, and most grateful for your trail-blazing–despite your incurring the wrath of those caught in the allopathic disease model.

Most grateful,

Thank you, John, for inspiring all of us.

All my best,



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