Fighting Parkinson’s, and current issues in recovery

Every now and again, I receive feedback from a large number of people in a short amount of time regarding a similar issue, so I write about it here in an effort to help everybody who may be facing the same issue. Here is the issue: “I am doing the Recipe for Recovery and have reduced, or eliminated, my Parkinson’s medications, and my symptoms appear to be getting worse.” My response is: “Your symptoms got worse while you were on the medications…you just were unaware of what had taken place. You now are experiencing your Parkinson’s symptoms as they are.”

Here’s how I see it: When the medications are taken, they alleviate the appearance of the symptoms, so the person does not do anything extra to alleviate the symptoms because the symptoms have the appearance of being “not there.” (When I use the term “medications” in this post, I am also referring to Parkinson’s-related supplements and formulas.). When one reduces or goes off of the medications, the symptoms are worse than they were when the person started the medications because the body has suffered some Parkinson’s degeneration unbeknownst to the person as a result of the symptoms being masked by the medications.

I have gotten some disbelief and push back on my theory from a couple of people who simply do not believe that their bodies could suffer Parkinson’s degeneration and that the medications were strong enough to hide it from them. This prompted me to do some research on the issue, and here is what I found:

“Medications can alleviate the symptoms, but do not slow the progression of Parkinson’s.” Click here for article.

“No drug can stop or slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease….” Click here for article.

There are many more articles. These are here to give you a couple of reference points for my theory. The other thing I tell people is, “I am not a doctor, so if you are uncertain about this line of reasoning, ask your doctor.” I think the confusion is that “alleviating symptoms” (feeling better) is not the same as “improvement” (getting better). The articles above clear up the confusion. You may feel better, but your Parkinson’s is getting worse. Also, it may clarify my previous explanations that I was not concerned with “feeling better,” I was concerned with “getting better.”

I am not trying to rain on everybody’s parade, but I needed to clarify this important point so people can fight fear. Here is the fear: “I started doing the Recipe for Recovery. I reduced or got off of my medications. Now I am worse. I am afraid that the Recipe is not working for me…it made me worse.” This fear is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). You now are experiencing the true symptoms of Parkinson’s, and they are different from much of what you have been experiencing.

Think about this: How did you reduce or get off the medications in the first place? Those who I am coaching, and many of you who have emailed me, did it by following my reasoning in my blog post Fighting Parkinson’s, and medications. So, if the Recipe for Recovery is what helped you reduce or eliminate your medications, why would it stop working for you now?

I would imagine (and some have told me) that it is a scary thing to be off the medications and to learn just how far the disease has progressed, and also, that there are certain unpleasant withdrawal side effects that are experienced during the medication reduction/elimination time period and for a brief period thereafter. Do not lose confidence in yourself. Think about this: You had the perseverance to do the Recipe to reduce or eliminate the medications. I am certain it took faith and internal strength to withstand the pain and to overcome the fear to finally be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I did it! I did something they say cannot be done — I reduced, or eliminated, my Parkinson’s medications and I am still in the fight!” (If you have not told yourself this yet, please do it now; the rest of us will wait a moment).

I fought Parkinson’s without medications, and if you have reduced or gotten off of your medications completely, then you now are fighting Parkinson’s with reduced side effects from the medications or no side effects from the medications. You are (or are close to) Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free. How refreshing is that! You are getting more and more in control of the disease each day. You now can see and feel your enemy. I know the Recipe for Recovery worked for me as I was fighting Parkinson’s without medications, and since it helped you get off of your medications, I do not see why it won’t help you recover in the same way the Recipe helped me.

You already have accomplished what they say cannot be accomplished — you have reduced or eliminated your Parkinson’s medications. Here is the challenge: Using the same Recipe for Recovery, and using the same perseverance, strength and faith that got you where you are today, accomplish the other thing they say cannot be accomplished — Parkinson’s recovery!

Aren’t you worth the effort?

All my best,


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