Fighting Parkinson’s, and talking to yourself

Have you ever taken the time to talk to your organs and let them know what you are doing to heal them? Have you ever taken the time to thank your organs for the hard work they have been doing for you all of your life? Have you ever taken the time to let your organs know your expectations of them in your healing process? Maybe it is time to start talking to yourself!

Think about this:
You are sitting in the break room with a half-dozen co-workers and you are on lunch break reading a magazine. Your co-workers are engaged in conversations and music is playing. Your manager walks into the doorway behind you and across the room from where you are sitting, and in a soft voice says, “I am planning to go forward with my big project and I want you involved. You are a good worker and I appreciate what you have done in the past. Please join me in my office in 5 minutes so I can tell you my expectations of your work as I move my project forward; it is very exciting.” And then he leaves.

Chances are you never even know he came in the break room. The result: You do not know what he is planning. You do not know he appreciates your past performance. You do not know what he expects from you on his project. You do not go to his office in 5 minutes. And, when you do not do any of these things, it is not out of malice or ill will toward your manager. It is because he did not get your attention, talk to you directly, and make certain you knew what he wanted.

New scenario: Your manager walks into the break room, sits down at the table in front of you and says, “Hi Susie.” You close your magazine and he says, “Susie, I am planning on going forward with my big project. You have done great work for me in the past and I appreciate your excellent job performance. I want you on my team for moving the project forward, so please join me in my office in 5 minutes so I can discuss the project and my expectations of you as it moves forward.” New Scenario. Different result of what you do.

In Dr. Sha’s Soul, Mind, Body Medicine book, he advocates talking to your organs as you would talk to a person. The point I am making here is that if you look at the two scenarios above, which one gives you a better chance of success: instructions given to the air or instructions given directly to the person. So, whether you say it out loud or say it internally, how about trying this idea the next time you do the Medical Qigong for Liver: Right before starting the exercise, say something like, “Dear my liver, I am about to begin an exercise to help heal you and help you function better. You have the power to heal yourself. I appreciate your work in the past, but you are not functioning properly now. So, by doing this exercise, I am giving you the tools to help you heal and cleanse yourself. Do a good job. Thank you.”

There is a method to my madness. In order for you to make these statements meaningfully, you have to visualize your liver, you have to look inside yourself, and you have to talk to your liver in a manner that requires you to be involved with the exercise, not just going through the motions. I am hopeful this will give all of you greater meaning and purpose as you perform the Recipe for Recovery. I recommend this brief conversation with your organs prior to each exercise or chant. I think you know from my previous blog posts that my meditations/affirmations/ prayers all are filled with talking directly to my organs/my Adrenaline/my Dopamine/my Higher Power.

Don’t you respond better to people if they look you in the eye, have a smile on their face, and talk to you in a caring tone of voice? Why should your organs/your Adrenaline/your Dopamine/your Higher Power be any different? Yes, I know, all of this talking to your organs and body systems and Higher Power may seem awkward and unusual to you, particularly since it is something your may never have done before. Why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? In the words of Dr. Sha, “If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it.”

Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,



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