Fighting Parkinson’s, and persistence is key

Parkinson’s symptoms weigh heavy on our minds, and, for many people, Parkinson’s symptom relief is what they are seeking. I have told you many times that I developed an “okay” attitude about the symptoms because my focus was on recovery, which I knew took time and came from deep within — I was not concerned with feeling better, but instead, I was concerned with getting better. Yesterday, on “Fighting Parkinson’s, and ‘okay,’ Part 2,” a person posted a comment that so much captures the point I have been making that I am re-posting it here so everybody can take a look at it in case you missed it on the previous post’s comments.

Penny Wassman commented:

“Thank you, Howard…your words are great advice. With the “okay”, I’m learning to recognize and give up the life-alienating mind chatter that I have long recognized as neither serving me nor anyone around me. I know from experience that when I buy into self-defeating thoughts and words like “incurable”, I’m not living life…. I’m not living vitality…. I’m not me… I actually bring about the results in my body that I most fear! When my body challenges me as it does on a regular basis (Parkinson’s has been playing with me for over a decade), I have a choice: I can sink into the self-deprecating and defeatist mind chatter… or I can say “okay” and focus on vitality. …that’s what the real me wants after all.
The difference now (after looking for support for years) is that I have direction with your recovery program….and a renewed surge of optimism. So I’m doing the exercises every day without fail (I still work, but I’ve re-arranged my day – health being a number one priority) and I’m seeing results. I will own that I found the exercises a little strange at first…. it was really difficult to feel any qi energy at all…. I wondered if I was on the right track initially, but I followed your instructions…. at first I simply imagined the energy moving as directed and gradually, wonder of wonders, I actually began to feel the energy moving within me – particularly evident in the kidney qigong exercises…. also quite noticeable energy movement in my hands and brain. So wow, am I motivated…and excited – persistence is key to recovery, I guess…..”

If we read Penny’s comment carefully, we learn that she has had Parkinson’s over 10 years. However, what I find most remarkable is she never mentions her symptoms. She doesn’t say they are improving, they are getting worse, they are staying the same…no mention of symptoms. I know of Penny’s symptoms, but, as you can see, her focus is on keeping a positive attitude, pushing the negative things aside with a simple “okay,” and focusing on vitality. This has opened up her awareness of internal progress: “I actually began to feel the energy moving in me” and “also quite noticeable energy movement in my hands and brain.”

So, going back to my last two blog posts and using Penny’s experience as an example, if we can say “okay” to our symptoms and accept that they are part of our lives, then we can pay more careful attention to the healing actually taking place inside us. And, if we can pay more careful attention to the healing actually taking place inside us, then we can shift our focus from feeling better to getting better.

And, yes, Penny…persistence is key!

So, you have Parkinson’s…”okay!” What are you going to do about it, right here, right now? Why not say, “okay,” get on your path to recovery, and stay on your path to recovery until you recover. Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,



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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and persistence is key

  1. Bill Ray says:

    Parkinsons is an on going battle and quality of life is paramount, good luck with your journey!

  2. Alan says:

    This was just great! Thank you.

  3. Howard says:

    Thank you, both, and welcome to the blog. I hope you continue to find things here to assist you.

    Best regards,


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