Fighting Parkinson’s, and fifteen months symptom free

On June 12, 2010, I became symptom free from Parkinson’s Disease. It is hard to believe it was fifteen months ago. Over the last fifteen months, I have been blessed with continuing good health and with getting to know many of you who read this blog. Every time I receive an email or a phone call or a new person signs up for coaching, I am inspired…inspired by all of you! As you move toward your recovery, we gain strength in numbers, and someday our numbers will say, “There is another way to approach the Parkinson’s problem, and together, we have proven that the Parkinson’s problem has a solution…a cure!”

There is energy inside us, and there is energy all around us. As you know, our Parkinson’s bodies lack the correct electrical energy flows and our organs are not functioning properly. As we do our Qigong and heal our organs, and as we meditate or pray or contemplate and calm our minds and find a connection that heals our souls and inspires our spirits, we move toward balancing the energy within us. However, each of us is not an island unto ourselves living in a vacuum. We are part of a greater whole of the world around us.

So, here is a thought to help us not only balance the energy inside us, but to help us connect to, and become in balance with, the energy around us. When we breathe, something absolutely necessary to sustain our lives, let’s have a different thought, and a different goal, than “I am taking a breath.” How about if we offer our breathing as service followed by gratitude?

Begin with an exhale. With our exhale, let’s envision that we are serving all of the plant life whose very existence depends on our filling them with our carbon dioxide exhale. That’s right, just by exhaling, something we have to do, we are serving the plants and the trees and the grass around us…so let’s make it a glorious exhale! And, at the conclusion of our exhale, let’s not “take” a breath, but instead, let’s inhale and “receive” life’s breath of oxygen, and let’s feel gratitude to the plants and the trees and the grass who are serving us.

Over time, as we are healing the energy flows within us, we come to realize the connection we have to the energy flows around us. As I experienced on June 12, 2010, after nine months of fighting Parkinson’s following the Recipe for Recovery, and as I continue to experience today, when the energy inside us is balanced, and we have a balanced soul, mind, and body connection with the energy around us (our Inner Divine connecting to the Greater Divine), Parkinson’s ceases to exist and recovery becomes complete.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exhaling and serving nature! You will be surprised how good this service to nature will make you feel. Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,


NOTE: There were many comments to last week’s post as others have shared their personal experiences in recovery. Please go to,, and look at the comments.


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21 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and fifteen months symptom free

  1. Barry says:


    YOU are the breath of fresh air you invite us to join you in making sacramental. YOU are the harbinger of a whole new health and wellbeing paradigm for Parkinson’s, being a DEMONSTATION of what you want to bring to the world. CONGRATULATIONS on your 15 months being Parkinson’s Free!

  2. Howard says:

    Thank you very much, Barry.

    I appreciate your kind words.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Leontina says:

    Felicitari ai muncit enorm .Peste noua luni,cand voi fi si eu recuperata,bem o cupa de sampanie( in fata camerei web) tu in Florida eu in Romania.Dumnezeu fie cu noi toti.

    Congratulations you worked a lot. Over nine months, when I recover myself, I will drink a glass of champagne (in front of the webcam) with you in Florida, I in Romania. God be with us all.

  4. Howard says:

    Thank you, Leo.

    Yes, when you recover, we will share a glass of champagne over the web cam. How delightful!

    Warm wishes,


  5. Leontina says:

    buna Howard,daca imi dai voie vreau sa intreb aici pe ceicare sunt pe medicamente cum reusesc sa renunte,eu am stat fara ele opt zile dar ultimele doua a fost groaznic nu=mi puteam indrepta genunchii,nu puteam sa ma ridic de pe scaun ,nu aveam forta in maini si tremuram. In conditiile acestea nu se pot face incercat si treptat sa renunt dar tot asa e ,eu iau isicom o jumate de pastila (de 3 ori pe zi) si oprimea tot asa.Daca cineva vrea sa posteze cum a renuntat ii ajuta si pe alti colegi de incredere in puterea de vindecare leo

  6. Howard says:

    Translation of Leotina’s comment:

    Howard, good if you allow me to ask here how those on drugs have managed to quit. I stayed eight days without them but was awful last two and could not straighten my knees, I could not get up from this chair, I had no strength in my hands and was shaking. In case they cannot do the exercises, I gradually tried to quit, so I take half a pill isicom (3 times daily), and suppress all else. If someone wants to post how they did it to help others quit, it will help our colleagues to approach our destiny with confidence in the power of healing. Leo

  7. Penny Wassman says:

    Dear Leontina
    I am writing because I am so grateful for your communications– I think they will benefit us all as we learn from one another and connect in this way. Parkinson’s Disease has been with me since at least the year 2000 – actually I think much longer as it takes time before outward symptoms appear. From the beginning, I chose not to take any Parkinson’s drugs, so I may not be much help with your immediate question. However, I do know that it is possible to get off the drugs – others have done so. I hope they will be inspired to write here to help you with your question by sharing their experience.
    In any case, I’d like to comment with my sense of things (not from any professional medical viewpoint, but as a fellow Parkinson’s traveler). If I understand you correctly, you have already reduced your medication. I’m guessing that the exercises Howard is guiding us with have helped you to do so. I also think that your body will gain strength as it heals from the inside out – that as you get stronger, you’ll gradually be able to get off all the medications.
    I interpret from your blog postings, that you are really sincere about your commitment to recovery – and that doing the exercises daily is part of that commitment – so, congratulations! I am grateful to share this journey with you. Your comments, your sharing and your commitment help me to stay motivated myself. I have a wonderful sense that we, the group of citizens following Howard’s program throughout the world, are trail blazers – that, as we learn to help ourselves, we will help others too – I think we are stronger as we reach out to one another and build community and strength together as we travel this path to recovery. So I am deeply grateful for your communication – thank you, Leontina …
    Sending you blessings from Canada,

    • meredith says:

      I would like to add my thoughts to this discussion for Leontina, because I am in a similar situation. I was diagnosed 4 years ago, and have been on Sinemet since then, and a few months ago, a very weak dose of Mirapex. I found that their effectiveness was becoming more limited, and I wanted to find a more permanent solution – one that involves my own inner resources. I am grateful to have found Howard’s website, and now I am a serious student of Qigong, and am trying to follow his recipe as best I can, while working full time, taking care of a house, family, etc. Getting off of the meds is VERY hard, so give yourself credit for trying! It is painful right now – I know!!
      Here are a few suggestions for you: first, do NOT try to reduce all medications at once – that just puts a ton of stress on your organs and your mind. Accept help from them as a friend, but use them as sparingly as possible. Howard has suggested that one start by decreasing the frequency of the doses, little by little ( for instance – take your doses at 6 am , noon, and 6 pm the first week, then the next week, put 7 hours between doses, and the next week 8 hours, etc, until you are taking them just a little), and then as the “help” from the qigong, meditations, exercise, positive thinking, etc, kick in, you can just abandon the medications. I’m sure it will take time, but the PD took its time establishing itself, too.
      Second – Try to pamper yourself as much as possible, while still being very disciplined about the exercises, a clean diet, etc. This may mean giving yourself a mini “retreat” for a week or so – take the time to just be good to yourself: Get rid of deadlines and stress as much as you can – turn off the news, stay away from people or situations that drain your energy, visit loving family or friends, nature, etc. Get a massage or an acupuncture treatment, etc.
      I am currently on the first day of my retreat. I took a couple of weeks of leave, and I am using it to really relax and think positively. I think the most important thing for us right now is to slow down, and not worry or fear. Gratitude is the key. I hope this helps, and I send you healing and loving energy.

  8. Leontina says:

    multumesc Penny,multumesc Meredith pentru sfaturile si increderea acordate mie.Am adunat in viata multe umilinte,frustrari,esecuri si am avut un orgoliu prostesc de a ajunge cat mai sus sa ma respecte toti fara ca eu sa respect , sa primesc fara sa dau, parca m-am nascut sa domin lumea ,parkinsonul m-a adus la realitate ,m-a facut sa apreciz mai mult oamenii,sa devin mai buna sa ma bucur de acele cateva minute in care se linisteste trupul si sufletul ,multumesc parkinson. Numai bine va doresc Leo

  9. Howard says:

    Thank you, Penny, Meredith, and Leo! I have no doubt that sharing your personal experiences will help countless others who are participating in their own Parkinson’s struggles. You are the embodiment of Dr. Sha’s saying, “I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.”
    With gratitude,

    Here is the translation of Leo’s comment:

    Thanks Penny, thanks Meredith, for your advice and trust in me. We have gathered in life indignity, frustration, failure and I had a foolish pride to reach as high as I could to respect all without respect of me, to receive without giving, as if I was born to dominate the world. Parkinson’s brought me to reality, and made me appreciate people more, to become better, and to enjoy those few minutes that soothe body and soul. Thank you both. I wish you all the best. Leo

  10. Nancy says:

    I also have been reducing Rx and have used the 10 percent every 10 days method as per It’s been a slow road, but it’s been effective in not overly stressing my body. I’m down now to only one Sinemet per week, so hope to be taking the last of it in the next month. I am doing the qigong along with a little tai chi and reiki. Looking back through my Journal has helped keep each reduction from masquerading as “getting worse”. What has helped most, however, is Howard and all y’all. eating helps. Sometimes you may think you need Rx, but a baked potato will calm the beast. Also, I agree with slow down, de-stress. Banish the word multitasking for sure.

    Y’all are all so special and so strong of spirit, and Leo, you write like a poet. Thanks, Howard, for providing this meeting house for us

  11. Howard says:

    Nancy. You are welcome. And, thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story and participating in the dialog. We all benefit from your experience and advice.
    With gratitude,

    • meredith says:

      Nancy – Thanks for your comments. I have a question for you: Where exactly did you find the info on reducing Sinemet by 10% every 10 days on the website? I have read some of the articles on that site, and have only found that they are definitely anti-sinemet, to the point that they say that pd recovery is not possible if one has taken meds for more than 3 weeks! I would appreciate your feedback.
      Best wishes to you on your journey to recovery!

  12. Helen Gill says:

    Hi I have been diagnosed with parkinsons and am going to do it the natural way through qui gong and mediation herbs and finding releasing my trauma held emotions through prayer and decision etc.

    I will let you know how I go! I am 60 years of age. I have been diagnosed 5 months ago and felt symptoms for a lot longer.

    Love Helen

  13. Howard says:

    Hi Helen,

    Welcome to the blog. In addition to what you are doing, you may wish to take a look at my Recipe for Recovery, Many people are following it with very good results.


  14. Teri Rye says:

    Hey, y’all! I have to say I am so thankful for this group of friends! We all have different manifestations of the same cruel disease. However, we are all in unison in our journey to recovery! I appreciate everyone’s encouragement and pointers as to how they are dealing with this disease, and how the recipe is working. Knowing there is someone out there who really understands means the world to me! I have a wonderful support group around me in my family and friends, but no one really understands this disease like you do! I was given this Scripture today and have found it to be very helpful. I pass it on to you. I hope that it inspires you too: “kind words are like honey-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”. Proverbs 16:24 The kind words of Howard and the rest of you have been like honey to my soul!

    It amazes me how much positive thinking and encouragement makes me feel good physically as well! I have begun Qigong exercises and am searching for a practitioner for the Yin Tuina. I will be medication free by end of October and will begin the recipe in full force at that time! My biggest roadblock right now is pain and stiffness. During the worst times, I focus my mind on positive things-whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-think on these things!

    Stay the course! I wish you well!

  15. Leontina says:

    Te salut Teri ,ma bucur pentru tine ca esti asa aproape de renuntare la medicamente,eu iau de 11 ani ,e drept ca doze mici dar e greu fara acest drog .Am scris pe un blog in Romania despre reducerea dozelor[sunt bolnavi ce iau 12 pastile pe zi si sunt distrusi fizic si psihic] si nu l-au publicat,nu vreau sa auda de asa ceva.Uni aduna cu greu bani multi penttru operatii inChina cu celule stem,altii isi fac operatii de stimulare cerebrala profunda,se mutileaza amaratii de ei in speranta vindecarii.E o boala perversa cu multe si urate fete.Noi suntem cei alesi ,avem puterea de a ne vindeca.Binecuvinteaza Dumnezeule speranta.Leo

  16. Howard says:

    Leo’s translation:

    Greetings Teri. I am glad for you that you’re so close to giving up drugs. I took 11 years, it is true that even with small doses it’s hard without the drug. I wrote a blog about reducing the dose in Romania [you are sick, you take 12 pills a day and are destroyed physically and mentally] and have not published it; they do not want to hear about it. Some collect money for stem cell surgery in China, others make their money for deep brain stimulation surgery and mutilate the poor souls who had hope of healing. It’s a nasty disease with many faces and ugly faces. We have chosen a different way, and have the power to heal ourselves. God Bless. Keep hope alive. Leo

  17. Nancy says:

    Meredith, I’m so sorry, I just saw your inquiry about where I saw the ten percent. It was in the book Once upon a Pill in the pdrecovery site. I don’t, obviously, believe recovery is impossible if you’ve been on the drugs. Anyhow, the plan works well for me – this week I am on 50mg for the week! – and the book helped me with some good tips.
    The fellowship, support and inspiration here are so awesome I just can’t express. I believe as individuals we will each succeed. I believe as a whole we have what it takes to rock the world

    • meredith says:

      Hi Nancy – Thanks for the info. I have seen that book on the their website (I actually downloaded it and read a bit), but I couldn’t locate the part where it actually gives a method for reducing meds by 10% – could you tell me where that would be? And also, if I may be so nosy, what was your original dosage, how long has it taken you to get down to this low level, was it Sinemet, and how do you feel now? (Only answer if you feel comfortable – as I said, I am nosy!)

      Any advice you can give on this subject will be greatly appreciated!

  18. Teri Rye says:

    I saw your question to Nancy and thought I’d answer too. We can use all the help we can get! I began reducing my meds in July of this year. I was on 1 mg of Mirapex and 1 mg Azilect per day. I started by reducing Mirapex to .75 mg and waited 4 wks before reducing another .25 mg. I am now on .25 mg per day and will stop all together on Oct 15. On Sept 11, I reduced my Azilect to .5mg one day and 1 mg the next (essentially reducing overall by 1/4). On Oct 1, I went to .5 mg everyday of Azilect. I hope to be drug free by Oct 31. I have had no problems with the reductions besides more pain and less function from my right arm & hand. Thank goodness for Dragon Voice recognition software! I drink no caffeine and limit my meat and sugar. I have a fruit & greens smoothie for breakfast and take CoQ10 (ubiquinol), Curcumin, Vitamin D3, calcium and a multivitamin everyday. I have begun the Recipe Qigong exercises. I hope this information helps! I wish you a speedy recovery!

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