Fighting Parkinson’s, and how the Recipe for Recovery is working for others

I issued a challenge for 30 days to make this your November to Remember. I also am referring to this as No Excuses November so as many of you as possible will consider embracing the challenge and seeing how much you improve over the next month. About a dozen people posted comments that they are accepting the challenge, and many others who wished to remain anonymous have sent me emails expressing that they will be accepting the challenge as well. For those of you still considering whether or not to accept the challenge, I offer the following information to help you stop thinking and start doing.

Here are comments posted on this blog by people just like you, people suffering from Parkinson’s. Some of them are on medications, some of them are on medications but are reducing their dosages, some of them were on medications and have completely gotten off of the medications, and some of them never have taken medications. The one thing that is consistent for all of them is that the Recipe for Recovery works for all of them. Here are excerpts of what they had to say followed by a link to where they posted the comments on the blog.

“The “recipe” is helping though. I have more good days than bad. I really encourage your husband to start doing the recipe.”
“I also hope your husband will start the recipe. I know he will find relief, and eventual healing.”
“The only thing that always helps is to do some of the recipe – even a little bit at a time…”

“…will get up from this computer and do my Qigong now! The Recipe for Recovery is really working for me on so many levels. Given how totally preoccupied I was with Parkinson’s…with what it would do to me in the future….it is like a miracle to me to report that there are times when I forget all about it in the NOW. Doing the work is all.”

“I LOVE this blog and the comments. We are all on the road to RECOVERY! That is so inspiring and encouraging! The difference between this blog and other PD forums is that we have HOPE! It’s not blind faith, because we are seeing real results!”

“I am noticing increasing vitality almost daily from the Qigong and standing exercises.”

“My introduction to Qigong was through this website. Now I am 3 months into this new and exciting realm, and finding it to be a very positive, health-enhancing addition to my life.”

“An awesome article because it is difficult to see any progress on a day by day basis. After doing the QiGong exercises, I feel that I am in control of the Parkinson’s rather than the Parkinson’s having the upper hand.”

“…and there are times when I have symptoms disappear [30 min] for 2 days.”
“I have been doing Qigong regularly, but this weekend I was not able to exercise very much. Also, when I’m away from home, it’s difficult to keep my diet. Consequently, it was a difficult weekend, but I learned much about the recipe. It works!”

As you can see, you do not have to take my word for it that the Recipe for Recovery works. Other Parkinson’s sufferers just like you have started doing the Recipe for Recovery and it is working for them. It is working so well for them that they have posted public comments on the blog. So, what are you waiting for?

What are you doing right here, right now? How about accepting my 30 day challenge to get on the path to recovery and start doing the Recipe for Recovery as outlined in my challenge. Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,



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6 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and how the Recipe for Recovery is working for others

  1. Teri Rye says:


    Thanks for posting those comments. It really helps knowing that there are others out there working the recipe and getting results! I have good news! I saw my neurologist yesterday for the first time since starting the recipe and getting off my drugs. I was very anxious about seeing him. I was afraid he would be very negative about my plan to follow the recipe. I had several people praying for me and I prayed your prayer about handing over my negative thoughts to God. It worked! I was very positive, and even bubbly during my appointment yesterday. I have been participating in a study during the last year. Part of the study was to complete a questionnaire and go through a battery of tests. After my tests yesterday, the examiner commented that my results were better this year than last. My comment was: “isn’t that interesting, since I am not on any medication right now?” That gave me the boost I needed to tell the doctor what I was doing. He was fine with my plan to fight this without drugs (for a while at least). So now, all systems are go for me. I am committed to working the recipe and to RECOVERY! I’m not there yet, but on my way!
    Fighting PD and winning,

  2. Howard says:

    Hi Teri,

    You are welcome. However, WOW, Teri…you are the one with the fantastic news. You have done 2 things they say are impossible: 1) You have completely gotten off of your Parkinson’s medications; and 2) You were put through a battery of tests at your neurologist’s office 2 days ago and did better on the tests than you did a year ago on the same tests…you improved!!!

    This is very inspiring, and it is really important for others to take note of this. After beginning to do the Recipe for Recovery and being a couple of weeks of being off of the medications, you have posted elsewhere in comments to this blog that you still have tremors and you still have pain, but your neurologist confirmed that you have IMPROVED! I write about this often: The healing is from deep within, and it takes a while for us to see outward, recognizable results in the way of diminishing our outward symptoms. It is during this time of healing from deep within that we have to keep the faith that we are doing the correct thing with the Recipe for Recovery. You, Teri, have kept the faith and done the hard work, and your neurologist’s visit proved that you are on the correct path…better results on the battery of tests this year than a year ago…WOW!

    At least for now, even your neurologist couldn’t argue with you about the results they saw at his office, and I respect him, as I respect my neurologist, for stepping back and saying that if this seems to be working for you for now, stay with it and let’s see where it goes.

    And yes, Teri, you are Fighting PD and winning. Congratulations!

    With gratitude and blessings,


  3. Teri Rye says:

    Thank you, Howard! It’s good to note that no matter how minute the improvement may look or feel on the outside, it IS improvement! It means we are on the right track! The healing is definitely from deep within…and so much more than just physical healing. I hope no one misses that part!
    Keep fighting the fight everyone!

  4. Leontina says:

    te salut echipa de curajosi si pe domnul antrenor,cel mai bun.Vreau sa va spun ca eu acum ,dupa exercitii fizice si psihice,am o problema cu dopamina si adrenalina,parca se lupta in corpul meu,simt o tensiune in muschi,o vibratie in tot corpul,apoi o liniste de o jumatate de ora ca dupa o furtuna si acesta e momentul meu cel mai bun,thank you Howard.Teri ma bucur de rezultatul bun de la neurolog.Va sarut Leo.

  5. Howard says:

    Leo’s translation:

    I say hi to this team of brave people and to Mr coach, the best. I want to tell you that now, after physical and mental exercise, I have a problem with dopamine and adrenaline, like the fight in my body, I feel a tension in muscles, a vibration throughout the body, then a quiet half an hour as after a storm and this is my best time, thank you Howard. Teri, I enjoyed hearing about the good result from neurologist. Kisses, Leo

    Hi Leo,
    You are welcome. Yes, what you are experiencing is common. When you are doing the Recipe, you are cleansing your body by loosening the toxins from the organs and parts of your body, and they have to enter your body before you can get rid of them. So, yes, you will feel a bit worse after (and sometimes during) do the Recipe, but it means you are making wonderful progress! And then you experience the calm after the storm which tells you everything will be okay. Good for you. Please take a look at this,, where I explain it more in detail. Stick with it, Leo, and do not be afraid! You are doing GREAT!

    • Teri Rye says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Howard. I needed to hear that, also. I have not felt well this weekend and want to believe that it is the toxins leaving my body causing this pain and discomfort. I will fight the good fight until I recover. Leo, I think of you often! I pray that you also will fight the good fight until you recover!

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