Fighting Parkinson’s, and looking toward 2012, part 4

In two days, 2012 will be upon us, and I am happy to see how many of you (from blog comments and personal emails) are looking forward to 2012 as a year of continuing recovery all the way to full recovery. That’s the attitude needed to fight Parkinson’s.

So, as we near the end of 2012, think about this today and tomorrow:
What if you decide that instead of living Parkinson’s symptoms, you are going to live your life.
What if you decide that instead of thinking about the Recipe for Recovery, you are going to do the Recipe for Recovery.
What if you decide that instead of living Parkinson’s, you are going to live Parkinson’s recovery.
And, what if you decide today and tomorrow to leave a part of the “old Parkinson’s you” in 2011, so it will no longer be with you as you become the “new recovering you” in 2012.

Let’s do this together. Today and tomorrow repeat:
1. “I have the power to heal myself. I am so much more than Parkinson’s symptoms. I am alive, and I am recovering!”
2. “I have the power to heal myself. Self-doubt about my recovery is ‘so 2011.’ Confidence in myself and my recovery is ‘absolutely 2012!’”
3. “I have the power to heal myself. Each day, I shed some of my Parkinson’s. Each day, I feel the energy of my recovery growing inside me.”
4. “I have the power to heal myself. As I wind down 2011, I say good-bye to anger and frustration and stress and anxiety and worry and fear and FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). As I begin to see 2012 on the horizon, I feel a surge blossoming inside me filled with happiness and joy and gratitude and love…and RECOVERY!”

Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,



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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and looking toward 2012, part 4

  1. Penny Wassman says:

    Hey Howard….hey beloved PD group… I am absolutely committed to recovery throughout 2012…and to vitality, joy, peace and love. And this is my list of celebrations for 2011:

    • SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED ENERGY – this is huge for me! When I began Howard’s recovery program in August, I had barely enough energy to complete my daily walk. My left foot would drag…my leg muscles ached, my left arm hung, quivering and useless and, though I loved this daily immersion in nature, I was truly thinking that it wouldn’t be long before I had to give up my walks entirely. TODAY, just 5 months later, I am walking 3 km over hilly terrain with vigor and enthusiasm – my left arm is slowly learning to swing again! WOW! On December 15th, I wrote the following message to Howard, “Today, I really know down to my bones that I AM recovering….my renewed energy is undeniable”. I pasted this message to my fridge with magnets at eye level so I would remember it when I had a “bad” day (such days are fewer now…in fact they are not days at all but brief moments – I know, after all, that I am recovering!)
    • HEIGHTENED SENSE OF SMELL – I’m picking up smells that even my husband is missing – did you know that an Amaryllis has a beautiful fragrance?….well, I didn’t until I selected one for Christmas this season!
    • ABSENCE OF CONSTIPATION – need I say more?…anyway, a significant improvement over the last few months.
    • HEIGHTENED AWARENESS OF JOY IN THE MOMENT – I am noticing more and more that I’m truly moved by natural beauty… truly able to celebrate with heightened joy all of nature’s beauty – I’ve always loved it, but think my enjoyment was clouded by PD onset depression. More and more I’m reveling in the beauty of early morning sunrises, the ghostly movement of morning mists over farmlands and forests, the song and flight patterns of birds (including the magnificent trumpeter swans who have just arrived to winter here), the sight of deer and cows and sheep on nearby pastures …. Omigosh, I am truly, truly blessed.
    • REDUCED STRESS RELATED TREMORS AND RELATED PAIN – I had stopped watching hockey games on TV because the excitement was too stressful for me….PD would flare up…. tremors and associated pain so significant I was unable to enjoy the game. This was tough for me (I’m a Canadian, eh?)….Now, and for almost 2 months I’m once again able to watch my beloved hockey game without these flare-ups…Go Canucks, Go!!!!

    With excitement and celebration and warmest wishes that you all experience love, peace and joy and RECOVERY throughout 2012


  2. kumar says:

    i am wishing i would say the same words as Penny Wassman some time early in 2012.

  3. Bhavna says:

    dear howard
    after going through all these blogs which i read to her daily, there seems to be an overnight change in my mom as if she has accepted the challenge. she is walking straight, smiling and more energetic.
    penny’s reply will also make a lot of difference.
    warmest wishes to all and a very nice new year filled with love joy happiness and recovery

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