Fighting Parkinson’s, and feeling a new pain or more tremors

None of us like pain or tremors. We associate pain or more tremors with something being wrong, and a new pain or increased tremors can cause fear in Parkinson’s recovery. In my recovery, I viewed a new pain in an area where I had not been feeling anything as a message that said my electrical impulses were getting to an area that they had been blocked from reaching before. This was good…it meant progress!

I have mentioned many times before that recovery from Parkinson’s takes a lot of faith that what is often viewed as getting worse, i.e. temporary increase in pain or tremors, actually is progress.

When I would feel pain in an area where I had been feeling nothing, I was thrilled because it meant my nerves were not dead. It meant they just had not been getting enough impulses to the area for me to be able to feel anything. So, pain was a welcomed thing for me because it meant my nerves were alive; if they were dead, I would be feeling nothing, not even pain.

The Parkinson’s brain does not create enough impulses to go through the whole body in a normal manner, so our Parkinson’s appears to “move around” as we feel a new pain or increased tremors in different places. As we increase our brain power and the electrical impulses flowing in our bodies through Qigong and Brain Vibration Chanting, more impulses are generated and sent throughout our bodies. As these electrical impulses reach areas of blockages in our energy flow, and as we are fighting to break open the blockages, we will feel some new pain and we will experience some increased tremors. Once we break through these blockages, the pain subsides and the tremors are lessened.

I wrote about this experience when I still had Parkinson’s:, and

Feeling a temporary new pain or some temporary increased tremors can make us fearful that we are getting worse. It is what our Parkinson’s wants us to think. The hard part is that when we get the new pain or some increased tremors, how do we know it is temporary? Faith. Faith in the Recipe for Recovery. Faith that we are making progress. Faith in ourselves. Faith in our Higher Power. Faith trumps fear. Faith. And action. Faith without action is meaningless for Parkinson’s recovery. Gather your faith and take some action by doing some Qigong and Brain Vibration Chanting.

So, when facing a new pain or some increased tremors, why not stare down your Parkinson’s and say, “I am not afraid of you. I am making progress. I am so much more than Parkinson’s symptoms. I am alive, and I am recovering!”

Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,


Please Note: On a previous post, “Fighting Parkinson’s, and it’s time to heal the world,” I explained what we are doing moving toward a clinical study of the Recipe for Recovery. I have received an outstanding response from people pledging to send their neurological records, and I already have received neurological records from people in 6 different countries. Yes, we do have the power to heal the world, and I am grateful for all of you.


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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and feeling a new pain or more tremors

  1. Lindsey Pullan says:

    Hi Howard,
    That’s reassuring to hear as, at the moment, I seem shakier and shakier inside and out.
    I did go on a massive bike ride yesterday and kept up with my fit friend so I will try, as best I can, to ignore the shakes and think about my bike.
    Warm regards,

    • Howard says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      I would imagine that part of the feeling shakier is you stirred up a lot of toxins on your bike ride and the massive bike ride forced your brain to try to send electrical impulses at a rapid pace all over your body, many places where there are blockages…that would account for a whole lot of extra shakiness. I hope it has subsided a little today.


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