Fighting Parkinson’s, and finding our way back home

It is easy to get lost in Parkinson’s Disease. It is confusing…the disease is confusing, the medical profession saying they do not know what causes it is confusing, being told we can’t get better is scary but also confusing, and even holding out hope and faith that we are healing ourselves still can be confusing. We feel lost. How do we find our way back home?

When we are confronted with our Parkinson’s, we are scared and we feel lost, much like how Dorothy felt when she landed in Oz. This disease is a strange territory outside our comfort zone and we lose confidence in who we are and what we should do. So, what do we do?

We are not certain what to do, so, like Dorothy, we try to find a path with the hope of finding the answers from somebody at the end of the path. Along her path, Dorothy asks a scarecrow with no brain what he thinks she should do, and Dorothy asks a tin man with no heart how she should feel, and Dorothy asks a lion with no courage how she should be brave on her journey. Clearly, she has lost confidence in herself…truly she is lost. She is so lost that she is even willing to take a ride from a complete stranger who is supposed to fly her back to twister-ridden Kansas using a hot air balloon.

So, how do we find our way back home?

Glenda let Dorothy know that she had the power to get back home all along. She needed to open her heart and repeat there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….

When you finish reading this post, find a comfortable place to sit, set your timer for 5 minutes, and do the following:
1. Close your eyes.
2. Tilt your head back slightly.
3. Smile. (It helps open your heart. Also, when you smile into the world, the world smile back into you).
4. Silently repeat, “I have the power to heal myself.” “There’s no place like home.” “I have the power to heal myself.” “There’s no place like home.” “I have the power to heal myself.” “There’s no place like home.” (Repeat until your timer goes off).

Look inside yourself and see your heart opening to the joy of life…the joy of being on the path to Parkinson’s recovery. It is true, home is where your heart is.

Look inside your heart and find your way back home. Aren’t you worth it?

All my best,



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