Fighting Parkinson’s, and trusting in your recovery

Trust. Trust is an important issue when dealing with something as serious as your recovery from Parkinson’s. You have to trust in the path you are on, and you have to trust in yourself to see the recovery through. Oh, yes, and you have to trust me when I tell you that sometimes in this recovery, you will get worse before you get better, and you do not have to be afraid.

Think about this scenario: A person gets told by their doctor that they have a cancerous tumor, but the doctor then tells them that with radiation and chemotherapy, they can take care of the cancer so there is nothing to worry about. The doctor explains, though, that they will feel weak, and their skin coloring will look sickly, and their hair will fall out, and they will be so ill they will spend a lot of time throwing up in the toilet. However, the doctor also explains that this “feeling worse” is necessary to eradicate the cancer, and then they will feel better.

So, they go through the entire process feeling poorly and looking poorly, but they do not care how they look or how they feel. Why? Trust. Trust that what they doctor told them was correct. Trust in the process. Trust in themselves to see it through to the end no matter how sick they look or feel. Trust.

When you begin the Recipe for Recovery, and periodically along the way, you will be stirring up so many toxins that they will make you feel worse before you will feel better. When you are doing the Brain Vibration Chanting or the Standing Qigong, your tremors may get worse and your body may feel more stiff. It is because you are generating more brain activity and more energy in your body and when the electricity hits the blockages, you shake more or you become more stiff, or you feel a bit more pain.

And then many of you feel fear, which I have expressed is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). You are assuming that any time some symptom “appears” worse, then that means you are getting worse. At this juncture, fear is a choice. That’s right, fear is a choice.

You can choose fear, OR you can choose trust. Those are your choices. The cancer patient chooses trust, and they persevere…and then they get better.

Trust that what I am telling you is true.
Trust in the process of the Recipe for Recovery.
Trust in yourself to persevere and see it through to recovery.

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There are many more posts covering these issues, but these will help you explore the issues of trust, faith, hope, and fear.

Do you choose fear, and FEAR, and impede your recovery, or do you choose trust?

On the issue of trust, it might help to read what others on the Recipe for Recovery path toward recovery are saying about their own recovery. Click here and see what they have posted in comments on this blog.

I know you can choose trust and faith over fear. I know you can! You are worth it!

All my best,



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4 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and trusting in your recovery

  1. bethany p says:

    This is one of my favotrite posts, Howard… Thank you… it sums up So much for me! It is important to hear it again from you, I gain even more confidence in my recovery in the face of surprising symptoms. If it is bad it is good, and if it is good it is good… until I am healed, that is what I know, because you help me to trust in my recovery and in my ability to heal…. love, B

    • bhavna says:

      my mom has lots of trust in you and your recipe and thats why she has recovered. thanks howard.

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