Fighting Parkinson’s, and controlling our efforts

When we take a good hard look at our lives, we realize that what we actually have control over are our efforts of what we are doing. That’s right, our efforts. The more effort we put into something, the more likely we are to achieve the desired outcome. Early in my Parkinson’s healing journey, I was obsessed with the outcome, that is, the destination of full recovery. When I learned to focus my attention to my efforts, the journey to recovery took on a greater meaning.

Here is an excerpt from “Fighting Parkinson’s, and no fear of living,” posted July 9, 2011:

“After my Parkinson’s recovery last year, approximately once a week until my doctor visit where he confirmed that he could not detect a single Parkinson’s symptom, I entered blog posts letting everybody know I still was symptom free. I had made a few of these posts, and then somebody asked me to write about what it was like being on the “other side” of Parkinson’s recovery. One year ago today, in a post entitled “Still symptom free, four weeks,” here is what I had to say:

“When I had Parkinson’s, I was miserable and I was obsessed with being cured. I worked hard every day, never taking my eye off the prize. My eye was so busy looking at the future prize of being cured from Parkinson’s that on a daily basis it failed to look slightly left of my computer screen.

Slightly left of my computer screen is a statement that Socrates told Dan Millman in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior: We can control efforts, not outcomes. Combining this thought with the Zen books I was reading, I realized that I was so focused on the outcome, I was failing to live in the moment.

I can tell you that everyday I was working through my recovery there never was a doubt in my mind that I would be cured from Parkinson’s Disease at some future date. Accepting this allowed me to release it from my obsession of “wanting” it. I then was able to focus on what I was doing at each moment and enjoy the journey.

I will try to explain this better. When I get in the car and turn the key, I know the engine will start. I do not understand all of the nuances that take place, but I am confident in the process and I do not obsess over “wanting” the car to start. I just know it. And…once in a while it does not start. I can control putting the key in the ignition and turning it, my actions…everything after that relating to the car starting (the outcome) simply is not in my control. However, if my focus on the journey is maintaining the car with the proper diet, exercise and attitude, the likelihood of it starting every time is enhanced greatly.

That is what it is like being on the other side. Not only do I have a greater appreciation for my life and health than ever before, but I have a greater appreciation for the fact that life is a journey to be experienced. Not all of the experiences will be great, but I am taking pleasure in the moment of experiencing them. I can control my actions, not outcomes. I have no fear of living. That is what it is like on the other side…positive attitude and no fear of living. I do not know any other way how to explain this. I am happy!”

Today, one year after writing this post, I would not change a word. The reason my symptoms went away and have not come back is because I eliminated the causes of Parkinson’s Disease.

Today, one year after writing this post, I have a positive attitude and no fear of living. I am happy! You can feel this way, too.”

So, here I am, two years from the original post, and again, I would not change a word.

When we focus on what we are doing in the moment with authenticity and trust, there is no place for fear. Fear (or FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real), is a future creation of our minds. That is all it is…a future creation of our minds.

And fear of a future with Parkinson’s can debilitate us only if we allow it to consume our minds. When we become afraid, we become paralyzed in our minds, which causes us to become paralyzed in our efforts, which causes us to become paralyzed in our spirits, which causes us to end up with the outcome we feared. As we have discussed before, at this point, fear is a choice…and so is FAITH!

I chose faith, and you can, too!

And faith in a future without Parkinson’s can liberate us only if we allow it to consume our efforts with trust and authenticity of what we want and a willingness to do what we must to achieve the outcome we desire of recovery from Parkinson’s. When we become filled with faith, and control our efforts with positive action, we heal our bodies and our minds and our souls.

I chose faith, and you can, too!

What are you doing right here, right now? What are your efforts?
How about grabbing onto to some faith in your recovery and putting forth your best efforts each day on your journey toward recovery.

I recovered from Parkinson’s, and you can too! Know this and set yourself free!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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