Fighting Parkinson’s, and dissecting the disease, part 2 of 4

This is the second installment of a four-part series. If you have not read Fighting Parkinson’s, and dissecting the disease, part 1 of 4, you may click here and read it now. Reading part 1 first will give you a better understanding of how the Recipe for Recovery heals the body.

In part 1, I outlined how the electricity is flowing through the body, and how the low-level dopamine sets off a chain reaction of tremors, rigidity, pain, stiffness and slowness. When our electricity is not flowing properly, the messages are not getting to our limbs and we do not move our extremities well. However, what we often fail to recognize is this: If my electrical impulses are not getting the correct messages to my extremities, then doesn’t it make sense that my electrical impulses are not getting the correct messages to my organs?

The answer is, “Of course it makes sense,” and that is why we have too many toxins in our bodies. Western Medicine even has reached a level of tacit acknowledgement that environmental toxins and/or metals in the body have “something” to do with Parkinson’s. Here is where the big divergence takes place:

Western Medicine approach: Even with a tacit acknowledgment that environmental toxins and/or metals in the body have “something” to do with Parkinson’s, nothing is done to address those issues. Instead, Western Medicine’s view is, “We do not know what causes Parkinson’s so we have not solved it and we cannot make you better. Therefore, the best we can do for you is to help you manage it by medications or brain surgery to make you look better, move better, and feel better while you progressively degenerate and ultimately lose your mind along with losing your body.” There is no doubt that for last 200 years, Western Medicine has been working long, hard hours painstakingly looking for a cure. However, with an approach that says, “we do not know the cause,” Western Medicine’s ability to find a cure is diminished.

Recipe for Recovery approach: There are underlying factors (genetics, heavy metals, environmental toxins, etc.) that make a person susceptible to getting Parkinson’s. However, the three main causes that bring Parkinson’s to the surface as diagnosable symptoms are:

1. Qi and Blood Deficiency, which is caused by emotional stress, anger, frustration, and resentment.
2. Phlegm-Fire Agitating Wind, which is caused by dietary considerations such as consumption of too much greasy, fried or sweet foods.
3. Kidney and Liver Wind Deficiency, which is caused by overwork and insufficient rest which unbalances the body’s natural rhythm.

With an approach that says, “I know the causes, and here is how I am going to solve and remove each cause,” we end up with a cure. When I went for my neurologist visit in December of 2011, I had not done the Recipe for Recovery for 18 months and after his extensive examination, he recorded in my medical records that I did not have Parkinson’s disease anymore. So, if Recipe for Recovery rendered me symptom free on June 12, 2010, and I stopped doing it that day, and today, over two years later, I am still not doing the Recipe for Recovery and I still remain symptom free, isn’t that the definition of cured?

This background is needed to better understand how the Recipe for Recovery heals the body. When looking at the causes of Parkinson’s listed above, I realized my body was toxic as my liver and kidneys were deficient in their ability to properly remove toxins from my body. There is a physical and mental/emotional component to this. For today’s purposes, I am focused on the physical aspects of the causes and healing; part 3 of 4 will discuss the mental/emotional aspects of the healing.

Qi and Blood Deficiency translation: my energy is low, and I have too many toxins in my body that are not being cleansed from my blood and my body. That was the problem. The solution: Perform Qigong exercises to strengthen the liver, help the liver function better in its cleansing processes and calm the liver from the overactive mind (yes, it is hard to separate all of the aspects of the healing). That is why I decided to begin with Medical Qigong for Liver, Medical Qigong Sound for Calming the Liver, and later located and added in Clearing Liver Wind Qigong.

What do they do, and how this is accomplished. On the Chinese Body Clock, each organ is at its peak of operation in a two-hour period of time in the 24-hour daily cycle. The liver and gallbladder operate as an organ system. The gallbladder is at its peak functionality between 11pm and 1am, and the liver is at peak functionality between 1am and 3am. As you know, most people are asleep during this 4-hour window of time, so the body is at rest, and when these cleansing organs reach their peak of functionality for getting toxins removed from the blood, there is little movement or stimuli to interfere.

Medical Qigong for Liver gets the liver and gallbladder to “wake up” and perform another cleansing during non-peak-performance time. The first place we press and rub stimulates the liver meridian…kind of a “wake up” and please give me another cleansing. This is followed by bending to the sides, which stretches and pulls the meridian to further stimulate it to open blockages and cleanse toxins. The second half of this Medical Qigong does the same thing for the gallbladder. Reasoning: If I am this toxic, then one 4-hour peak-time cleansing was not enough.

For those on medications, the medications add an extra toxicity to the body, so as the toxins are being cleansed, the medications are entering the blood stream in higher levels. Many people find that doing the Recipe gives them less, or no, off time from their medications. My one caution here is that no matter how good you are feeling, do not skip your dosages or quit taking your medications cold turkey. This will be disastrous for you and your recovery. Yes, the Recipe for Recovery is being used by many to slowly and safely reduce, and eventually stop, their medications, but that is not a topic for today.

The liver Qigong exercises focus on the toxin cleansing. The kidney exercises and brain vibration chanting focus on increasing the low brain energy. Medical Qigong for Kidneys (which is broken down into two parts, elevating and strengthening), and Medical Qigong Sound for Kidney Health operate to use the kidneys (our storehouse of life energy) to literally and figuratively pump life energy from our kidneys to our brain. The kidneys’ unique position near the base of the spine puts them in the perfect position to accomplish this goal. The near hand far hand exercises uses the kidneys and the snow mountain area (another energy center, a “middle dantian” if you will) to elevate more energy to the brain.

The Neck Exercises loosen the neck muscles, which opens the first passageway for the electrical impulses as they leave the brain and head to the body. The Brain Vibration Chanting stimulates brain activity in the Parkinson’s low energy brain. The Standing Qigong allows the body to open its natural energy passageways, opening blockages and allowing for better electrical impulses to flow. The Jin Shin Jyutsu sends low voltage energy into the organ meridians to help keep energy flowing and help keep opened blockages from closing again.

The Yin Tui Na (Forceless Spontaneous Release) gets the stomach meridian flowing in the correct direction. I had read about success with this, so it is the method I used, which is why it is listed in the Recipe for Recovery. For people who do not have somebody to hold their foot, I have recommended doing stomach meridian acupressure and/or acupuncture, and people have reported success with these methods for correcting their stomach meridian flow.

The Vegetarian Diet. Animal protein takes a lot of energy to digest. A vegetarian diet takes less energy to digest so there is more energy for healing, the nutrients are easily absorbed into the body, and the fiber content keeps the bowels moving. Animal protein can stay in the intestines for too long, which can cause constipation and ultimately, some toxins being pulled back into the body.

Governing Vessel Acupressure, point GV 2-20. This stimulates electrical impulses along the Governing Vessel from the tailbone (coccyx) up to the top of the head. For those of you who do not have somebody to assist you with this, you probably can do the bottom part, GV 2-5, and the top part, GV 17-20, by yourself. Also, if you lay on the floor on your back and bend your knees with your feet still on the floor so the small of your back is on the floor, most of GV 2-20 would be on the floor. At this point, if you slowly roll a little to each side, you will be stimulating/massaging your spine against the floor and electrical impulses will be stimulated to promote better energy flow in your body.

That is the technical breakdown of how the Recipe for Recovery heals the body. Here are some previous posts I did to help you understand better how all of this fits in the total picture of recovery as well as why you have nothing to be afraid of if you feel a little worse while you are getting better.

What is going on inside you. Fighting Parkinson’s, and faith, attitude, action and progress.

Having no fear when feeling a little worse while you are getting better. Fighting Parkinson’s and trusting in your recovery.

The next post in the series will be: Fighting Parkinson’s, and dissecting the disease, part 3 of 4. It will cover how the Recipe for Recovery calms the mind.

In the meantime, throughout the day, and especially before you go to to sleep, silently repeat to yourself, “I have the power to heal myself.”

You do have the power to heal yourself, and you need to keep repeating it to yourself so you are saturated by it in your body and your mind and your soul.

You are worth it!

All my best,



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    What a great breakdown of the recipe Howard! Very helpful and much appreciated!

  2. Christine says:

    I still marvel at the fact that someone (you) actually sorted through all this and found a formula that works. It’s hardly adequate to say “Thank you.”

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