Fighting Parkinson’s, and 5 days left in November 2012

There are 5 days remaining in my November to Remember, No Excuses November, 30-day challenge to do the scaled-down version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™. Last year on November 25, 2011, I posted “Fighting Parkinson’s, and 5 days left in November.” Everything I wrote there is applicable to today, so here it is to bring you through the next 5 days of the challenge:

“There are 5 days left in my 30-day November to Remember, No Excuses November, challenge. We are in the home stretch of this challenge. I am pleased to report that many people who have accepted the challenge are reporting to me that they feel they are recovering and are sticking with the Recipe for Recovery. This is very exciting news. Congratulations to all of you. For those of you who are still thinking about whether or not to get started, it is never too late to get started. How about starting now?

If you read about my 30-day challenge and you have been thinking about it for 25 days and have not started, you may be stuck in what is referred to as “paralysis by analysis.” For 25 days, you have been analyzing the nuances of the Recipe for Recovery, and in the back of your mind has been this nagging question, “How do I know it will work for me?” Or, it could be this nagging question, “What if it works for everybody but me?” Or this nagging question, “What if I put in all of this effort and I do not get the results I want?” Or, “_______?” (fill in the blank yourself as you know best what is stopping you from trying).

The question I ask you is “What harm can you do by trying?” If your answer is, “It could be a complete waste of my time,” I would imagine that the modified version of the Recipe for Recovery outlined in my 30-day challenge would have taken less time to do each day than the amount of time you have spent thinking about not doing the Recipe and/or researching other things that do not help you recover. Why not replace your hesitancy caused by over-thinking with action that will move you toward recovery.

In each moment of time, we leave our old self and step into a new self. Our old self is just a memory, an impression of how we viewed our self a moment ago. Maybe your “old” self was an over-thinker. Maybe your “old” self did not believe, “I have the power to heal myself.” Maybe your “old” self did not believe in the Recipe for Recovery. Maybe your “old” self did not believe that recovery from Parkinson’s is possible. If you take a good hard look at your “old” self with Parkinson’s Disease, is this “old” self who you want to be forever?

I didn’t think so. Leave your “old” self behind and step into your “new” self, your “new” self who is going to take action against your Parkinson’s. After you accept my challenge for these last 5 days, you will move forward with your “new” self and the Recipe for Recovery, and in each moment you take action, you are stepping into your “new” self, healthier and more confident than the last “old” self you left behind.

And, as you keep stepping into your “new” self after “new” self after “new” self, time and time again, it will hit you that you are in Parkinson’s recovery. How delightful is that?

Let’s make the most of these first five days of the rest of your life! Aren’t you worth it?”

Yes, you are worth it!!!

All my best,



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3 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and 5 days left in November 2012

  1. Helen says:

    I am remembering again if I do the exercises and hold the hand of god I will walk in love. I am moving house n it has bought up fear and loneliness feelings then I remember the feeling of living in grace and I sigh and breathe easy again and relax. Love to all xx

  2. Dear Howard

    I can think of many reasons why I’m choosing to continue the recipe just as I’ve been doing for the pasts 15 months…not the least of which is increased energy flow and much improved digestion…. not to mention hope, optimism, and a clear sense of direction and purpose. How wonderful is that?! I so hope new people will be inspired to join our little (and growing) community of change makers in the world of Parkinson’s Disease.

    Thank you for supporting all of us PD folk by offering the recipe with such generosity and grace… we are very blessed to have you in this world, methinks….

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