Fighting Parkinson’s, and looking toward 2013

In five more days, 2013 will be upon us, and I am happy to see how many of you have communicated to me how much you are looking forward to 2013 as a year of continuing recovery all the way to full recovery. That’s the attitude needed to fight Parkinson’s. Faith. Attitude. Action. Progress. Recovery. You are worth it!

In 2009, as I neared the end of the year, I did not view 2010 as something that was going to be as spectacular as it turned out…full recovery on June 12, 2010. I knew I would recover some day in the future, and I knew I needed to do the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ every day, but I had anticipated that it would take two or three years to reach full recovery. By not having an expectation of when I would reach full recovery, I was able to focus on what I did each day in furtherance of recovery…December 31, 2009 was not a whole lot different than January 1, 2010…but I was okay with that.

I was not attached to the day-to-day review of physical symptoms. I was not attached to the day-to-day “am I feeling better or worse than yesterday” assessment. I was not attached to my Parkinson’s physical limitations. I accepted them as something that would be there as I was healing my soul, mind and body from the inside. It was this understanding of recovery that allowed me to be in the moment of recovery.

My goal was full recovery, and I had a plan in place to achieve the goal. My goal each day was to do the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™. My goal each day was to do the Qigong exercises and eat healthy foods. My goal each day was to meditate and focus on my breathing. My goal each day was to spend time with my Higher Power expressing gratitude, opening my heart and finding joy and love.

So, as we near the end of 2012, think about this today and on each of the next four days:
What if you decide that instead of living Parkinson’s symptoms, you are going to live your life.
What if you decide that instead of thinking about the Recipe for Recovery, you are going to do the Recipe for Recovery.
What if you decide that instead of living Parkinson’s, you are going to live Parkinson’s recovery.
What if you decide that you are leaving a part of the “old Parkinson’s you” in 2012, so it will no longer be with you as you become the “new recovery you” in 2013.
And, what if you decide that you will be looking at Parkinson’s with this new view: “Parkinson’s is a symptom of your life out of balance, and you can repair the imbalances and recover!”

Let’s do this together. Starting today, and until the end of 2012, repeat:

“I have the power to heal myself. I am so much more than Parkinson’s symptoms. I am alive, and I am recovery! Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and recover. I refuse to allow appearances in my physical symptoms to make me fearful. Fear is a choice. Faith is a choice. I choose Faith. I am recovery. I am worth it!”


All my best,



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6 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and looking toward 2013

  1. This affirmation is a delightful beginning to 2013, Howard…. and a wonderful way to begin each day…. Once again, I feel incredibly moved and grateful for you and your consistent support. Thank you.

  2. Melanie says:

    I am eternally grateful for you and all that you offer each of us on our journey towards recovery. I hate to think where I would be emotionally right now without the hope and knowledge you have given me that recovery is not only possible but inevitable, if I keep doing the recipe every day without fail. I know that if I don’t give up on the recipe, I will recover. Even with worsening symptoms at times, I have faith that I am healing on the inside and the iceberg is becoming hollow.

    With heartfelt gratitude,


  3. Thomas Cobb says:

    Thanks so much for your inspiring words Howard. As the partner and caregiver of someone who is recovering from Parkinson’s they are very helpful.

  4. Gita says:

    Thanks Howard! Just what I needed to read today!

  5. Howard says:

    Hi Penny, Melanie, Thomas (and Shawna) and Gita,
    I am happy to see you are poised for a wonderful 2013 ahead. This is your recovery, so view it from a position of strength — you are free to interpret everything that is happening in your recovery in a manner consistent with what you are doing in your recovery — the Recipe leads to full recovery, so by doing the Recipe, you are heading directly toward full recovery. Anything that happens along the way is something on the path toward recovery, no more, no less…and nothing of which to be afraid.
    With gratitude and love,

  6. Howard

    I will do exactely as you say.

    Blessings and kisses

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