Fighting Parkinson’s, and you are not alone

As we continue into this new year, there are some things I would like to share with you to help you understand that as you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™, you are not alone! We are growing in numbers, and this year we will continue to make fantastic progress in furtherance of “I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.”

Some of you, as you are doing the Recipe, chipping away day-by-day, are wondering, “Am I alone? Who else is really doing this Recipe? Where are they?” And, you are thinking, “It would be so much more meaningful if I knew I was part of something bigger and that there are others out there, struggling and pushing forward through this recovery, just like me.” These are the comments made to me as we were closing out 2012, so I have decided to share some statistical information with you so you will know just how big a movement you are part of.

My site collects a lot of data for statistics. The categories I am sharing will be the most meaningful in seeing how much we have grown and how big a force we are becoming. They are Unique Visitors (each month, the first time somebody goes to the site, they are logged as a Unique Visitor for that month). Total Visits (this is the total number of visitors going to the site each month; if you go to the site every day, it will count you as 1 Unique Visitor and it will count you as 31 Total Visits). Pages Viewed. Countries where the site is viewed.

I started my blog in March of 2010, and set up this site and moved my blog over to it at the end of March of 2011. My first full month was April of 2011, so I am going to provide a statistical comparison from my first full month, December 2011 (nine months later), and December 2012 (one year after that):

Dates Compared        Unique Visitors           Total Visits      Pages Viewed Countries
April 2011                            912                           3,108                17,274                   50
December 2011                1,560                           4,152               21,000                   71
December 2012                3,330                         12,558              63,263                   86

As you can see, December of 2012 had twice as many Unique Visitors, and three times as many Total Visits and Pages Viewed than December 2011, just one year earlier. And, the blog was read in 86 countries around the world. I have only one thing to say about this: THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO COMES TO THIS SITE AND READS THIS BLOG AND DOES THE RECIPE AND SENDS THIS TO A FRIEND. YOU ARE HELPING TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU…EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! It is you who keeps the recovery dream alive, and you who makes recovery a reality each day. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

So, for those of you who are feeling alone in this recovery, feel alone no more! You can look at these statistics and know you are not alone. You can read the comments posted on the blog and know you are not alone. You can look at the picture of the people from the Seattle Workshop and know you are not alone. And, you can send me an email at and know you are not alone.

Also, I will be doing 14 workshops around the country over the next 12 months, and you can come to a workshop and meet others on this recovery journey as well as meeting me, and you absolutely will know you are not alone.

My Atlanta Workshop is on January 26th, in three weeks, and you can register on the Workshops page. I am finalizing the agreement for my workshop in Tampa, and I will post the updated information once that is accomplished. It will be in Tampa on February 16th, and you can register for the Tampa workshop by clicking the Workshops page link above and scrolling down to February.

I have the power to heal myself. And I did.
You have the power to heal yourself. Marie did. Pratima did. And you are.
Together we have the power to heal the world. You should have no doubt in your mind that together we are becoming a powerful force that will have the power to heal the Parkinson’s world!

You are not alone, my friends, not alone at all.

One more time with me, “I have the power to heal myself. I am so much more than Parkinson’s symptoms. I am alive, and I am recovery! Parkinson’s is a symptom of my life out of balance, and I can repair the imbalances and recover. I refuse to allow appearances in my physical symptoms to make me fearful. Fear is a choice. Faith is a choice. I choose Faith. I am recovery. I am worth it!”


All my best,



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10 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and you are not alone

  1. Amazing stats, Howard… I certainly have the sense of being a part of a much larger community …and yes, together we will change the world… thanks for this….

  2. Christine says:

    Howard that is amazing and wonderful! So many countries! Thank you.

  3. Pat in IL says:

    Blessed be, Howard!

  4. Melanie says:


    You are amazing…….to make such a wonderful contribution to the world!!!! I am so grateful to have been led to you. What peace it gives me to know you have conquered what has been deemed impossible which gives me the faith that I can too!

    Thanks for all you do!


  5. Florence says:

    Happy New Year Howard,

    Congratulations on your huge success in helping so many of us through some of the most important times of our lives. Please know how much I and thousands of others appreciate your unselfish love and dedication to our recovery.


  6. Jane Lindsay says:

    This is so moving, Howard. All these people touched by your light in 86 countries round the world… London, England, no longer feels isolated at all but part of a whole living interconnectedness on the path to recovery. Very exciting.

    I love your affirmations in bold. I read them out loud at my computer, thinking of you and Marie and everybody. They seem to imprint themselves on my being. When there’s a setback, “I am recovery!” pops into my mind and when something throws me, I remember that it’s an opportunity to create Balance.

    Hot stuff! So effective. Blessings and deep thanks, Jane

  7. nancy thomas says:

    Thank you so much, Howard. I think most of us felt terribly alone before we found you, and each other through you – I know I did.
    It’s great knowing that we walk our tortoise paths in unison with so many. In my mind’s eye I can see us like a wave that begins like a ripple and stealthily grows to the size of tsunami.
    It is this kind of journey that begins with one man’s inspiration and faith that can change the world, and it is

  8. Howard says:

    Hi Penny, Christine, Pat, Melanie, Florence, Jane, and Nancy,

    You are welcome. You leave me speechless. Thank you.

    With gratitude, blessings, and love,

  9. Beverly says:

    Everyone has said it all….thanks go all to YOU and all your selflessness for all of us. We owe it all to you!

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