Fighting Parkinson’s, and how deep is your breathing, part 2

When I wrote the post, Fighting Parkinson’s, and how deep is your breathing?, I did not envision a part 2. However, in a conversation yesterday about breathing, standing, and the microcosmic orbit of energy, it occurred to me that parts a previous post from a year ago would be beneficial as a follow up to the this week’s post on deep breathing.

A good way to enhance your deep breathing is to do it while doing the Standing Qigong from the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™. Here it is (when I had Parkinson’s, I leaned my back on a wall so I would not fall):

Below is a picture to identify the points I will be discussing as I explain how to add the Microcosmic Orbit energy flow and visualization into your deep breathing and your Standing Qigong:

Microcosmic Orbit energy flow and visualization.
1. Start at the Hui Yin area (squeeze the anus and release like you have been doing with the Standing Exercise).
2. Take a deep breath like you learned in this week’s post on deep breathing.
3. As you take this deep inhalation, envision energy going up your back (Governing Vessel), bringing energy up the spine to your brain.
4. The top point, Bai Hui, ends the Governing Vessel and starts the Conception Vessel. When you reach the Bai Hui with your inhale, begin your exhale and envision the energy following down the Conception Vessel, down the front of your body, where it then meets the Governing Vessel at the Hui Yin area. That is 1 cycle or orbit.

This may take some time to master, and that is okay. It is good for the body because, as a result of its location and because of gravity, the Hui Yin area is where energy can just sit and become “stuck.” The Microcosmic Orbit helps move the energy around. It also helps the mind clear out negative thoughts and emotions because it takes “conceived” (Conception Vessel) thoughts and “governs” (Governing Vessel) how we will respond to them.

Just as a stagnant stream (stuck energy) can cause the collection of all sorts of unhealthy things growing in the water, stagnant energy in Hui Yin area can cause the collection of all sorts of unhealthy thoughts growing in your mind. Likewise, just as a moving stream (circulating energy) keeps new and fresh water flowing, doing the Microcosmic Orbit (circulating energy) keeps new and fresh thoughts and energy flowing, which strengthens and nourishes your brain.

As you focus on deep breathing and the Microcosmic Orbit as part of your Standing Qigong, the time pass by more easily. Also, you will be assisting your body in healing itself because you will be visualizing the energy flowing through the Microcosmic Orbit and this will help calm your mind. Over time, it can become a form of Standing Qigong meditation.

So, what are you doing right now? How about getting up and doing some Standing Qigong with the addition of deep breathing and the Microcosmic Orbit visualization!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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  1. Thank you, Howard… I’m appreciating another chance to re-visit this exercise with even more clarity…. your support is wonderful!

  2. Laurie Diaz says:

    Dear Howard, like Penny, I found that the video review was a helpful bit of clarity. Aaaand the other day I caught myself deep breathing with my tummy (not with my chest, like I’ve done all my life). Bless you, Laurie

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