Fighting Parkinson’s, and the Victoria Workshop was astounding!

As you know, on Saturday, March 9, 2013, I had my fourth workshop in taking my Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ on the road. This venue was Victoria, BC, Canada, and the day was absolutely astounding! Imagine: 45 of us, some with Parkinson’s, some of their spouses and partners and friends, my wife and one of our daughters, a few health practitioners, some from the Island and some who took the ferry, all in one place with one purpose…Parkinson’s recovery.

There was a buzz about the room that was empowering. We laughed, and we cried, we shared stories of Parkinson’s struggles and triumphs, we were strong and we were vulnerable. However, when all was said and done, we were recovery! Faith and hope filled the room. I have said many times that faith without action is meaningless for Parkinson’s recovery. Saturday’s group was a group of faith, hope, and action.

At 2pm when we began the afternoon session, everybody got out of their chairs to do the Recipe with me. Imagine 45 of us spread out around the perimeter of the room working through each physical part of the recipe, going over the nuances, having questions answered, modifications provided, and pointers given…at 3:30, my pre-set alarm alerted me that we needed to take a break. We re-convened at 3:45, and at 4, I had to convince the group sit down as there was nothing left in the physical part of the Recipe that was going to require them to stand any longer.

Some people had to leave a little early to catch a ferry. Here is a picture of those who were available for a picture (click on the picture for a larger view):

The Victoria group was a group of people not afraid of their Parkinson’s. The Victoria group was a group of people empowered in their Parkinson’s recovery — empowered individually, and empowered as a group. This was a room full of people not afraid to say, “I have the power to heal myself, and I am going to do something about it.”

Yes, the room was empowered…and the room was vulnerable…when fighting Parkinson’s includes love and hope and faith and compassion and gratitude and joy, we have to open our hearts and be vulnerable. The group in Victoria knew this, and we opened our hearts to each other, and to ourselves.

The Victoria Workshop was astounding…absolutely astounding!.

I hope all of you can take some inspiration from this group and keep working on the Recipe on your path to recovery.

At the end of Saturday, everybody at the Victoria workshop had hope, real, genuine hope, that Parkinson’s recovery is attainable…and every one of them left the workshop armed with the tools to stay on their path toward recovery with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ and with the firm conviction to not leave that path until they are fully recovered. They know they are worth it!

You are worth it, too!

All my best,



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8 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and the Victoria Workshop was astounding!

  1. Margriet says:

    Beautiful, uplifting, strong, inspirational. Whilst reading it brought happy tears to my eyes. Thank you all for sharing.

  2. And a big round of applause to Howard and all the attendees united with common focus -Recovery! I was so grateful to be there (that’s me, 2nd from left in the photo)…it was absolutely heartwarming for me to experience Howard’s very real and tender sharing of his personal journey with PD…to realize even more than I already had, the fullness and integrity of his commitment in supporting others as they, too, journey to recovery…and to witness people’s vulnerability as they shared some aspects of their experiences with Parkinson’s. So, we are not alone… and we are stronger for the community we are building. Thank you all! Thank you Howard!

    Feeling love and inspiration


  3. Jane Lindsay says:

    I too, had tears in my eyes! And felt so blessed to be part of your community. Your radiant smile, and those of your wife and daughter, are so inspiring. It awakens my heart and that gladness, I feel sure, is deeply healing. I am so infinitely grateful for your brilliant goodness. So much love to us all! Jane

  4. bill bush says:

    It sounds thrilling and exciting. I can hardly wait for the July group! I walk with a walker, but I feel free! Thanks, Howard

  5. Christine says:

    Wonderful.My heart opens wide when I see all those lovely faces.I wish all Of you a speedy and complete recovery.

  6. Helen says:

    Thank you for sharing this I can feel the positivity and joy when I read about this group n their experience together being guided by your strength love n joy Howard.

  7. Steven says:

    I am grateful for your posts. Thank you for the large font. GOD Bless YOU.

  8. Laurie Diaz says:

    What a blessed occasion! Thank you for sharing. Laurie

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