Fighting Parkinson’s, and re-focusing your view

The current medical profession view and the view of most people not reading this blog is that Parkinson’s is a progressively degenerative neurological disease where they do not know the cause and for which there is no cure. The current medical profession view and the view of most people not reading this blog is that “how good you are doing” is determined 100% by how your physical symptoms look. If you are viewing Parkinson’s through these same lenses, it is time to re-focus your view.

The Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ view is that we do know the causes, the Recipe is a cure, and that even though we may look worse while doing the Recipe, we are getting better.

I have written before that this is a race won by the tortoise, not the hare. Here’s another look to help you re-focus your view.

The hare follows the current medical view. He runs the race like he is on performance enhancing drugs…he runs here, there, on the path, off the path, takes a nap, doesn’t see the flowers, doesn’t smell the coffee. However, even though he moves fast and looks good, he NEVER finishes the race and he NEVER reaches recovery.

The tortoise moves slowly by following the Recipe, thus conserving energy that can be utilized for healing. The tortoise moves slowly, and by moving slowly, he notices more things, good and bad, so he has to decide: “Do I stare at my tremors or do I stare at the pretty flowers.” The tortoise moves slowly, so he has the choice to be frustrated by his slowness or to accept what the Universe is offering. The tortoise moves slowly, so he has time in each thing he does to be with his Higher Power to give him the faith and hope and perseverance to take the next laborious step…and his does it with GRATITUDE…because he is grateful for life, even life in a tortoise shell. And, against the current medical view, the tortoise decides, “I have the power to heal myself. I will win the race. My faith is stronger than other people’s opinions. I am RECOVERY!

It is time to re-focus your view of Parkinson’s and see it through the eyes of the tortoise…slow and steady, compassionate and grateful, knowing that if you stay on the path toward full recovery with faith and perseverance, full recovery is at your Parkinson’s finish line.

And, along the way, you re-focus your understanding that the journey you are on is life, and Parkinson’s is just a hurdle to get beyond…and your heart opens to the liberation of this understanding, and your dopamine flows…you are recovery.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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5 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and re-focusing your view

  1. Dear Howard…. I am grateful for my life and all the lessons learned through this journey with PD… My life is rich, challenging…. and full of discovery and beauty. Even though the hare’s athleticism and handsomeness has been historically seductive, I’m going to commit to the journey of the tortoise for the next while (maybe even for the rest of my life)…so with that in mind, I’m going outside into this beautiful Spring day to smell the hyacinths in the garden and see if I’ll be blessed by a visit from the little Anna hummingbird….the heck with staring at PD symptoms!…. Thank you, once again, for your wisdom, compassion, and guidance.

    With love, gratitude and joyful tears,


  2. Helen says:

    Just needed to read this this morning I was feeling frustrated at times with my inabilities to walk without pain n fatigue. Although mostly I feel grateful for this beautiful life thanks Howard for the wisdom and encouragement x

  3. Paul Tobkin says:

    Thanks Howard. I really needed this at this point in my recovery. It hit the nail on the head so to speak.

  4. Jane Lindsay says:

    This is so apposite for me too.

    PD and your blog (which I was blessed to discover early on) are transforming my life, my whole ‘Weltanschauung’. You were kind enough to write me a personal note, at the beginning, encouraging me to be a tortoise. It awoke awareness in me. Slowly (tortoise-like) it has allowed me to turn my focus inwards, where awareness of the light of consciousness and being present have developed.

    You have shown me the way to use the slowness to wake up to the freshness of now. Last night I heard myself tell a friend I feel I have woken up and landed in heaven. It seems to me such appreciation is due to a tortoise-like approach. It needed the humility/surrender that, for me, came with PD, and the faith inspired by your example and your blog.

    I feel deeply grateful to you..

  5. Waseema says:

    Dear Howard,
    Thank you so much for sharing. You have given me so much hope that I feel I can take on anything!

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