Fighting Parkinson’s, and Pratima is one year symptom free

On May 22, 2012, one year ago tomorrow, I posted, Fighting Parkinson’s, and Pratima is symptom free from Stage 4 Parkinson’s. As Pratima has commented in blog posts since then, like me and like Marie before her, she no longer does the Recipe and her symptoms have not returned. Also, like me, and like Marie before her, Pratima is cured of Parkinson’s. Congratulations Pratima!

In my post a few days ago, I wrote about being vulnerable in your recovery. Please take a moment to read the comments posted below the blog post and my responses to the questions. A lot of material is covered that will be beneficial to your recovery. Go to Fighting Parkinson’s, and being vulnerable.

Pratima exhibited strength and courage when she decided she wanted to fight Parkinson’s. However, when one is at Stage 4 advanced Parkinson’s, bed-bound and wheelchair-bound, one does not have the ability to endeavor on such a journey without personal assistance…not just coaching…but personal assistance in the form of her daughter Bhavna. In wanting to recover from Parkinson’s, Pratima had to surrender her ego and be vulnerable every step of the way.

She does not speak English, and I do not speak Hindi. Pratima had to utilize her daughter Bhavna for communicating with me. It is one thing to be vulnerable with a spouse or a friend or me as your friend and/or Parkinson’s coach, but it is an entirely different thing to exhibit complete vulnerability in front of your grown child.

How vulnerable are you when you are willing to have your daughter move you through the physical Qigong exercises?
How vulnerable are you when you discuss with your daughter the intricacies of bathroom visits so your daughter could get advice from me?
How vulnerable are you when discuss with your daughter your aches and pains and fears and doubts so she could get advice from me?
How vulnerable are you when discuss with your daughter your wavering faith from time to time so she could get advice from me?

I think you get the point. In order for Pratima to receive from me the coaching she would need in her recovery, she had to bare her soul to her daughter Bhavna. That is the epitome of vulnerability. I am honored to have served such a courageous, and vulnerable, woman.

So, you do not have to take my word for it about vulnerability being critical in your recovery — you can take it from Pratima’s example.

Congratulations Pratima on being one year symptom free from Parkinson’s.

To the rest of you: You can do this, too!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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7 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and Pratima is one year symptom free

  1. Lynn McIvor says:

    Yes, congratulations on your one year anniversary of being Parkinson’s free, Pratima. You are a constant source of inspiration for me. Thank you.

  2. Gita says:

    Congratulations Pratima! You and your daughter inspire me. I hope many more of us will be joining you soon in Recoveryville!

  3. Congratulations Pratima and Bhavna …. I celebrate your mutual courage, vulnerability and faith in the love that exists within us all. Your journey is an inspiration for me and many others. Thank you both!

    Penny in Canada

  4. judy says:

    wow!….Pratima should write a book!….every neurologist should read it!….what an inspiration!…..

  5. Christine says:

    Pratima you are an inspiration.Congratulations on being one year symptom free!

  6. Bhavna shah says:

    pratima is very thankful to all of you for the good wishes.
    it was not possible without Howards help. and my mom’s 100% faith on every word Howard wrote . my mom does not speak english but understands i translated every mail and blog written by howard to her and posted some of the best on the walls . Howard is a god sent gift to my family.
    My mom and i both wish that you all recover and join recoveryville.
    please stick to your daily routine and follow everything Howard says and you will surely recover.
    once again thank you all.
    Pratima sends her love

    • judy says:

      thanks for this post….it really boosted my flagging faith….
      i’ve been doing the recipe about 30 days….no perceptible improvements
      yet….more pain, worsening symptoms….congratulations to you and
      your mom….

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