Fighting Parkinson’s, and knowing your recovery is real

I was on a coaching Skype on Friday, and the person told me that he believed very strongly and had great faith in his recovery, but in the back of his mind was the nagging voice that said, “How can you be so sure?” After explaining to him that his faith came from his heart and his doubt came from his mind, so to stay in his heart in his recovery, I presented an example and he asked me to post it for you.

You are walking down a neighborhood street in the evening darkness, and you hear a groaning sound. You look down and there is a man with a large knife stuck in his chest. He says to you, “I have been stabbed, and this knife is so deep in my chest I cannot pull it out. It is going to kill me. Please, please, I beg of you, please pull out the knife.” As you are thinking about what to do, the begging continues and you finally tell him you will pull out the knife.

In the middle of you pulling the knife from the man’s chest, he lets out an enormous scream and he dies. His scream is so loud that many neighbors’ outside lights go on and people run outside, and what do they see — you holding the handle of the knife that is stuck in the dead man’s chest. Immediately, they all say you killed the man by sticking the knife in him.

Truth. Your “truth” is exactly as described above, and you know you were attempting to help the man by complying with his wishes. Their “truth” is that you stabbed the man to death. And, when they arrive at your trial, one by one, and swear under oath to tell the truth, each one of them will say that you stabbed the man and killed him. However, you still know your truth, your reality of the situation, and you stick with your truth because it is the only genuine truth taking place in the courtroom that day, the day that you get convicted of a murder you did not commit.

And all of the people who testified against you do not have to serve a life sentence with you as a result of them being wrong. They see you go off to prison and feel quite content that they said what they “knew” was right, even though you know in your heart they were wrong about what happened.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is this: When you are sitting in your trial and person after person swears that you stuck the knife in the man and killed him, do you give up the “truth” in your heart, the “truth” you know is real, the “truth” that knows what really occurred, and say, “Gee, since all these people say I did it, maybe I did stick the knife in the man and kill him.” Of course you do not. Why? Because you know in your heart that you did not do it! That is knowing what is real.

Truth in Parkinson’s. Your “truth” is that if you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery™ then you are recovering. The other people’s “truth” is that you cannot recover. And their “truth” fuels self-doubt. If you accept the other people’s truth, stop doing the Recipe, and follow the conventional “treatment” for Parkinson’s, then you will get to serve a life-sentence of Parkinson’s. And, because the medical profession says Parkinson’s is not curable, then everybody who talked you out of continuing with the Recipe can feel quite content as you become physically and mentally debilitated after years of following their opinion. However, at the end of the day, who is the one serving a life-sentence with Parkinson’s…You! Not them!

So, the question you need to ask yourself is this: When you are doing the Recipe and person after person swears that you look worse and are getting worse and says, “why don’t you stop your nonsense and follow the conventional Parkinson’s treatment,” do you give up the “truth” in your heart, the “truth” you know is real, the “truth” that you know you are getting better, and say, “Gee, since all these people say I should stop the Recipe and follow the conventional Parkinson’s treatment, maybe I should.” Of course you do not. Why? Because you know in your heart that you are RECOVERY! That is KNOWING what is real.

That is how strongly you have to know the truth of your recovery.

Your faith in your recovery has to be more powerful than other people’s opinions about what you should be doing with your Parkinson’s!

Your recover is real. Look in your heart…AND KNOW IT!

When you know it in your heart, nobody, and I mean nobody, can take that away from you.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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9 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and knowing your recovery is real

  1. Such a wonderful and clear example Howard…. thank you!

    I believe many people look outside themselves for verification of their own truths because most of humankind is culturally conditioned to defer to authority….the someone or someones – be it our parents, our teachers in school or, later in life, our employers or “superiors” – who somehow know better than we do about what is right for us. But, ultimately, our strength is directly proportional to our ability to stay the course with our own inner truths. And Parkinson’s presents a wonderful opportunity to test our own inner fire, determination and sense of what is intuitively right….and real.

    A wonderful book I read recently that is a testimony to a mother’s intuitive sense of what is right as she supports her autistic son is Kristine Barnett’s “The Spark – A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius”…. if you’d enjoy a great emotional clear-out, this is the ticket!

    • Howard says:

      Thank you, Penny.

      I appreciate your continuing insights and sharing. Also, thank you for telling me about the book on Wednesday…my copy is set to arrive today. Looking forward to reading about Kristine Barnett and her son’s wonderful and inspiring story.


  2. judy says:

    Thank-you, Howard….wonderfully uplifting!….
    just having come through several weeks of feeling awful,
    this is just what i needed….i started the recipe about 7 wks ago….
    my symptoms worsened and i felt ill and tired most of the time….
    but, the last week or so i’ve felt better…..the exercises are easier
    and i have more energy with lessening of symptoms…..
    God bless you, Howard,for your insights and for caring…..

  3. Sally says:

    Thank you,Howard.
    I feel so fortunate to have found you and the beautiful people you have following your recipe.

    • Howard says:

      Hi Sally,

      You are welcome. Please do not forget to count yourself in the list of beautiful people who are following the Recipe…often, that is the biggest challenge people face in this recovery. We feel fortunate to have you here with us as well!


  4. Helen says:

    Thank you Howard for your inspiration and guidance I have to keep doing the exercises and trust in recovery. Love to everyone Helen

  5. Chris Raywood says:

    Hi to all. My name is Chris and have been doing the recipe since meeting Howard and Sally in Tampa last Feb. I have a tremor in my right hand and arm. Yesterday while doing the standing exercise my limb was completely still, the whole 5-6 minutes. I thought to myself, that’s what it feels like. Remember this sensation. Sometimes we need a reminder that we’re on the right tract. THAT was mine.
    Be well.

  6. Teri says:

    Great post! I needed it! Staying the course! Not giving into the naysayers OR my mind chatter!
    Forever grateful,

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