Fighting Parkinson’s, and the final day of the 30-day challenge 2013

This month, I have been making a big push with my November to Remember, No Excuses November, 30-day challenge 2013 to do a modified version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery&#0174 for 30 days. As we enter the final day, I have been happy to hear back from people on how they are doing. Many people have commented to me or emailed me that when they saw family and friends who they had not seen for a while during the Thanksgiving holiday over the course of this last week, that the people told them how much better they looked or how much healthier they looked. This is very good! So, you wonder, what’s next?

To read “what’s next,” you will have to come back to this website and blog tomorrow. You see, there is still one more day to finish the challenge. You made a commitment to do the scaled-down version of the Recipe for 30 days, and today is day 30. What’s next is eons away. What’s next is some future that does not exist in the present. What’s next is your Adrenaline-mode mind fearfully pulling you away from “what now,” in this moment, as if what you are doing now lacks significance. What you need to realize is that what is important is “what you are doing NOW!”

If what you are doing now is the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery&#0174, then what you are doing now is curing yourself from Parkinson’s Disease. If what you are doing now is still thinking about whether or not to accept the 30-day challenge issued 29 days ago, then what you are doing now is not curing yourself from Parkinson’s Disease. Instead, what you are doing now is engaging in the same Adrenaline-mode mind thinking and over-thinking that assisted your Parkinson’s symptoms come to the surface as diagnosable symptoms in the first place…ultimately, this leads you to getting worse.

On any given day, any given person can wake up and say, “Today will be different. Today will be the day I decide to do something different.” It is a choice.

Why not be that given person? Why not make that day today? Why not say, “I accept the challenge. Today, I choose to accept the challenge to do the scaled-down version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery&#0174 for one day. That right, one day! I am making a commitment to myself to do the scaled-down version of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery&#0174 today!!!”

And, what about tomorrow? We’ll talk about that tomorrow. See you then.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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6 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and the final day of the 30-day challenge 2013

  1. Sally says:

    Being aware of the “adrenaline-mode mind thinking” is so valuable!
    Thank you Howard, for your incredible insight.

  2. Melanie says:

    Great reminder Howard !
    I look so forward to your words of wisdom. They are invaluable and give me so much strength. They always come just at the right time and you always seem to say just what I need to hear. We can do this together! All of us with you Howard as our shining star to light our way and keep us on the path to recovery. With heartfelt gratitude and love for all you do. Melanie

  3. Pat in FL says:

    What a great reminder to stay in the present. Our minds are such an important battleground. Learning to take captive every thought is such a challenge but very necessary if we are to reign in the adrenaline. Trying to foresee the future and control the future is at odds with living by faith and counterproductive to our quest for recovery. I love the focus and simplicity of this post. Many thanks to our wise coach Howard.

  4. Helen says:

    Me too. Great reminder to enjoy life by being in the moment. Thank you Howard

  5. N.M.L. for Michal Tavel says:

    My progress along the tortoise path is accompanied by the services of a translator who serves me in addition as counselor and patron, and whenever I find myself falling into a maelstrom she sends me down a line, hauls me up back to the way of the tortoise, saves me from turning turtle and reminds me of my purpose.
    This lady has suggested that I write a few lines to join with her in encouraging my fellow adherents to Howard’s “Recipe” with whom I am sharing the boat captained by those wonderful seers Howard Shifke and his devoted wife.
    So please attend: The dynamics of the route to Recoveryville cannot be foreseen. During the last few weeks I have been suffering from attacks of pain, thrills, buzzes and twinges. I tried my best to stick to the idea that the body is healing itself, but I did not take into account that in addition to the severe weakness and other symptoms I was suffering, I would be confronted by unbearable headaches. I wept and cried out to the Almighty that only He could rescue me and release me. When one is encompassed by the pain and the suffering, no ray of light seems evident.
    But, believe me my dear, dauntless friends and fellow travelers, praise to G., after a while the headaches subsided. Don’t worry, I still have other symptoms thank G., so let us all together join in the heartfelt belief and the sincere inner faith that the dynamics of our body processes will bring us to Recoveryville, that we will soon be relieved of all the symptoms that characterize the dragon answering to the name of Parkinson. Let us stick to the methods of the “Recipe” even if these are not recognized by the “enlightened” world.
    Take courage, and work on your spirits and your bodies! The Almighty has deemed us worthy of recovery! And let us not forget to pronounce with all our power those small words to the Shifkes – Thank you!!!

  6. Mayarita says:

    Thankyou Michal thankyou Howard

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