Fighting Parkinson’s, and hunting your cure! part 2

In the discussion of faith in Fighting Parkinson’s, and hunting your cure!, I explained, “Calm your mind by choosing to tell yourself that whatever is happening in this moment is necessary in your life and your Parkinson’s cure, so instead of being afraid or angry or frustrated, you welcome it because it is necessary in your journey.” I told myself this for nine months, moment after moment, and never once did I think I was getting worse. Turns out, I was correct. The same can happen for you. Faith is powerful. It changes your view of the world and transforms your recovery!

Whatever is going on with you right now, it is your experience in the moment. Sometimes the experience in the moment is pleasant, sometimes it is unpleasant. The important thing is not to become attached to the experience as it will change in each moment, and this includes not becoming fearful if it is an unpleasant experience. If you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, then every experience you are having is something that is required for your recovery, plain and simple. Do not be afraid.

Some people with Parkinson’s look at a pleasant experience in their life and recovery and say, “This will not last” or “I should not get my hopes up too high” or “This is too good to be true.” They also look at unpleasant experiences, but have only one thing to say, “Oh no, my symptoms are getting worse.” All of these statements have one thing in common — lack of faith.

Those who have faith in themselves, faith in their Higher Power, and faith in the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, fully and fearlessly accept every single thing that occurs, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and they smile and say, “This is just my current experience. It will change moment by moment and then I will have new experiences. Above all, I know that whatever is occurring is necessary for my recovery, so I choose to not be afraid!”

Each time you have a pleasant experience, accept it as part of your recovery, be happy in the moment, and keep doing what you are doing in your recovery. This is how you go moment by moment being yourself, your real self, and feeling the positive experience of recovery. Know that you are deserving and worthy, and do not talk yourself out of pleasant experiences by non-acceptance of them or by surmising when they may go away.

Each time you have an unpleasant experience, accept it as part of your recovery, be happy in the moment, and keep doing what you are doing in your recovery. This is how you go moment by moment being yourself, your real self, and feeling the positive experience of recovery. Know that you are deserving and worthy, and do not become attached to the unpleasant experience by surmising that it means you are getting worse. Think back to how many times you have felt worse than you are feeling today…this alone should prove to you that you are getting better.

So, in the future, if your experience is an unpleasant one, you can know that it is just an unpleasant experience in that moment, but that it is a continuing sign of your recovery. Do not be afraid.

Being afraid does not make the unpleasant experience more pleasant…it makes it even more unpleasant than it is and creates a “hunting your fear” mentality…it takes you out of the moment and mentally delivers you into a dreadful future event that never will take place unless you hunt it until it happens.

Faith makes the unpleasant experience more pleasant…it keeps you in the moment of the physical experience and allows you to explore your inner fortitude as you persevere through the unpleasant experience in the moment…moment by moment…and when the experience shifts to a more pleasant experience, you have learned much about your inner strength and your faith, and it feels wonderful. Time and time again, this choice builds strength and faith in your cure.

In each moment, you have a choice. Hunt your cure by choosing faith over fear in each moment.

Look inside yourself and have faith in the Recipe and in your cure. Then, no matter what you face, let go of the usual negative emotions and fears that come to the surface. They only feed the Parkinson’s. Instead, look at the situation and say, “Okay. Apparently, this is necessary for my Parkinson’s cure.” And smile. Your experience in the moment is that you are curing yourself of Parkinson’s. You are your own cure. Know it, and Parkinson’s will be afraid of you!

Parkinson’s is curable!

Be your own cure!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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13 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and hunting your cure! part 2


    HI Howard, just keep those vital messages coming. I feel as though I am starting from scratch, on a new path learning faith and Love over fear. It is a slow process but there are daily, small miracles and I celebrate these moments – so many improvements since we started 8 months ago. I am grateful for your patience, persistence and love. Big , fat snowflakes are falling outside and life does not get any better than this. Marilyn

  2. Melanie says:

    Thank you Howard for the gentle but vital reminders. They are so essential in our recovery and in holding on to faith for dear life some days. Fear is always so ready to surface in even the thought of worsening symptoms. I look so forward to your weekly blogs. They definitely give me strength to carry on in faith! Thank you so much for your selfless commitment to the world.


  3. judy says:

    Keep it comin’, Howard. Your comments are invaluable. I would have quit trying long ago if not for your positive reinforcements and vital and timely truths. Thanx, Howard. You and your family are indeed special!

  4. So timely, Howard

    I am moved beyond tears as I consider the essence of your message. We all have our unique challenges and yet are surrounded in each moment by breathtaking beauty. It is there that I continually remind myself to focus. I am absorbing, these last few days, the legacy of Nelson Mandela. It seems to me that if he could survive 27 years of imprisonment and still be in touch with his faith upon his release, then I can be in touch with mine.

  5. jimmy says:

    Howard Your words are very encouraging, in difficult times, thanks, dear friends ..I think we must be patient with ourselves, ……today we are planting the seeds that will give us the fruit tomorrow. if we really learn to love ourselves, we must understand that fear destroys our cells on the other hand a good thought regenerates them, this allows you to create new healthy cellular hardwire. God bless you all

  6. Waseema says:

    Howard. I gain so much joy now that I allow myself to experience fun and happiness. Your thoughts and insights keep me on track. Than you so much.

  7. Jane says:

    O wonderful! As ever! Such deep encouragement and inspiration! Thank you so very much!

  8. Jane says:

    O! And it makes the whole difference It keeps alive a source of confidence and joy. Great blessings.

  9. Vickie says:

    Thank you, Howard. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Sometimes our only evidence of recovery is our faith. Symptoms may seem worse for a time, but we look at the unseen, not the seen, and move forward in faith.

  10. Sally says:

    These words are a gift, Howard.
    Thank you so much for your support and especially for your contagious faith!

  11. Lloyd says:

    Ironic I have been asked to say prayers for so many and MY biggest prayer is to totally rid myself of these medications. I always believed I created this “PD” due to stress in my life and now I view this entire experience as a gift. If I have to hunker down and remain housebound, I WILL remove myself from these meds. “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.” Finding this site is a miracle. I believe ridding myself of the meds is more of a challenge than my diagnosis. No Doctor will remove me from meds……..instead they are amazed at how it is a miracle of modern science that I show NO signs of the disease after 6 years. I actually am improving! Nothing will change unless I change. Thank you for your kind and gentle sharing to help others. I am so looking forward to absorbing all this newness to enjoy a drug-free life.

  12. Lloyd says:

    I just read Howard’s thoughts regarding PD Meds and I thoroughly agree with him. While I have faith, Howard knows we are adrenaline based and so I stand corrected about my MIND controlling and will pray for patience to listen to my BODY. Thanks for letting me rant. It felt good. My experience is that Neurologists will continue to administer drugs. Thinking outside the box has never been in the cards. I always said that I had a nervous breakdown; too many stressors in my life and I dealt poorly with everything. I TRULY BELIEVE I CAN LICK THIS DIAGNOSIS. I CAN ONLY DO IT WITH FAITH IN HE WHO KNOWS ME INTIMATELY. THANK YOU.

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