Fighting Parkinson’s, and 5 days left in the November 2014 challenge

There are 5 days left in my 30-day November to Remember, No Excuses November, challenge 2014. We are in the home stretch of this challenge. I am pleased to report that many people who have accepted the challenge are reporting to me that they feel they are recovering and are sticking with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. This is very exciting news. Congratulations to all of you. For those of you who are still thinking about whether or not to get started, it is never too late to get started. How about starting now!

Before I continue with this post, my wife Sally and I wish to offer abundant gratitude to all of you. As mentioned in my last post, Fighting Parkinson’s, and gratitude, acceptance, and surrender, Sally and I were involved in serious car accident when another driver ran through a light and hit our car. We have been overwhelmed by the love, prayers, well-wishes, and good thoughts we have received through comments on the blog, emails, phone call, and text messages. Thank you for opening your hearts to us. we are grateful for you.

Here is our update. Sally and I are okay. I have bruises and a stiff shoulder and neck. Sally has severely bruised ribs and a fractured bone in her foot, so she cannot walk without crutches. Last Thursday at the Orthopedic Institute, they fitted her with a boot to hold the foot tightly in place and said if she did not want surgery, she would have to keep her foot immobile for the next 6-8 weeks. We will work on healing her foot and see how things are when we meet with the Orthopedic doctor in three weeks. Our car was totaled, so we absolutely know how fortunate we are to come away with such small injuries. We are grateful for that as well.

Back to all of you! It is November 25th. How are you doing?

If you read about my 30-day challenge and you have been thinking about it for 25 days and have not started, you may be stuck in what is referred to as “paralysis by analysis.” For 25 days, you have been analyzing the nuances of the Recipe, and in the back of your mind has been this nagging question, “How do I know it will work for me?” Or, it could be this nagging question, “What if it works for everybody but me?” Or this nagging question, “What if I put in all of this effort and I do not get the results I want?” Or, “_______?” (fill in the blank yourself as you know best what is stopping you from doing the Recipe).

The question I ask you is “What harm can you cause by doing the Recipe?” If your answer is, “It could be a complete waste of my time,” I would imagine that the modified version of the Recipe outlined in my 30-day challenge would have taken less time to do each day than the amount of time you have spent thinking about not doing the Recipe and/or researching other things that do not help you recover. Why not replace your hesitancy caused by over-thinking with action that will move you toward your own recovery? Why not jump in now and be your own cure!

In each moment of time, we leave our old self and step into a new self. Our old self is just a memory, an impression of how we viewed our self a moment ago. Maybe your “old” self was an over-thinker. Maybe your “old” self did not believe, “I have the power to heal myself.” Maybe your “old” self did not believe in the Recipe. Maybe your “old” self did not believe that being cured from Parkinson’s is possible. If you take a good hard look at your “old” self with Parkinson’s Disease, is this “old” self who you want to be forever?

I didn’t think so. Leave your “old” self behind and step into your “new” self, your “new” self who is going to take action against your Parkinson’s. After you accept my challenge for these last 5 days of November, you will move forward with your “new” self and the Recipe, and in each moment you are taking action, you are stepping into your “new” self, healthier and more confident than the last “old” self you left behind.

And, as you keep stepping into your “new” self after “new” self after “new” self, time and time again, it will hit you that you are in Parkinson’s recovery…you are becoming your own cure. How delightful is that!

Let’s make the most of these first five days of the rest of your life!

Make the commitment to cure yourself from Parkinson’s!

Okay, everybody, put big smiles on your faces and chant together so the whole world can hear:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am halting, slowing, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.
I am doing great!


All my best,



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16 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and 5 days left in the November 2014 challenge

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Howard,
    I am grateful to hear that both you and Sally are safe and that you are in the process of healing. Thanks to you, I too am in the process of healing. I am in the process of healing my body, mind and soul. I am grateful for your unwavering dedication to me. I am grateful for my unwavering dedication to the Recovery Program. I am grateful that you have made this program so doable for anyone. I am grateful for all the anyone’s out there who are doing the program right along side of me. I am grateful for their support and inspiration to me. I am grateful to all of you !!! I am grateful that Parkinson’s is curable and that I am my own Parkinson’s cure! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Have a healing day 🙂 and remember your best is good enough.

  2. Margee says:

    So glad to receive an update on you two! Now, it’s my turn to encourage you…HA! You are doing great! HUGS!

  3. Joseph McEleavy says:

    Howard: Thank God you and Sally are as well as could be expected after such a terrible accident!! You provide so much support for me and for all of us, thank you…
    I am working the recipe the best way I can I.E. everyday I try to match my faith to yours and my dedication to my 100% recovery. You always give me your wisdom and courage freely and without hesitation. I know that every sincere prayer, intention, thought, word, deed and action there is healing!!

  4. Michael says:

    Glad you and Sally are ok. When I am “forced” to do the short form, I miss doing
    The whole thing!

  5. Melanie says:

    I am so grateful to all of you for sharing your experience along this path of recovery and to Howard and Sally for their neverending love, support and encouragement as we all continue along the road less traveled that Howard discovered for our recovery! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! With love and gratitude! Melanie

  6. Helen says:

    Thank god you are both ok. It was a shock to hear about the accident. Wishing a quick recovery for you both. You must be feeling very sore. May the healing power of love embrace you both. Good on the new people taking the challenge of Howard’s recipie. It’s so worth it and great to be in this blessed and supportive community.

  7. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and all my fellow warriors,

  8. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi guys, wrote a message and it only sent the first line. Lol. I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I am so grateful to all of you who are walking the same journey I am right now. I second everything Debbie said above, Debbie I call you ” little Miss Sunshine” as you are always so happy and helpful.
    It is fabulous to have the support of a group of people who share the same journey of struggle. Equally it is so encouraging to read about each other’s progress.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and to the rest of our gang not in America, happy Thursday lol.
    With Love and Gratitude
    Karen xx

  9. Karen in Ireland says:

    Ps. I know November has been a challenge but hey, please God sometime soon, Howard’s 5th will step forward and I will be Joyous whoever it is. I don’t care what number I am as long as we ALL cross the finishing line and keep our sense of humour and enjoy the Gifts along the journey. You guys are one of my greatest gifts that rocked up with the fabulous Howard, our beloved coach! Xx

  10. MARILYN MURRAY says:

    I totally agree with every word Debbie said – thank you for your time and words -and thank you Howard, Love to all, Marilyn

  11. Thank you Howard for the direction, care, wisdom and insight you offer us all…. so glad you and Sally are okay …. I imagine your approach on healing will be of immense benefit to your own journey after the accident and I wish you both very well…..

  12. Pam in Savannah says:

    Oh Howard,

    So glad you are both are OK, even if hobbling around.

    Can’t believe you are such an inspiration. By committing to a shorter version, I decided to just do the whole recipe while I was at it. Haven’t missed a day. Thank you

    Went to a Jeffrey Yuen seminar on Taoist Canon in San Francisco. He suggested doing Qichong from 11AM-1PM or 11pm-1AM? Have you ever heard of this? I do seem to take up more energy.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  13. So glad that both of you are oke.
    The challenge is really a challenge for me, I didn’t do it for three days , and I felt the difference, subtile. So this was for me a good proof. The recipe is a gift to me.
    Let it be a part of my daytime.
    I am worth it.

  14. Marie says:

    I am grateful for the Recipe for Recovery
    I am grateful to Howard for finding this route to full healing, and sharing it with me.
    I am grateful for all of the gifts and learning …even transformations….that have come to me from following the Recipe for Recovery.
    I am grateful for this beautiful day.
    I am grateful that Howard and Sally both survived the automobile accident, and are healing from that.
    I am grateful to this community for inspiring me and helping me keep in touch with my gratitude.
    I am grateful for the Internet. How else would I have ever heard Howard’s message of hope when I was in despair?
    I am grateful to Howard for encouraging me.
    I am grateful to myself for my strength and fortitude and dedication to healing.
    I am grateful for the grace that allowed me to believe in my recovery.
    I am grateful that I do not have Parkinson’s .
    I love you all, Marie

  15. Cynthia (from England) says:

    Thank you to everyone in this community who shares, encourages and inspires me. Thank you Howard for your love and total commitment and am so pleased that you and Sally are ok and on the road to recovery.
    The analogy of the algae in the swimming pool is really helpful and I believe that is why we often feel worse before feeling better – I take comfort in that.
    Although still on meds, since finding Howard I have halved them and am going to drop another pill soon once I have finished having treatment on my neck – one step at a time, definitely a tortoise here! I want to keep stepping into my ‘new self’
    Thank you Marie for your encouragement – if it wasn’t for hearing that it’s possible to recover from Parkinsons we would have no hope, so thank you.
    It’s good to know that we are not travelling this journey alone xx

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