Fighting Parkinson’s, and the Recipe in-depth, part 9

I intend to take each part of the Recipe, physical, mental, and spiritual, and explain why it is in the Recipe and what it is doing for you in your recovery, deeply drilling down to the how and why it is helping you recover from Parkinson’s. Today is the ninth part: Acupressure for tremors, Jin Shin Jyutsu for balancing energy flows, and Yin Tui Na (Forceless Spontaneous Release).

For those of you new to the blog, when I say “the Recipe,” I am talking about the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Click here to review the full version of the Recipe.

Acupressure for tremors: Governing Vessel, GV2-20.

For those of you unfamiliar with the GV Meridian, the recommended acupressure begins at the coccyx and goes up the spine all the way to the midpoint at the top of the head. The GV Meridian is longer than that section, but that section (GV2-GV20) was recommended for Parkinson’s.

Tremors were terrible as I would lay in bed trying to fall asleep at night. Every night, Sally performed this acupressure on me and it was a most incredible thing. As she was performing the acupressure, I felt electrical charges from my spine go down my legs to my feet and toes, and I felt electrical charges move across my back, arms, neck and head. The tremors would cease to exist, momentarily, and I would go to sleep within a minute or two. Most mornings, I would awake in the same position I was laying when I fell asleep. I slept soundly, and except for the occasional night when I woke up needing to use the bathroom, I slept through the night with no problems.

Click here for a graphic of the Governing Vessel.

If you have somebody to perform GV Acupressure on you, the person would lightly press on each point with a fingertip or two and then move the fingertip(s) in a circular motion for 15-20 seconds, moving up the spine from GV2 through GV20. If you are doing this yourself and can reach, you can do GV2-5 and GV15-20. To activate the other points, if you lay on the floor and slowly roll your spine from side to side for a couple of minutes, you will reach GV6-14 this way. At my 2014 Tampa workshop, a gentleman brought his Thera Cane Massager and demonstrated for the group how to use it to perform GV acupressure on himself, so this is another option.

Please note:Sally has explained to me that after a few days, instead of trying to match up each point GV 2-20, looking back at our acupressure book and then to my spine for the exact point, she decided to focus on the acupressure itself and went to each vertebrae. This way, the acupressure definitely covered GV 2-20, but also included the vertebrae in-between.

Jin Shin Jyutsu for balancing energy flows. Jumper cabling is lightly holding a finger with the curled fingers of the other hand. Jumper cable palms and fingers in the follow sequence to open channels:

a.    Palm to Palm with fingers extended as if in prayer.

b.    Jumper cable thumb.

c.    Jumper cable ring finger.

d.    Jumper cable middle finger.

e.    Jumper cable index finger.

f.    Jumper cable pinky.

Jumper cable a. – f. for 2 minutes each.

The jumper cabling is in the cupped fingers of the other hand, not the palm. Each of the fingers goes to an organ system, so in doing the jumper cabling, you are providing low voltage electricity to your meridian and organ systems:
Thumb: stomach and spleen.
Index finger: kidneys and bladder.
Middle finger: liver and gallbladder.
Ring finger: lungs and large intestine.
Pinky: heart and small intestine.

Yin Tui Na (Forceless Spontaneous Release). FSR is a special way of holding the Parkinson’s patient’s foot to heal the stomach meridian. I studied this until I understood what was to be accomplished, and then my wife, Sally, and I worked on this together because I needed somebody to hold my foot.

Essentially, I laid down with my legs straight and toes pointing toward the ceiling. Sally held my right foot with one hand across the top and one hand across the bottom, lightly holding my foot between her hands. Neither of us concentrated on Qi flow or me getting better. I silently performed the meditations and gratitude affirmations previously discussed in my blog entries, and Sally performed her own silent meditations.

Please note: This was a small part of the Recipe (total of 2.5 hours, 30 minutes/day for 5 days), particularly when compared to everything else (performed daily for nine months). I had read about success with this method for getting the stomach meridian flowing in the correct direction, so it is the method I used, which is why it is listed in the Recipe for Recovery. For people who do not have somebody to hold their foot, I have recommended doing stomach meridian acupressure and/or acupuncture, and people have reported success with these methods for correcting their stomach meridian flow.

Click here for a graphic of the stomach meridian.

The recommended acupressure is to press and massage in a circular motion for 15-20 seconds per point each point beginning with ST 45 and ending with ST 36.

That’s it.

You are worth it!!!

I will be back soon.

All my best,



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  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, how clever am I. When I have been doing the jumper cable, I have been using each two minutes to give thanks to various organ groups now I see each time I was actually working the organs meridians that I was giving thanks to. I didn’t have them in the right order apart from the liver. I Rock, NOT as much as you, who have been doing all this written work all week, but I still Rock. Lol.
    With Love and Gratitude.
    Karen xx

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Howard and Karen,
      You both Rock! Thanks so much for all the powerful, critical information Howard.
      Have a joyous day

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope that everyone has a very productive day doing the Recipe.
    Have a Very Merry Christmas.
    Remember our best is always good enough. Parkinson’s is curable and we are our own Parkinson’s cure. We are worth it :)
    Merry Christmas

    • jimmy says:

      gracias Debbie, vamos a hacer del 2015 nuestro año de recuperacion, saludos a toda la comunidad

      Thanks Debbie, let’s make 2015 our year of recovery, greetings to all the community.

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