Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2015…the year of compassionate choices

Happy New Year! As you begin this year, please be kind and compassionate to yourself, and please be kind and compassionate to others. Kindness and compassion come from the heart, and they connect all of us to each other, one heart at a time. And, as you are being compassionate to yourself, make this compassionate choice: “I choose to know that my recovery from Parkinson’s is possible.” And then, smile and open up your heart and your dopamine. You are worth it!

Let’s examine this: “I choose to know that my recovery from Parkinson’s is possible.”

Okay! Now that has sunk in, let’s look at the options.

Option 1. Current Western Medicine Viewpoint. Parkinson’s is a progressively degenerative neurological disease for which they do not know the cause and from which they say there is no cure. And, their treatments provide symptomatic relief for a window of time only, and do not slow or halt the disease. This theory is expressed on the Michael J. Fox Foundation website, where it says: “There are treatments available to lessen the effects of Parkinson’s symptoms for some window of time, but this is all they can do — offer symptomatic relief. What we don’t have is a disease-modifying treatment, something that would actually halt or slow the progression of the disease,” and “No drug on today’s market has been proven to slow or stop Parkinson’s disease. Available drugs only mask the symptoms.” Click here and you can read this for yourself.

Option 2. Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® Viewpoint. Parkinson’s is curable. For those of you who have been following this blog for a while or have spent any time with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, you know I always have taken the position that the dopamine is not depleted, only blocked, and that the dopamine faucet is turned down low.

In the introduction to the Recipe, I say:
“I do not believe that the dopamine is depleted or gone. I believe that the body has been working in adrenaline mode and dopamine has taken a back seat, essentially, it has mostly closed the faucet and is not flowing at full capacity. It is why I believe the medications cause Dyskinesia – the body is being given artificial dopamine replacements that are not able to fully assimilate into the system and thus cause uncontrollable movement as opposed to controlled movement.
By listening to my body, talking to my body and examining my electrical impulses, I was able to re-open the dopamine faucet. The result was full recovery with 100% pre-Parkinson’s controlled movement.”

In the Affirmations/Meditations/Prayers section of the Recipe, I say:
“The medical profession says that with Parkinson’s, dopamine is depleted in one’s brain and the basal ganglia controlling movement are 60-80% dead. Having lived in a Parkinson’s body and thought with a Parkinson’s mind, and held my firm faith with a Parkinson’s soul, I can tell you they are incorrect. It is why after nearly 200 years, they are no closer to a cure than when they started. Parkinson’s is an electrical problem and they are trying to fix it with chemicals. The dopamine is there, but the flow is interrupted. Adrenaline has taken over, which ultimately leads to dopamine taking a back seat. Just like anything else, after years of operating in adrenaline mode, the dopamine just turns off the faucet.”

Four months ago a scientific study came out of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark that confirmed that our theory that your dopamine is not depleted is CORRECT. That’s right, we have been correct all of this time. Not only does it say that we have been correct that the dopamine is not depleted, but also, that the current Western Medicine theory that the dopamine is depleted never has been proven scientifically. Click here to read the entire article yourself.

Option 1 and Option 2. Choices. This is wonderful.

Let’s look at this again: “I choose to know that my recovery from Parkinson’s is possible.”

With the information above, this looks like a very viable choice. And, to assist you in understanding that you are not alone when you make this compassionate choice to know that you can recover from Parkinson’s, here are some numbers.

In the month of December of 2014, the statistics of this website show:
Unique visitors: Over 6,100. This means that over 6,100 different individuals came to this site in December 2014.
Visits: Over 17,000. This means that the over 6,100 different individuals visited this site over 17,000 times in December of 2014.
Pages viewed: Over 62,000. This means that the over 6,100 different individuals who visited this site over 17,000 times in December of 2014, clicked on over 62,000 pages on this site.
Countries: Over 100. This means that the over 6,100 different individuals who visited this site over 17,000 times in December of 2014 and who clicked on over 62,000 pages on this site were from over 100 countries around the world.

So, that’s how many people were on this site with you last month. Are you starting to feel some strength in numbers? Additionally, there are 588 people who are subscribed to receive blog update notifications. That’s right. When you received the email with a link to this post, 587 other people received it as well.

Let’s look at this again: “I choose to know that my recovery from Parkinson’s is possible.”

Never before have we begun a year with two distinct choices.

On the one hand, you have the current Western Medicine theory that admittedly cannot slow or halt the disease.
On the other, you have the Recipe, which has resulted in 4 people cured, hundreds of people slowing, halting, and/or reversing the disease (many of whom have written comments on this blog about how they are doing), a worldwide community over 6,100 strong, and the previous 15 blog posts demonstrating for you that the Recipe was put together using the scientific method, all of which is bolstered by a scientific study confirming the accuracy of what has been the Recipe’s dopamine-is-not-depleted theory all along.

Two distinct choices.

Option 2, the Recipe option, is the compassionate choice, for you and the others around you. Why? Because it puts your life on a positive trajectory filled with faith, hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, contentment, acceptance, surrender, joyfulness, action, healing, balance, progress, community, recovery, cure.

Okay! One more time: “I choose to know that my recovery from Parkinson’s is possible.”

It is your life. It is your choice.

Look inside your heart and make the choice that feels right to you.

You are worth it!!!

Looking forward to a wonderful 2015 with all of you!

With gratitude, love, and blessings,

All my best,



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16 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2015…the year of compassionate choices

  1. Barry says:

    What a great closing blog (beginning the new year, blog?) for the complete series of 15 blogs treating Howard’s “recipe for recovery.” Someday these blogs will compose a New York Times best selling book. But hey? Who cares about “someday,” we have it NOW.

  2. Waseema from England says:

    Howard it’s such a comfort to be part of something so amazing with you at the helm. I have learned so much from you over the last year that my life has transformed as my thinking has changed. I now have an unwavering commitment to my recovery and pray that it will happen this year.
    Love and blessings

  3. What a wonderful way to begin the new year! … Choosing to focus on abundant possibility, personal responsibility as we take charge of our lives, discovery, and recovery! Thank you Howard… Thank you dear group!

  4. Barbara says:

    Happy New Year Howard and everyone!

    We are so blessed to have Howard to lead the way into our healing.

    Thank you so much for your in depth studies. I am so grateful for you and your commitment to truth, hope and education.



  5. Laura Doyle says:

    Happy New Year everyone! May 2015 be the year that your efforts are rewarded with the gift of no Parkinson’s. Or, at least, may your blessings continue to grow.

  6. hans says:

    Happy new year everybody. Keep the faith and lets heal together!

  7. Lohren says:

    Howard – you are truly a blessing to us. Sometimes I well up reading your encouraging words and wishes for our recovery! Thank you for all your support! Happy New Year to all!

  8. Julie chapman says:

    Thankyou Howard,
    You are helping me to deal with my fears and lead with my heart in 2015! I am extremely grateful for all you are doing to help me help myself. What you write about your knowledge of this disease is mind blowing and I’m committed to being parky-free and following the recipe Many Blessings to you and your family.

  9. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors!
    Happy New Year to all. I don’t know about the rest of you but it feels like we are part of something very special here in this community. Yes I agree with the guy who said it will be head lines one day, Mr Howard Shifke and his mother Lorraine, how her journey put him on this path to recovery. I know each one of us here, have been guided by a higher intelligence to find Howard, and ultimately have now the tools to a full recovery. It’s exciting that so many of us are fired up this year to addressing our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental imbalances and kick ass in sorting them out!
    I am ready to Rock!
    With love and gratitude Coach!
    Karen xx

  10. Christine says:

    Happy New Year to all my fellow travellers. I will be very surprised if we dont have a few full recoveries this year.
    As always my deepest gratitude to Howard and Sally.

  11. Helen says:

    Thank you Howard another truly inspiring post. I choose to know that my recovery is definitely possible. Thank you for the guiding hand you put forward to us. Cheers and Happy New Year to is all. Helen Australia

  12. Melanie Mark says:

    I woke up this morning with this jingle running through my head! “2015 is the year for me ! 2015 will set me free! Complete and permanent freedom from Mr. P”

    Thankyou Howard for giving us the tools and support to make this possible ! You are truly a Godsend and an answer to all of our prayers! With eternal love and gratitude!


  13. Susana L says:

    Dear Howard ,
    Your last 15 posts are pivotal. Your words are inspirational, motivational, and replete with gratitude.
    I am so appreciative of your honesty and sharing. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and sage guidance. I wish you and all our worldwide participants
    ” A Happy Healthy New Year! filled with love and respect”

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