Fighting Parkinson’s, and is Parkinson’s curable? Yes! Part 7

I began my last six posts with this: Is Parkinson’s curable? My answer is Yes, Parkinson’s is curable! This is what you need to know in your heart. A few years ago I posted Fighting Parkinson’s, and bailing fear from your boat. I was discussing this post on a coaching call last week, and it grew in a manner that needs repeating here. Today, we will revisit that post and where the conversation went.

Here is the original Fighting Parkinson’s, and bailing fear from your boat:

“I have written in the past, and it is contained in the Recipe for Recovery, the meditations, affirmations, and prayers that were part of my recovery. On the issue of fear, I have explained how I gave away fear to God, which I use as a reference point for everybody to include the Higher Power, the Divine, the Greater Consciousness, the Universe..whoever or whatever it is that you reach for when you need help from some power greater than yourself. Recently, a gentleman explained to me that he has no sense of something Greater so he has no sense of the ability to give away his fear. Here is where things went.

I asked him to envision being in a small boat in the middle of the ocean and suddenly it starts taking on water from a hole in the bottom.
“What do you do?” I asked.
“I start bailing water.” He replied.
“Why are you bailing water?”
“Because I do not want to sink and drown.”
“Oh. Well let me ask you this? ‘If you do not want to sink and drown, is that because you realize you are worth it?’”
He paused. Then he smiled. And then he said, “That must be so. Apparently I do feel I am worth it.”

I then explained that he needed to bail like he had expressed, like his life depended on it…because it did. And I explained that he would not just sink and drown, the quick and easy way. No, too easy. You see, there is a shark called Parkinson’s swimming around the boat, so if the boat sinks, Parkinson’s gets him, and life will be very unpleasant. Bailing faster than the water is coming in is the key to survival.

And, he is not bailing water…he is bailing fear and FEAR and negative thoughts and self-doubts and self-criticisms, and they keep coming and coming and coming…relentlessly. So he needs to keep bailing and bailing and bailing…RELENTLESSLY!

Oh, yes, and the boat is actually a vessel, and the vessel in your heart. And you need to bail out your heart from fear and FEAR and negative thoughts and self-doubts and self-criticisms. Then you can fix the leak at the bottom of the vessel and you can have compassion for the rotten wood on the floor and feel love and joy as you varnish the teak, and feel compassion for the water-logged seats and feel happiness as you bring them to a state of repair. This is how you fill your heart with compassion and forgiveness and love and peace and joy and happiness. Only then can you re-open the valve on your dopamine faucet and let your dopamine flow. Only then will you reach full recovery.

And as you repair your vessel and fix everything so that your vessel is in mint condition like the day it was born and put on the showroom floor, the old-you is gone, and the new-you-essence-of-who-you-were-the-day-you-were-born, is liberated from Parkinson’s and feels the freedom of a Parkinson’s-free life…full recovery.

Here is a reminder of how I gave away the fear and negative thoughts:
“I adopted the following prayer for when I felt negative thoughts or fears coming into the forefront of my thoughts: ”Dear God, I have this fear and I do not have time for it to bring me down. I need to stay focused on positive thoughts. You are in a much better position than me to deal with negative thoughts and fears, so I am giving you this negative thought and fear and thank you for taking care of it for me.” The first day I did this, it must have been 100 times I repeated this phrase. After four or five days, the negative thoughts and fears diminished, and then they went away.”

With today’s post, you now have an additional way to get rid of fear and FEAR and negative thoughts and self-doubts and self-criticisms.

What are you waiting for? Start giving away the fear and bailing your boat while you still have the strength to do it!

I know you can do this!

You are worth it!!!”

The manner in which this was revisited last week follows. When you are filling your heart vessel with love and compassion and forgiveness and gratitude and joy, these sink to the bottom of your heart vessel because they are solid heart-felt emotions. As they grow in your heart and you continue to put more of them in, the positive emotions start rising from the bottom of your heart, and as they rise, the negative emotions are displaced.

Think about it…fear is not real. It is vapor. So are worry and stress and anxiety, and anger and frustration…they are vapor, products of the mind, and they lack substance. As you fill your heart vessel with the positive emotions and you continue to displace the negative emotions, you eventually reach a point where your heart is filled to the brim with love and compassion and forgiveness and gratitude and joy.

And this, my dear friends, creates a direct line to the dopamine faucet, opening it up for full flow of dopamine.

1. Bail fear from your boat.
2. Repair your boat, your vessel, your heart.
3. Fill your heart with love and compassion and forgiveness and gratitude and joy, and this displaces fear and worry and stress and anxiety and anger and frustration.
4. Choose to stay in your heart with the positive emotions and let your dopamine flow!

You can do this!!!

Is Parkinson’s Curable? Yes!

They say incurable. We say, “YES, IN CURABLE!”
They say impossible. We say, “YES, I’M POSSIBLE!”

So, embrace the Recipe and chant with me:

“Parkinson’s is curable.
I am my own Parkinson’s cure.
I am halting, slowing, and reversing the progression of my Parkinson’s.
I am extraordinary.
I am recovery.


All my best,



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33 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and is Parkinson’s curable? Yes! Part 7

  1. Waseema from England says:

    Very eloquent Howard. I really enjoyed that story. I am in recovery! Thank you.
    Blessings to all.

  2. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and fellow Warriors, Howard baling fear from your boat, has always been one of my favourites, your added piece today, is simply beautiful. I LOVE the idea that the negative emotions are like vapour, they evaporate, but the beautiful qualities we practice build momentum in the heart! Stunning! You are a Gift Mr Shifke, a rare Gem.
    With love Always
    Karen xxx
    Ps. Warriors you HAVE TO WATCH ” Hector and The Search For Happiness” . Beg, borrow or steal this movie, the last 15 minutes is JUST FOR US! Trust me on this one!xx
    Pps. Big hi to Rosemary and Oliver! :-)

  3. Karen in Ireland says:

    Incase anyone is wondering Howard put me in contact with an Inspirational lady, and fellow Warrior, here in Ireland called Rosemary and her husband. She can’t get to the computer to type so can’t join us in the comments. So a special HI to other warriors who read these posts each week and would love to comment but can’t! With you in spirit!
    Karen xxx

  4. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Wassema, bless your heart, thank you. With me its when I find something that touches me in some way, I want to share it. The movie I mentioned above has so much of Howard’s messages in there. My son downloaded the movie for me from the Internet. When it is available to buy it here in Ireland I will buy it. :-) . Hope all good with you Wassema. Xxx

  5. Karen in Ireland says:

    Sorry Waseema, I gave you two “s” rather than two “e” :-) apologies. Xx

    • Waseema from England says:

      Thanks for your lovely words Karen. I, too, have asked my son to download the film and am looking forward to watching it soon.

  6. Hi everyone…. it seems to me that worry, stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, depression and all these lovely emotions stem from fear. So all I need to do is banish fear and love will have plenty of room to live and thrive in my heart …. In the PD heart, it just doesn’t have room to breathe unless I take action…. THANK YOU, Howard, Karen and all …. it’s a little easier to make progress when you have companionship and shared determination on a journey of this nature …. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

  7. Helen says:

    I am closing in on full recovery. I am curable. I am love all will be well and healed. I know this. Cheers everyone. Thank you Howard. Helen

  8. Melanie says:

    Thanks everyone for your positive comments. It takes continual and incessant positive self talk to keep that boat afloat! Thank again Dear Howard for another great analogy and visual! Much love to all of my comrades! Melanie. PS. I feel that my soul is beginning to shine through!

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you Howard for your loving guidance and powerful information. Thanks to everyone for their positive comments. P.S. Melanie I can feel your sweet soul shinning through! Karen, I have seen that movie and loved it. I will have to get it to watch again :)
      Have a great week doing the Recipe and keeping the water out of the boat.
      Sending Blessings and love to all

      • Debbie says:

        Ooops, I have not watched that movie before. It was another one on happiness.
        Love and Blessing to all

  9. Debbie says:

    Since I have not watched the movie….Please disregard my comment about it.
    Still sending love and blessings :)

  10. Tom says:

    working on those toxic Attitudes with prayer & affirmations; surrendering; Who said it would be easy…simple & essential ,yes. Beginners’ Mind.

  11. jimmy says:

    Howard , comunidad hermosa, los saludo con gusto, y para comentarles que actuualmente no tomo medicamentos , pero me siento muy debilitado, apenas puedo caminar, sintomas avanzan rapido, mi familia me pide tomar medicamento, aunque yo les he dicho el peligro de la medicacion, insisten en que los tome , me gustaria saber su opinion , y la de nuestro guia Howard , es muy importante para mi. gracias.


    Howard, beautiful community, I greet you warmly, and to tell you that currently do not take drugs, but I feel very weak, I can barely walk, symptoms progress quickly, my family asks me to take medicine, but I told them the danger of medication insist that the take, I would like to know your opinion, and our guide Howard, it is very important to me. thx.

  12. Howard says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Here are some things to read to assist you in your journey.

    1. You have all of your dopamine according to this study from last year:
    2. The Michael J Fox Foundation says that the medications do not slow the progression of the disease, only mask your symptoms,
    3. This is how my rigidity was one month prior to my full recovery,
    4. You may feel worse while you are getting better,

    Also, you may wish to visit a general practitioner to have blood and urine tests to make certain there is nothing else wrong with you except the Parkinson’s. Then you will know for certain that there is not something else happening.

    Part of the recovery is MAKING YOURSELF JOYFUL ON THE INSIDE IN YOUR HEART. Taking medications or doing anything else in your life that you feel is detrimental to you for the sole purpose of making the other people happy is the complete opposite of this recovery.

    As the doctors have been reporting for nearly 200 years, if you follow their medication treatment plan, you CANNOT have a recovery (they say Parkinson’s is incurable and provide a treatment plan of disease management only).

    So, if you follow the medication treatment plan to make the other people happy, then you deprive yourself of a full recovery just to make the other people happy.

    Realizing, as I did, that there is not one person on this planet worth you continuing to have Parkinson’s just to make them happy, and that you need to be happy first, and that this is not selfish, but necessary, presents you with the realization that you are special just in existing as a human being, and you can be happy in your heart and soul. This realization will set you free.

    With love, compassion, and blessings,

    • jimmy says:

      gracias Howard eso quiere decir que una vez que empiece a tomar medicamentos
      ya no tendria ninguna esperanza de recuperacion aun haciendo la receta?
      como yo vivo solo , no tengo esposa ,, mi familia (hermanos) se preocupan por quien me va a cuidar . una vez sigan avanzando mas los sintomas , ellos son quien se haran responsable de mi persona , por esa razon , quieren que me apoye por un tiempo en medicamentos . mi condicion fisica es muy pobre, como ellos me ven.


      Thank you, Howard because that means that once you start taking drugs would no longer have any hope of recovery even making the recipe?
      as I live alone, I have no wife,, my family (brothers) are concerned about who will care for me. further progress once more symptoms, they are who will be made responsible for myself, for that reason, they want to support me for a while on drugs. My physical condition is very poor, as they see me.

      • Howard says:

        Hi Jimmy,

        We are having a misunderstanding. Many people who start doing the Recipe are on Parkinson’s medications, and it is doing the Recipe that has assisted them in reducing and eliminating the medications. I have written about this many times,

        What I am saying is that while you are still on the medications, a full recovery will not take place. However, Pratima was able to elinate all of her medications and have a full recovery from Stage 4 Parkinson’s,

        Bottom line is this: You have to do what is right for you in the moment. Later, if you make a different choice, it does not make the original choice wrong, just different.

        The people in our recovery community include people who never have taken medications, people on medications, people on medications who are reducing, and people previously on medications who have eliminated them. As long as we continue to love and respect each other, and ourselves, then whatever decisions we make are right for us.

        If you decide you need to take medications at the present time, then do what you feel is right for you. It does not mean you have to live with that decision forever.

        One thing I can assure you, though, is you are with a community of people who do not judge you. Instead, we love you and respect you not because of attainments or achievements or taking drugs or not taking drugs, but simply because you are you, beautiful soul Jimmy.

        Love and blessings,

        • jimmy says:

          Howard, siento tus palabras amorosas en mi corazon, con el deseo intenso de llorar de emocion y me motivan mucho para seguir adelante y me dan soporte, para continuar con la receta… yo se que la receta es la respuesta a esa transformacion interior que todos nosotros necesitamos para llegar a interpretar el mensaje que nustro cuerpo, y nuestra conciencia nos esta enviando y llegar al objetivo que es la sanacion en los tres niveles de nuestro ser, muchas gracias por su apoyo a a toda nuestra comunidad amorosa yo se , entiendo y envio toda mi amor y compasion a todos porque se que estan pasando por el mismo sentir que yo.
          una vez curado me unire a esta cruzada de sanacion al mundo.
          mi estado espiritual actualmente esta fuerte , pero aun no se refleja en mi cuerpo. no tengo miedo. tengo mucha fe apesar de lo que experimenta mi cuerpo.
          bendiciones Howard


          Howard, I feel your loving words in my heart, with the intense desire to mourn with emotion and motivate me much to go on and give me support to continue with the recipe … I know the recipe is the answer to that inner transformation we all need to get to interpret the message that our body and our consciousness is sending us and reach the target which is the healing at all three levels of our being, thank you very much for your support and from all our loving community, I understand and sending all my love and compassion to everyone because they are going through the same feelings as me.
          once when I am healed, I will continue this crusade of healing the world.
          my spiritual state is currently strong, but still not reflected in my body. i’m not afraid. I have great faith in spite of what is the experience of my body.
          Howard. blessings to you

      • Marie says:

        Hola, Jimmy, también me gustaría contestarle, según mi experiencia y mis ideas. Entiendo completamente los pensamientos de su familia, que temen por su debilidad y la progresión de las síntomas. A Usted…y a ellos que le quiero…me gustaría ofrecerles que vale la pena seguir los consejos de Howard, y los pasos que el nos han dado en la Receta. Algunos de nosotros ya han tenido recuperación completo, y otros tienen síntomas que van disminuyendo .
        Le ofrezco mis sinceros deseos para su recuperación. Deseo que usted tenga la fuerza para practicar la receta. Ojalá que pueda seguir las recomendaciones de Howard. Es un hombre de buen corazón y ha tenido muchísima experiencia en la lucha contra parkinsons.
        La comunidad que encuentra aquí esta viajando consigo. ¡Buena suerte!


        Hey, Jimmy, I would also like to answer, in my experience and my ideas. I fully understand the thoughts of his family, who fear for their weakness and progression of symptoms. To you … and to them … I would offer that is worth following the advice of Howard, and the steps that have given us the recipe. Some of us have had full recovery, while others have symptoms that are decreasing.
           I offer my sincere wishes for your recovery. I wish you the strength to practice the recipe. I hope I can follow the recommendations of Howard. He is a man of good heart and has had a lot of experience in fighting parkinsons.
        The community here is traveling with him. Good luck!

    • Debbie says:

      Dear Jimmy and Howard
      Thank you Howard for sharing such pertinent information and in such a loving, compassionate way. Jimmy, know that I am sending out love and prayers your way. Remember “YOU ARE WORTH IT !” I hope that you can find the strength and Faith to do what you think is right and that your heart will fill with love for yourself as you do it!
      Many Blessings

      • jimmy says:

        Debbie, al igual que las palabras de Howard, tus palabras son muy dulces , cariñosas y agradezco infinitamente tu apoyo.


        Debbie, like Howard’s words, your words are very sweet, loving and deeply appreciate your support.

  13. Leontina says:

    Buna Jimmy,imi pare rau ca esti singur fiindca boala noastra este foarte imprevizibila si de multe ori avem nevoie de ajutor,eu ma gandesc ca pana te recuperez, ar fi bine sa-ti angajez o asistenta sociala , la care ai dreptul prin asigurarile sociale (la noi asa este) si atunci te ocupi mai usor de am familie cu mine si e mult mai bine. Cu ajurorul acestui post am reusit sa reduc medicamentele si sa trec mai usor peste depresie.Sper din tot sufletul sa-ti ajute Dumnezeu sa-ti fie bine. Cu drag Leo


    Hi Jimmy, I’m sorry you’re alone because our disease is very unpredictable and often we need help, I think that until you recover, you may want to hire a social assistance which you are entitled by social security (to us so is) and when you do easier recovery. I have family with me and it’s much better. With assistance of this post we managed to reduce drugs and depression pass more easily. I really hope to help you to be your good God. Love Leo

    • jimmy says:

      muchas gracias por tus consejos y apoyo moral Leontina , me da gusto que tengas una linda familia, la seguridad social en mi pais es muy cara , sin embargo estare intentandolo, lo que si tengo muy claro en mi mente es que se que me recuperare, estos sintomas son curables atacando las causas eso es la receta . muchas personas se han recuperado a lo largo del tiempo, igual es mi deseo de recuperacion a toda nuestra hermosa comunidad.


      thank you very much for your advice and moral support Leontina, I’m glad you have a beautiful family, social security in my country is very expensive, but I’ll be trying it, so if I have very clear in my mind is that it is my recovery, these symptoms are curable attacking the causes that’s the recipe. many people have recovered over time, as is my wish recovery to all our beautiful community.

  14. Leontina says:

    Draga Howard ,doresc din toata inima mea,sa fii fericit ,sa ai mereu inspiratie Divina pentru a ne conduce de la intuneric la lumina,de la disperare la bucurie.LA MULTI ANI !! TE IMBRATISEZA LEO


    Dear Howard, I wish with all my heart, to be happy, to have always inspiration to lead us from darkness to light, from despair to joy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! HUGS FROM LEO

  15. Barry T says:

    Happy Birthday greetings to our dear Howard who will forever be the crème de la crème.

    I want to say how much I appreciate all the heartfelt comments that all you warriors make. They are so inspiring and encouraging. Howard has a huge heart and it is so clearly reflected in all your comments.

    I’m currently putting a lot of attention on noticing what my heart is feeling – good or not so good. After a lifetime of stuffing my feelings, I feel it as a breath of fresh air.

  16. Tom says:

    Thx Jimmy & Howard + all comments; Feeling less isolated, hope comes into the work. Tom

  17. jimmy says:

    gcs TOM es vrd lo que dices, es importante sentir el apoyo de nuestros compañeros , saber que estamos en la lucha por el camino a nuestra recuperacion, inclusive propongo una vez por semana rezar una oracion para esta comunidad al mismo tiempo eso creara fuerza y union de nuestras energias-pensamientos.


    TOM is what you say, it is important to feel the support of our colleagues, know that we are in the struggle for the way to our recovery, even I propose once a week to pray a prayer for this community while that create strength and junction of our energies-thoughts.

    • Tom says:

      Jimmy, will do; thanks for the reminder…

    • mayarita says:

      Hola jimmy
      Es un camino duro que tenemos pero nos valdra la pena.Te mando un abrazo para animarte. Yo también estoy sola cuidando mi niña y no se donde encontrar a veces la fuerza para hacer nuestra receta pero debemos seguir. Yo tampoco tomo medicación y por fin la familia me deja en paz con eso. Llevo 5 años con la enfermedad y encontrar Howard me ha cambiado todo. Este cambio de actitud hasta positividad seguro es la llave y empiezo de nuestra curación. Besos


      Hi Jimmy
      It is a hard road we have but we will be worth it. I send a hug to cheer. I am also one looking after my child and no where sometimes find the strength to do our recipe but to follow. I do not take medication and the family finally left me alone with that. Took five years with the disease and finding Howard has changed me everything. This change in attitude to certain positivity is the key and begin our healing. kisses

      • jimmy says:

        hola mayarita , ya te extrañabamos tus comentarios muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras , yo llevo casi 15 años sin tomar medicamento. y mi cuerpo esta muy agotado, siento una debilidad horrible. aveces decae mi animo , gracias por el apoyo de todos


        hello mayarita because I missed your comments thank you very much for your nice words, I have almost 15 years without medication. and my body is very tired, I’m a horrible weakness. sometimes lapses my mood, thanks for everyone’s support

  18. mayarita says:

    Hola jimmy
    Eres muy valiente, son muchos anos. admiro tu paciencia y coraje. Espero que pronto te mejoras siguiendo los consejos de Howard.
    No he podido seguir la receta ultimamente por falta de tiempo porque se murio mi madre. Estaba desanimado. Ahora tengo que encontrar el tiempo como sea porque


    Hi jimmy
    You are very brave, they are many years. I admire your patience and courage. I hope you get better soon on the advice of Howard.
    I could not follow the recipe lately due to time because my mother died. I was discouraged. Now I have to find time.

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