Fighting Parkinson’s, and a refresher of the basics

Many new people have been coming to the website and blog in recent months. I have been finding myself going over some basics of the recovery that I feel everybody would benefit from reviewing again. So, today, we are going back to the basics.

This is a soul, mind, and body recovery, and most of you are familiar with the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Here are some reminders about the extra things that will assist you in your recovery that are not specifically spelled out in the Recipe.

Drinking enough water:

Practicing deep breathing:

Feeling worse while getting better:

Thoughts on medications:

Scientific study says your dopamine is not depleted:

Assistance with symptoms and side effects:

And here are some additional things to help you understand how your recovery is taking place.

Faith. Attitude. Action. Progress:

Being the tortoise:

Faith over fear:

Bringing your life back into balance:

Being your real self:

As you take your time and read through these posts, fully appreciate yourself for the courageous person you are. In a world of quick-fixes, you have come to realize that it takes time, patience, and dedication to have a Parkinson’s recovery. Each and every one of you has this recovery deep inside you. We each are born with a body fully capable of healing itself.

However, this Parkinson’s recovery can be challenging. Please do not make it any harder than it needs to be. Each day, to the best of your ability, do as much of the Recipe as you can. If you are having a difficult time with energy and movement, then spend your downtime working on the mind and soul healing aspects of the recovery. You will find that when you calm your mind and open your heart, your dopamine will flow better and suddenly you will have the energy and movement to do the physical part of the Recipe.

It is a matter of staying in balance…physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can do this.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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21 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and a refresher of the basics

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, it will take a week to get through all the links lol 🙂
    Hope all the Warriors are in top form.
    Big Love to Everyone. We all Rock in Spirit, which is what will enable each and every one of us to cross the finish line, end the dance with Parkinson’s with Spirit leading the dance. 🙂
    Karen xx

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Howard,
    Thank you for putting the basics in such a easy to follow format ! Not only will it be a treat to read a different post each day this week, but anytime I have any questions or want to know about a specific subject, I will know exactly where to go ! Thank you for your constant help and support. Know that I am actively using that help and support in riding myself of Parkinson’s and in becoming healthy and balanced. Know that I am actively using it as I strive to live and enjoy each day. I am truly blessed, and I am grateful. Thanks to everyone out there who share their thoughts with me on this blog.
    I am sending smiles, love and blessings your way.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday doing the Recipe.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Beautifully said Debbie. I was only teasing Howard, like Debbie said, fabulous to have all the links to hand. Bless you in your thoroughness my friend.
      Debbie you continue to give off such positivity and warmth, you are inspirational. 🙂
      Karen xx

      • Debbie says:

        Thank you Karen,
        I think that you are inspirational 🙂 I look forward to reading your comments each week. Have a great one.

  3. Such complete and inspiring support, Howard…huge thanks!

  4. jimmy says:

    muchas gracias por esos blogs de recordatorio me sirven mucho ahora que he tenido problemas con la fatiga y el movimiento de mi cuerpo, hecho que ha desatado de nuevo la discusion en mi familia en relacion a que si debo ya tomar medicamentos. de nuevo he dicho “NO”.
    estos blogs me levantan el animo gracias Howard. saludo a todos


    thank you very much for those blogs reminder serve me much now that I’ve had problems with fatigue and the movement of my body, a fact that has sparked new discussion in relation to my family if I will take medication. again I said “NO”.
    these blogs lift up my spirits. thanks Howard. Greetings to everyone

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Jimmy, I am so PLEASED that you are saying NO to the pressure from your family. This is your journey, it is so important to honour your KNOWING and FAITH in your recovery. They too will be so thrilled when you fully recover and you did NOT follow their fearful advise. Stay strong Jimmy. 🙂
      Karen xx

      • jimmy says:

        gracias Karen por tu apoyo de verdad lo necesito, porque aveces es tanta la insistencia de la familia , sobre todo porque mi hermano es medico y esta preocupado por mi estado de salud. sin embargo yo lo que quiero es curarme al igual que todos nosotros y no solo mitigar los sintomas y yo tengo mucho entusiasmo y estoy dando todo mi esfuerzo para mi recuperacion .hago puntualmente y diario mis ejercicios de Qigong , desintoxicando el cuerpo con dieta vegetariana y todo lo que es la receta de Howard, adicional camino una hora diaria aun arrastrando mis pies. gracias de nuevo por tus lindas palabras Karen que Dios te bendiga


        Karen thanks for your support I really need it, because it is sometimes so the insistence of the family, especially since my brother is a doctor and is concerned about my health. but I what I want is to cure me like all of us and not only mitigate the symptoms and I have a lot of enthusiasm and I’m giving all my effort for my recovery. time and do my daily Qigong exercises, detoxifying the body with vegetarian diet and all that is the recipe for recovery. Howard, additional road an hour a day even dragging my feet. Thanks again for your nice words Karen God bless you

  5. Melanie says:

    It has recently been brought to my attention that less is more! It is so great to have Howard nearby to buoy us up in time of need. We must remember that healing takes time and patience for that tortoise to cross the finish line, to restore all balance mentally physically spiritually. to shed this PD skin and emerge as our new self, shiny as a new teapot! We can do this, our bodies are equipped to heal themselves, and we have the tools at hand in the form of a recipe, and Howard is constantly ready and willing to lead us by the hand. Thank you Howard For all you do and for each of you warriors, willing to share your journey is well. Cheering each other on to the finish line.

  6. Cynthia (from England) says:

    Thank you Howard for this post reminding us of the basics.
    It is so important that we remember them as it is often all too easy to ‘move on’ and overlook the foundations. Very very helpful, I’m remembering to breathe again! X

  7. Leena says:

    Howard, thanks for the revision of the ready recokner which we all require so very often to get relief from this monster Parkinson’s.

    Thanks for your time and relentless efforts to put our lives back in order.

    With much gratitude

  8. mayarita says:

    Thanks for your great advice Howard, will focus on the positive affirmations until i find new strength. Love to all.

  9. bailey says:

    Just gave myself the gift of re-reading some of those great posts! Good stuff! For those new to the blog, if #1 Water doesn’t make sense, give it a try! At one point I had to switch sides of the bed with hubby to be closer to the bathroom for the multiple, sometimes urgent, nightly visits. Then I began drinking a glass of water every night and voila! I now go 0-1 times a night! Thanks for the refreshers Howard!

  10. Helen Gill says:

    Thank you Howard I will read these posts bit by bit. Just going to have another 2 glasses of water. Thank you so much for your advice and continued help. Goodnight to all sleepy now. Love Helen

  11. Heidi - Germany says:

    Jimmy, no estás solo. Keep on figthing. My mum experiences the same problems of people trying to convince her to take medication und not understanding that she beliefs in healing Parkinson. Unfortunately she does not speak English, but I try to translate to her. This blog is very inspiring – very good to know that there are other people thinking the same way. Thanks to all, and Howard for starting this blog.

    • jimmy says:

      gracias Heidi, he estado tentado a tomarla por mi condicion tan debil,,pero yo creo en la receta y en mi recuperacion, aunque de momento casi no puedo caminar se que esto es pasajero saludos y amor a su madre y a usted


      Thanks Heidi, I have been tempted to take my condition so weak, but I think in the recipe and in my recovery, but for now I can hardly walk is that this is temporary greetings and love to your mother and you

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