Fighting Parkinson’s, and no fear of increasing symptoms

Recently, I was asked, “On the days when your symptoms were worse and you were scared, how did you overcome the fear?” My response was, “On the days when my symptoms were worse, I was not scared.” I then was asked, “How is that possible?” My response is the basis of today’s post.

If you look at the physical part of the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, there are two main elements. The liver Medical Qigong exercises are designed to heal the liver and clean toxins from the body. This results in increased energy in the body. The kidney Medical Qigong exercises, Brain Vibration Chanting, Near Hand Far Hand, etc. are designed to increase energy and elevate it to the brain for distribution to the body.

The physical part of the Recipe is designed to increase energy in the body. When energy is increased and it is able to break through blockages in the energy flows, tremors and other symptoms decrease. When energy is increased and it is not strong enough to break through blockages in the energy flows at that time, but instead is hitting the blockages repeatedly in its attempt to break them open, tremors and other symptoms increase.

So, for me, whether the symptoms were decreasing or increasing, it meant the same thing…I was being successful in generating more energy in my body for my recovery.

Everything in the Recipe is designed for recovery of the soul, mind, and body. If you are doing the Recipe, you are recovering from Parkinson’s no matter how your symptoms appear.

How you progress in your recovery when faced with worse looking symptoms largely is dependent on the attitude you take when looking at symptoms. If you are determining good days and bad days by what your symptoms are doing, you are not understanding this recovery…if you are doing the Recipe, they all are good days. You are alive, you are working on your recovery, and you are overcoming the negative thoughts associated with what your symptoms are doing.

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Click here for a refresher on faith over fear.

Please determine how you are doing in your recovery by how you are feeling about yourself and your life in your recovery. Accept yourself for the beautiful, courageous person that you are. You are saying to yourself and the world, “I have the power to heal myself…AND I AM HAVING MY FULL RECOVERY!!!”

Yes you are.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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18 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and no fear of increasing symptoms

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors, love the simplicity of this post. It comes down to the daily challenge for most of us of the chatter of our mind versus the knowing of our heart. ” indurance and perseverance ” hey ho!
    Penny I’m playing ” happy” at least 3 times every day! I love it!
    I hope my fellow warriors are all feeling as if there is a turn in this very long road. 🙂
    Big love to you all.
    Karen xx

  2. Tony says:

    This is so true Howard, anger fear and resentment are such a huge part in developing Parkinson’s and I believe its the reason many people keep Parkinson’s. I’ve come to understand that we all dealt with these issues a certain way our whole lives and maybe it worked well for us for a very long time because we are all high achievers and not the normal person, but somewhere along the way we got off track, we stop being who we really are and then fear set in.. “the what ifs” I know because being a public figure made me feel like all eyes were on me everywhere I go, the worry and fear and anger brought Parkinson’s to me but in order to beat this you have to go back to the person you where. I was the most confidant person in the world I would love to go out just so people could wooo over me, to a person now that doesn’t like leaving the house. For everyone of you who are reading this now know that we are all going back to who we were, when we were fast, when we were strong, when nobody could touch us! that person is still alive in all of us its just up to us to kill the beast inside us and to be once again the amazing human beings that God has chosen us all to be. God Bless us all

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Tony I love your honesty. Made me laugh when you said you would love to go out so people could woo over you, that’s brutal honesty. 🙂 I used to love attention myself in my youth , now I hate any lime light. 🙂 We will all get there, I am convinced the biggest factor in all our recovery is connecting with the original soul essence of who we truly are, where there is no ego, just pure love.
      I think I’m nearly there, but it feels like the darkest hour before the dawn. My soul is strong and has taken over the reigns of this stagecoach lol.
      Karen xx

  3. Joe says:

    Thanks Howard! This was a very timely post because I am at the point of the tremors feeling worse. This is very helpful.

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for another great post Howard. I hope everyone is doing great and getting healthier and happier everyday in every way ! I have lots of wonderful family visiting this summer. I find I do best when I get up and get the physical exercises done first thing in the morning. It doesn’t always happen, but it works best for me 🙂 Have a great weekend.
    Sending love and blessings,

  5. judy says:

    Howare, this is so timely, exactly what i needed at this moment! Tony, love your post.

  6. Thanks Howard and all fellow PD travelers…this wonderful blog helps me to stay focused and happy. I treasure the connection, courage and awareness we all share…

  7. Lohren says:

    Great post, great timing for me as I was judging how each day felt!

    Love and blessings to all.

  8. Melanie says:

    I had a great Skype session with Howard today, much of the time we spent laughing, which I have not done in a while. I am finding it easier to maintain positive emotions lately thus opening the dopamine valve a little bit more each day. Howard said that we must get to the point where we are happy to be alive, even in a Parkinson’s body. I really questioned whether I could ever feel that way but I have finally gotten to that point. I think God every day for being alive in this body. Howard also said that he got to the point where he ignored his Parkinson’s and though it’s very difficult to ignore these though it’s very difficult to ignore these symptoms there are moments and sometimes days when I think I have finally achieved that as well at times! I still have the symptoms, but try not to let them rule my mood! Overall, I am happier much more of the time in spite of Symptoms because I know I am on the road to recovery and some days I feel that my recovery is rolling out before my eyes.
    We can do this fellow Warriors, we are all worth it and have the power within us! If we all can stay positive, we can chase Mr parkinson’s away for good and he will not feel comfortable within our positive environment. We are all heading towards the finish line. Yahoo to our full recovery! Thank you dear Howard for helping us achieve this miracle.

  9. Anita in England says:

    Thanks Howard, and everyone else. Being fairly new to the blog I’m gradually working my way through some of the old posts as well as reading the new ones. I’d got into the habit of reading some of the blog first thing in the morning before doing the physical exercises. Then my mind piped up and told me I was doing this in order to postpone getting on with the exercises so for a couple of mornings I went straight into the exercises. I soon realised that, without the injection of positivity and support that I get from Howard et al when I read the blog, I found the exercises harder to do. So I’m now back to enjoying reading some of the blog first and benefitting from the infusion of feel-good hormones that help me with the exercises. This morning, when I was about half way through the exercises I had a very strong sense of the fact that you other people in the UK may also have been doing the Recipe too, at the same time as me. I then had the lovely thought that, because there are followers of the blog from all over the world, there’s probably always someone somewhere working on the Recipe.
    Thanks again to you all.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Anita, loved your post it’s so true how we draw strength through each other. You will never have a spare moment going through the archives. I have been here a year and still not managed them all. I have to point you to Decembers posts of last year. Howard spent ten consecutive days explaining how each exercise is effective in the recovery, starting 15th December 2014. I would highly recommend those 10 days to any new comer here. 🙂
      Karen xx

    • Pat in Florida says:

      Anita, Thank you for the great idea of reading a post from this blog to increase motivation and energy to do the Recipe!

  10. Tom says:

    Thank you all blog posters. Good to know others around the globe are doing this – strength & motivation in community, in the face of others’ incredulity & lack of support (but no more whining & victimhood). I’ve been lax re: doing physical recipe; however, working on who I am during seemingly worsening symptoms…” I see you fear & Mr. (helpful) Rascal PD, but I rather choose love with positive faith attitude.”
    Studying Recipe in-depth series.
    Thank you, Howard, for the reminder to be alive in this recovery journey.
    This is sometimes such a mixed bag… therefore, I choose to choose Life.
    This helps me Now in my recovery; I choose to exercise my power to heal myself. I really AM recovery.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. mayarita says:

    So lovely to read all your posts. I seen to be suffering an emotional and physical collapse so very helpful and timely. Love to all you lovely people

  12. Mary says:

    Please add me to the mailing list. I found this site last May, finally am starting to follow the receipe. Will be updating.
    Resentment has a whole new meaning for me. Best wishes of love and joy to all.
    Howard, what an inspiration, unbelievable! !!!! Mary

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