Fighting Parkinson’s, and Betty M. is two years symptom free!

OKAY! Betty M. is two years symptom free. How inspiring is that! Two years ago at this time Betty M. said it was time to announce her recovery. On August 20, 2013, I posted, Fighting Parkinson’s, and Betty M. is symptom free. For the last two years, Betty has inspired us by periodically commenting on blog posts I have written.

CONGRATULATIONS, BETTY! Two years symptom free, cured of Parkinson’s. That is absolutely wonderful!!!

Here is some additional inspiration from Betty. Last year, she returned to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to be examined by her doctors. It had been 11 months since her full recovery, 11 months since she had done the Recipe, and a year since being seen by the neurologists.

I received an email from her the evening of the appointment with a Subject Line, “PD-free!” When I opened the email, the first thing Betty wrote was this, “It’s official! Two out of two Mayo Clinic/Rochester neurologists agree: Betty does not have Parkinson’s.” I was elated. Good for Betty. Good for the neurologists who did not take away her diagnosis when they found no Parkinson’s. Good for all of you who I knew would be hearing this story today!

I asked Betty if she could get a copy her medical record and give me permission to share the findings with all of you. She said of course, and provided me the medical records. At the Mayo Clinic, Betty was seen by two neurologists who first documented her history, beginning with, “This patient has had imbalance since 2006 when she began lurching to the left.” The neurologists put her through all of their tests and then documented the following conclusion:

“Neuro: I agree entirely with Dr. Scharf. There is no evidence of parkinsonism.”

That’s it! Betty received a clean bill of health regarding her Parkinson’s. Congratulations Betty.

So, my friend Betty, here we are, all of us inspired by you and your recovery. Thank you for not giving up on yourself, and thank you for sharing your life and your story so freely with all of us.


Who’s next? What are you waiting for? Grab onto the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and let it be your road map to your recovery.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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13 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and Betty M. is two years symptom free!

  1. Helen says:

    Congratulations Betty how wonderful you must feel! What a warrior you are. I hope and wish and pray I will be symptom free one day too. Thank you Howard for your gift of the recipe and constant inspiration. Love Helen Australia. Hi and love to you all?

  2. Barbara says:

    What an inspiration! I love hearing about this success.

    Thank you Howard for keeping us updated.

  3. Aneta says:

    Great news,
    I m glad to here that one warrior is symptom free. Two years. Yeaaah

  4. Tony says:

    The power of the mind is so strong I’ve always said “the only limits we have in life are the ones we create” we are all limitless, it’s fear that holds us back and it is fear that we must all destroy for our own recovery! Thank you Howard! and Congrats Betty!

  5. jimmy says:

    felicidadess Betty,, justamente este dia hace 2 años empece a hacer la receta, mis sintomas son severos y mas fuertes , pero sigo la receta con fe,esperando la recuperacion.


    Congratulations Betty, just this day two years ago I started to do the recipe, my symptoms are severe and stronger, but still doing the recipe in faith, expecting recovery.

  6. Karen in Ireland says:

    Congrats Betty, you are blessed.
    Oh for the joy of a new warrior to step forward and be number 5! I think that’s the kind of post we are all waiting for and each of us hoping it will be us, but equally joyous that somebody new has won the race. I think so many of us are just plain weary of the roller coaster of the highs and dark lows of this journey! It ain’t for the faint hearted. Thanks to Betty’s post last year, I started acupuncture each week, gave it up in June as felt I had come as far as I could with it. I’m convinced it’s a soul job, Pratima proved that. The Recipe is amazing at chipping away from the inside etc but I think it’s the spiritual connection that will enable us all to join Howard, Marie, Pratima & Betty. :-)
    Keep smiling fellow Warriors, not long now! :-)
    Big Love and Huge Compassion to us all.
    Karen xx

  7. susan bolender says:

    Congratulations Betty – wonderful & thanks for the inspiration as well as continuing belief. Can’t wait to join you.
    Thank you Howard for keeping us keeping on.


  8. Marie says:

    Congratulations, Betty! Two years! Yes!! That is wonderful.

    And Congratulations to each and every one in this community. You are on the road to your own Recovery.
    Looking forward to welcoming you as you reach your full and total Recovery.

  9. Jimmy Reyes says:

    This is amazing! What a blessing. Another proof that Howard’s program really works.
    I just recently diagnosed with PD and started Howard’s Recipe for Recovery 3 weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I’m improving internally as it changed my attitude on this ailment from hopelessness to hopefulness. I’m very excited to see the results externally soon.

    Thanks our Creator, thank you Howard, Congratulations Betty!

  10. Shawna Carol says:

    Wonderful news! They say seeing is believing. I have walked on fire. I saw several men walk first, but was unable to do it until a saw a woman walk. Then I could see someone like me actually walking on fire before my very eyes, and the next thing I new I was barefoot and walking on fire myself. Thank you Howard for the Recipe and the community of recovery.

    Blessings to each of you.

  11. hans says:

    Congrats Betty and thank you Howard!
    This mail came just in time to build me up again. All you dear and brave people out there, keep up! Were connected and must keep in touch!

  12. Leena says:

    What a feeling you must have had Betty. I cannot even imagine. You must be flying or dancing or jumping Just a thought of it gives me goose bumps. Congratulations Betty, we all hope to join the band wagon soooooooooooooooooooooooon.

    It was only possible with Howard as Guru. Not too many do we find in this selfish world who are so relentlessly working to cure others with
    Undeniable Dedication, Devotion, Determination, Diligence.????????????????
    Thank you Howard.

  13. Christine says:

    Congratulations Betty. Well done!

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