Fighting Parkinson’s, and you truly are extraordinary!

You truly are extraordinary. You need to know this as fact. When you know how truly extraordinary you are, then you better will be able to see yourself as your own cure.

When you decide to trust in yourself to be your own cure, trusting that not only have you picked the correct path using the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, but also, that you will persevere and see it through to the end, then you are your own cure, and you are extraordinary!

If you are taking medications and by doing the Recipe you have not had to increase your medications, you are extraordinary.
If you are taking medications and by doing the Recipe you have been able to decrease your medications, you are extraordinary.
If you were taking medications and by doing the Recipe you have completely gotten off of your medications, you are extraordinary.
If you have briefly tried medications and stopped and by doing the Recipe you are remaining drug free, you are extraordinary.
If you never have taken medications and by doing the Recipe you have no intention of ever taking medications, you are extraordinary.
If you have gotten on your path toward recovery by doing the Recipe and you understand that each day on the journey is recovery, in and of itself, you are extraordinary.
If you have fully recovered from Parkinson’s Disease by doing the Recipe, you are extraordinary.
If you are a family member, friend, or caregiver of a person with Parkinson’s, or you are a person interested in what we are doing here, you are extraordinary.

If you realize that the journey you are on is life, and that Parkinson’s is just something you have to deal with in your life’s journey, plus you are doing the Recipe and realize that you are your own cure, you are extraordinary!

If you exist as a human being, you are extraordinary just in the fact that you exist!

So, here we are. Just a bunch of extraordinary people doing what was previously thought to be impossible: Curing Parkinson’s Disease, one at a time.

Parkinson’s is curable.

You are your own cure.

You are extraordinary.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,


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16 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and you truly are extraordinary!

  1. judy says:

    Thanx, Howard, for that shot in the arm. If you are an encourager, if you are staying involved in peoples’ lives because you care, if you give of your time, resources and your heart, you are extraordinary and your name might just be Howard!

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Amen to that Judy! Beautiful put! Your name is also Marie, always in the wings cheering us on too. Big Love and Appreciation to both from me.
      Karen xx

      • Waseema in Birmingham UK says:

        Absolutely! Truly grateful for the extraordinary Howard and Marie cheering us on. Also the amazing community supporting each other.
        Love and blessings to you all.

      • tu says:

        Totally agree with Judy and Karen!Big Love and Appreciation to Howard & Marie from me too!

  2. Timothy says:

    Thank you Howard,
    You are also extraordinary.

  3. Barry says:

    Howard is just the best. I have never really had a spokesperson for my health and well-being. Now I do, and it makes all the difference. Yeah Howard!

  4. Debbie says:

    Thanks Howard for your amazing and so important post !

    I truly believe that knowing that I am extra ordinary is at the very base of me doing the Recipe for Recovery. It is at the very base of my recovery. It is at the very base of living every moment of ever day. This is not a foreign concept to me but is so important to be reminded of this fact ever day. Thank you !
    I believe that I am a creation of God and therefore could not help but be anything other than extra ordinary!
    Here is a quote that I took from “Speaking to the Soul” . It was on the internet and I added it to my daily affirmations. It is one of the affirmations that reminds me of how extra ordinary I am. I am speaking to myself and to my spirit or soul as I say it.
    ” I See You.
    I see your Beauty, your Creativity,your Strength and your Magnificence.
    I see your Loving Heart.
    I see your Shining Light.
    You are a Blessing in my Life
    I See You.”
    ~ Julie Parker
    I also added these affirmations-
    “I am now willing to see only my magnificence. I have the power to make change. I am always divinely protected”
    by Louise Hay
    Of course I have lots of Howard’s saying that are added to my daily affirmations, but I know that all of you have access to them and so I will close with…
    Parkinson’s is curable
    I am my own Parkinson’s cure..
    I am extra ordinary.
    I AM WORTH IT !!
    Sending lots of love and blessings
    to some totally extra ordinary people
    Have a great week

    • Debbie says:

      As you can see extraordinary people can make extra ordinary mistakes ! lol….All of you extraordinary people, please change all of my extra ordinary mistakes…Change all the extra ordinaries to extraordinary. Thank 🙂 🙂

  5. Tony says:

    I have always said that extra ordinary people get extra ordinary problems and because of that we could do extraordinary things like heal ourselves with our extraordinary minds! Thank you Howard!

  6. jimmy says:

    Quiero dar las gracias a Howard por su sabiduría, atención y perseverancia y por hacerlo tan accesible ,gracias a toda su maestría, es extraordinario saber que podemos sanar y derrotar al parkinson,
    Esto me recuerda al experimento del “centesimo mono” una historia de cambio social en la isla de Koshima..
    El mono macaca VIVIO libre en la naturalelza por mas de 30 años ,en 1952 unos cientificos empezaron a darle a los monos unos camotes que les hechaban en la arena , a los monos si les gustaba mucho el sabor del camote , pero la arena no.
    una hembra joven llamada Imo, resolvio el problema, lavando los camotes en un arroyo cercano, despues le enseño el truco a su mama y sus compañeros de juego, tambien aprendieron a hacerlo, y tambien lo enseñaron a sus madres, poco a poco ante los ojos de los cientificos, varios monos fueron aprendiendo esta innovacion cultural.
    Entre 1952 y 1958 todos los monos jovenes habian aprendido a lavar los camotes limpiandoles la arena para hacerlos mas sabrosos .
    Los adultos que imitaron a sus hijos, aprendieron esta mejora social pero otros adultos seguian ccomiendose los camotes sucios.
    Entonces sucedio algo sorprendente. En el verano de 1958 , un determinado numero de monos en Koshima ya lavaban los camotes, supongamos que al salir el sol una mañana ya habia 99 monos en la isla de Koshima que habian aprendido a lavar sus camotes.
    !!!Y ENTONCES SUCEDIO!! esa misma tarde toda la tribu lavaba los camotes antes de comerselos.
    La energia adicional del MONO NUMERO CIEN de algun modo habia generado ese avance social. Sin embargo, cabe notar lo siguiente : una cosa sorprendente que observaron estos cientificos fue que el habito de lavar los camotes entonces SALTO Y ATRAVESO EL MAR las colonias d e monos que habia en otras islas y la manada del continente en Takasakiyama, empezo a lavar sus camotes .
    Por lo tanto, cuando un determinado numero “numero critico” logra la CONSCIENCIA, esta nueva CONSCIENCIA se puede comunicar de una mente a otra.
    Si bien el numero exacto puede variar el fenomeno del MONO NUMERO CIEN, significa que cuando apenas un numero limitado de personas conoce una nueva forma , solo es propiedad consciente de esas personas pero hay un punto en el cual cuando una SOLA PERSONA MAS sintoniza con esa nueva CONSCIENCIA el campo se refuerza de tal manera que esta consciencia la adquieren casi todos.


    I want to thank Howard for his wisdom, care and perseverance and for making it so accessible, thanks to all his expertise, it is remarkable to know that we can heal and defeat parkinson,
    This reminds me of the experiment “Hundredth Monkey” a history of social change on the island of Koshima ..
    Free macaca monkey naturalelza lived in for more than 30 years, in 1952 some scientists began to give the monkeys a few sweet potatoes hechaban them in the sand, the monkeys if they liked the taste of sweet potatoes, but no sand.
    a young female named Imo, solved the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream, after I taught the trick to her mother and her playmates also learned to do, and also taught their mothers, little by little at the eyes of scientists, several monkeys were learning this cultural innovation.
    Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sand limpiandoles sweet potatoes to make them more tasty.
    Adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement but other adults kept ccomiendose the dirty sweet potatoes.
    Then something amazing happened. In the summer of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes, suppose that when the sun rose one morning and there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes.
    !!! And then it happened !! that evening all the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating.
    The additional energy of the hundredth monkey had somehow generated that social progress. However, it should be noted that: a surprising thing observed these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over SEA colonies of monkeys that had on other islands and herd continent Takasakiyama, I began to wash his sweet potatoes.
    Therefore, when a certain number “critical number” achieves consciousness, this new awareness may be communicated from one mind to another.
    Although the exact number may vary the hundredth monkey phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know a new way, is only the conscious property of these people but there is a point at which if only one more person tunes in that CONSCIOUSNESS new field is strengthened so that this awareness the acquired almost everyone.

  7. Anita in England says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Howard. I’m finding that your previous post – about knowing that we’re “worth it” – is also still giving me food for thought. There are so many ways in which a feeling of not being good enough can creep into our thinking… There are two coffee bars near where I live, very close to each other. One of them is very lively and stylish and that’s the one I always used to go into. But over the last few months I’d taken to going into the other one – it’s friendly but really quite drab and dowdy. A couple of weeks ago I realised I’d come to think that the shuffly, shaky me didn’t belong in a stylish and lively place, i.e that I wasn’t good enough. Needless to say, I’ve since been back to my preferred coffee bar – and very enjoyable it was too. Chipping away at those negative thoughts, little bit by little bit, and replacing them with feelings of self-worth…

    Thank you all for being there.

  8. Cynthia (from England) says:

    Good for you Anita! Chipping away at that iceberg! X

  9. mayarita says:

    Lovely Anita good for you. I am also in England. Thanks Howard and friends for your lovely comments.
    How are you all doing? My symptoms have taken a sudden turn for the worse. I am doing the recipe maybe 4 times a week and constantly working on myself so must be in the correct direction. Yet with this it is so hard not to be frightened and angry and frustration at this wells up. Or am I not doing enough?

    • Marie says:

      Dear Mayarita,
      I am always so moved by reading your posts. Reading your question “Or am I not doing enough?” touched me deeply. Truly, I have no idea of how much is enough. The circumstances of my own life allowed me to dedicate a lot of time and energy to doing the Reicpe for Recovery. And yes, that was great. But I also want to just reach out to you and let you know that when I look at the biggest changes brought about by practicing the Recipe, the self love and self acceptance I developed, and the ability to focus on gratitude for the positive and beautiful in life and to cultivate Dopamine were phenomenal and huge shifts. So I encourage you to give yourself credit for everything you do. Love yourself for your bravery. Love yourself for how you keep going. Love yourself for each time you do the Recipe for Recovery. You say you are constantly working on yourself. Love yourself for that, and for every effort you make. That love is healing. Fear does make symptoms worse. To the extent that you can, and when you can, turn your mind away from symptoms. You can give yourself 30 second doses of dopamine by feeling gratitude and letting it sink in. It doesn’t have to take long, and it can make a big difference. If you are truly doing everything you can, rather than fearing that it isn’t enough, how about saying “I am so proud of myself for how much I work towards my Recovery. I love for myself for that!” My very best wishes to you.

  10. Anita in England says:

    Thanks Cynthia and Mayarita.
    My heart goes out to you Mayarita. I remember you saying you have a small child, and that makes it so hard to prioritise your own needs. (I’m 61 so my children are well grown up now.) Do try to remember that if you look after yourself well you will be setting a good example to your child to look after him/herself well – a lesson I could have done with learning myself when my children were small! I send you my warm good wishes from autumnal South London.

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