Fighting Parkinson’s, and the Recipe in-depth 2015, part 8

I intend to take each part of the Recipe, physical, mental, and spiritual, and explain why it is in the Recipe and what it is doing for you in your recovery, deeply drilling down to the how and why it is helping you recover from Parkinson’s. Today is the eighth part: Near hand-far hand exercise for kidney and brain.

For those of you new to the blog, when I say “the Recipe,” I am talking about the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Click here to review the full version of the Recipe.

Near hand-far hand exercise for kidney and brain.

Part 1:
1. Place both of you hand behind you with your palms facing toward the Snow Mountain area.
2. Say, “dear soul, mind and body of my Snow Mountain area, I love you, you have the power to boost the energy going to my brain, you have the power to heal me. Do a good job. Thank you.”
3. Chant jiu, which is pronounced joe, for 5 minutes while visualizing snow melting at the top of your Snow Mountain area bringing energy to your brain.

Part 2:
1. Place on hand with your palm facing your kidney and the other hand overhead with your palm facing the top of your head.
2. Say, “dear soul, mind and body of my brain, I love you, you have the power to heal yourself, you have the power to heal me. Do a good job. Thank you.”
3. Chant jiu-yi, pronounced joe-ee, for 5 minutes while visualizing bright energy flowing from your kidneys to your brain. (do not do this part if you have high blood pressure, a brain tumor or brain cancer).

I had intended to do this near hand far hand when I started doing the Recipe, but I forgot about it for a few days. It was the early afternoon one day when I remembered, so I did it then. The boost of energy I received for the remainder of the afternoon was incredible so I left this part of the Recipe in the afternoon.

Things to know:

1. Snow Mountain area. The Snow Mountain is an energy center like the Dantian. It is located a couple of inches in front of the Mingmen. If you count upward from your coccyx, tailbone, to your fourth vertebrae and then move forward about two inches inside your body, you will be in the area of the your Snow Mountain.
2. Placement of your hands. After a couple of weeks, I no longer could stand and hold my hands away from my body, so I sat down and placed my palms on my kidneys (lower back, sides of spine). On the Part 2, I removed one hand and placed my palm directly on my head.
3. The saying of “dear soul, mind, and body…” is to center you and declare your intention.
4. I did the visualization just like it is written above. For those who completely feel they cannot perform a visualization, here is what I have recommended. Just prior to the chanting, close your eyes and say, “Dear my Higher Power, please direct the energy where it needs to go for my health and recovery. Thank you.” This keeps your intention inward. Then, do the chanting. Do not have fear that if you cannot do the visualizations in the Recipe, you cannot recover. Please know, everything in the Recipe can be modified for you…you have nothing to fear!

Click here, and choose faith over fear in your journey to your cure from Parkinson’s!

That’s it.

You are worth it!!!

I will be back soon.

Merry Christmas! Happy Christmas!

All my best,


For those of you who may have missed my previous post about the fifth person to have recovered doing the Recipe, click here to read the details of “Fighting Parkinson’s, and Helen Gill in Australia is symptom free!!!”

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  1. Rebecca from New Zealand says:

    Dear Howard,
    your explanations are making so much sense !
    Thankyou for posting them, even on Christmas Day.

  2. Jim R says:

    Thank you so much Howard once again. Every time I read these blogs, the more I understands the reasons behind each movements.

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