Fighting Parkinson’s, and accepting you will be cured

Okay, I already hear the question: How can I “accept” I will be cured? Simple. Do you want to be cured? Then decide that you are going to get what you want and decide that you will put up with whatever you have to put up with in order to achieve your cure. Simple…in theory. Difficult in practice. Why? Because Parkinson’s is a symptom of your life out of balance, and until you restore balance to your life, the symptom called Parkinson’s will remain with you as a reminder that you have more work to do.

Accepting you will be cured. If you go back to my previous post, “Fighting Parkinson’s, and 2016…the year of love!” you will realize that when you love yourself and know how precious you are, then accepting you will be cured is accepting that you are worthy and deserving of being cured of Parkinson’s. Love yourself, embrace your essence, accept that you will be cured! AND, do not be afraid of Parkinson’s. Please realize that loving yourself makes Parkinson’s afraid of you.

To accept that you will be cured, you do need to get beyond fear, so let’s take a look at that. When I had Parkinson’s, my fears were in two places: 1. That the known path my mother had followed resulted in her being crippled in a wheelchair with barely any voice to speak, and that the Alzheimer’s and Dementia from 20+ years on medications had rendered her mindless three years before she died; and 2. Life. Fear of not being perfect enough or having all of the right answers or making everybody else happy or being in control of everything…you know this fear.

As you can see, fear of Parkinson’s was a luxury I could not afford. So what choice did I have? Decide I would cure myself and chart my own course…fearlessly!

Was my life out of balance at that point in time? Absolutely yes! (They call it Parkinson’s).
Is your life out of balance at this current point in time? If you have Parkinson’s, then absolutely yes!

Lets take a look.

Physically out of balance (not an exhaustive list):
If you cannot stand up straight and walk like you did pre-Parkinson’s, then physically you are out of balance.
If you are suffering from tremors (shaking), rigidity (stiffness), Bradykinesia (slowness), and/or fatigue, then physically you are out of balance.
If you are suffering from constipation, urgent urination, and/or chronic indigestion, then physically you are out of balance.

Mentally out of balance (not an exhaustive list):
If you think that you need to be perfect in all things, then mentally you are out of balance.
If you think you have to control everything going on in life including, but not limited to, all the other people’s happiness and feelings in general, then mentally you are out of balance.
If you cannot accept something you do not like when it is happening in the moment and you respond to it with the emotions of anger, frustration, resentment, stress, anxiety, worry, and/or fear and you are consumed by those emotions, then mentally you are out of balance.

Spiritually out of balance (not an exhaustive list):
If you love God, but you think that God does not love you, then spiritually you are out of balance.
If pre-Parkinson’s and/or now you did/do things unconditionally for others, but even in your physically debilitated current Parkinson’s body you are unable to fully and open-heartedly accept others unconditionally doing things for you because you do not love yourself or find yourself worthy, then spiritually you are out of balance.
If, instead of being in the present moment of what is going on in your life, you are looking at the past with regret and guilt instead of acceptance, and you are looking at the future with fear instead of faith, then spiritually you are out of balance.

As you can see, Parkinson’s is a symptom, a manifestation, of all of these imbalances in your life. Why does it manifest in such harsh physical symptoms? I will be the first one to step up and answer (admit) this one: Because if Parkinson’s did not provide me physical symptoms that lasted until the day of my cure, I would not have fixed the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances in my life. I lacked the understanding and motivation to change.

I had become the old me. It is what worked in my life, so I thought. I had to admit to myself that I was out of balance in my life. Did I do it on purpose? Of course not. It happened while I was living life that way I thought life was supposed to be lived. There is no shame, no blame, no finger-pointing, no fault, no guilt in getting Parkinson’s.

I knew the way I thought and felt had to change because the way I was thinking and feeling had helped me get Parkinson’s. So, I decided to do what was the complete opposite of how I thought and felt…I decided with full faith and no fear that I would cure myself from an incurable disease and I would tolerate whatever it had in store for me along the way, and that I would do it day-by-day, moment-by-moment, in the present, here and now. For me, that was anti-Howard, the Howard I had become. That is why I knew it would work.

And, how did I restore balance to my life? By doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® day-by-day, moment-by-moment, staying in the present.

And, how will you restore balance to your life? By doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® day-by-day, moment-by-moment, staying in the present.

And be patient. The journey you are on is life. When you cross the final finish line in your life, it is death. I haven’t heard one person say they are in a hurry to reach the final finish line in life. Slow down, and please be patient and enjoy the journey of life.

Feel your recovery in your zest to be alive, in the joy in your heart, in your compassion for yourself and others, in your love for yourself and others. And be grateful. It changed my life the day I became grateful for being alive, even in a Parkinson’s body. I cherished the breath of life and was grateful. I still am.

Love yourself and realize how precious you are. Accept that you will be cured. Do the Recipe. Make it happen. Be your own cure!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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42 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and accepting you will be cured

  1. Kjell says:

    Dear Howard
    Such inspiration for me to read your message(s)
    Thank you Howard and all on this quest.

    “Please realize that loving yourself makes Parkinson’s afraid of you.” Woaw

  2. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard and fellow warriors, hi Kjell and welcome :-)
    Yes I am absolutely willing to accept my recovery. I was chatting yesterday to a fellow warrior, Rosemary, here in Ireland. We were saying our biggest challenge was being joyous when the reality of being in a Parkinson’s body is so very challenging. I am so grateful to be alive. Trying to get to the daily joy through listing all the blessings I do actually have in my life. I’m getting there. Maybe I need to sing more again. ” I have joy in my heart, I am joyful…..” :-)
    Big Love to all.
    Karen xx

  3. Tony says:

    Really Love this blog today! it maps out what brings Parkinson’s to the surface and i agree doing the opposite would be the solution. I’m feeling very positive about my recovery because i now know that I am in control and that my recovery waits on me!

  4. Luke M in the ATL says:

    Hello my fellow Warriors, & a loving, joyous, compassionate 2016 to everybody!!

    Thank you always, Howard for your love, guidance, and wisdom.
    What I got from your post is that recovery is a simple choice – either accept that I’m curing myself (no matter how long it may take, and how much effort I have to put in), and achieve full recovery ……….. or choose not to – and experience no recovery.
    I remember a great quote I read years ago …. “There are no right or wrong choices in Life, just choices, and the consequences of those choices”
    So, fellow Warriors, make the choice that advances your healing!

    Rock On! Big love to everyone
    Woooo Hoooooo

  5. Tina says:

    Hi Howard, thank you so much for this blog. You are so inspiring! I started the recipe in December along with TCM (acupuncture & herbs) in November & I am getting better! I will be cured! I can feel it & I just know it!

  6. mayarita says:

    Hello friends
    I am looking forward to finding my way again. After 6 years with Pd and no drugs. 2 1/2 years doing the Recipe Now after a collapse and scary hospital stay I succumbed to fear of disapproval of others and started taking meds 3 weeks ago. Also on sleeping tablets. I am on a roller coaster physically and mentally.
    It all tapped right back to that misunderstood. terrified child and I didn’t manage to overcome these feelings. From this difficult place I say to you do not give in to others fears and judgements. With Howard’s help I will find a way to recover.
    Has anyone else been here and can offer any words?
    I hope you are all doing great in your recoveries. Remember what I did not: that worsening symptoms are nothing to be alarmed by.
    Love to all

    • Sally Carlson says:

      Would you care to chat Mayarita?

      I have been and am struggling with the medicine life as well

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Ahhhhh Mayarita, my friend, I was upset to read your post. I am so sorry that you are having such a tough time. In truth though, you have the answers and knowing as to WHY you gave up on your own power and buckled by the opinion of others. If the meds are giving you a repreave right now, then that’s ok, but the other side, if you chose, is, it’s only been 3 weeks, you could easily go back to drug free. My wish for you is that you take back your power, do what FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU! Not for others approval or because of others opinions. I’m struggling too right now but I’m staying strong and digging deep. We WILL PLAY HOPSCOTCH my friend, we Will! With you in spirit Mayarita. xx

    • jimmy says:

      querida Mayarita siento mucho en mi corazon por lo que estas pasando, al igual que tu,, yo llevo 2 años y medio haciendo la receta con muchos altos y bajos , es parte de nuestro recorrido, de nuestro camino a la recuperacion, y en este camino yo he estado a un pequeño paso de iniciar tratamiento medico tradicional para parkinson, y finalmente no lo hice, tu decision de empezar tu tratamiento medico es una decision muy personal y muy respetable.
      Lo importante aqui es que tu ya sabes que existe un camino para recuperarte y en tu mente y espiritu este presente esta idea siempre, tu ya no desearas menos que curarte ,, La curación destellará a través de tu mente abierta a medida que la paz y la verdad se alcen para
      ocupar el lugar de la contienda y de las imaginaciones vanas. No quedará ni un solo rincón tenebroso que
      la enfermedad pueda ocultar y defender contra la luz de la verdad. No quedarán en tu mente figuras
      sombrías procedentes de tus miedos y dudas, Permite que la curación se efectúe a través de ti desde hoy mismo. pues la curacion se forja desde adentro.


      Margarita sorry dear in my heart for what you’re going through, just like you ,, I have 2 and a half years making the recipe with many ups and downs, it’s part of our journey, our road to recovery, and in this way I have been a small step to start traditional medical treatment for Parkinson’s, and finally I did not, your decision to start your medical treatment is a very personal and very respectable decision.
      The important thing here is that you already know that there is a way to recover and in your mind and spirit is present this idea forever. Healing through your mind open as peace and truth arise to take the place of war and vain imaginings. There will be no dark corner that the disease could hide and defend against the light of truth. They will not be on your mind the figures
      grim from your fears and doubts, to allow healing to take place through you from today, because healing is forged from within.

    • Anita in England says:

      Dear Mayarita,
      Please be kind, gentle and loving towards yourself.
      Much love,

  7. mayarita says:

    yes please sally thankyou xxx will try emailing you

  8. Helen says:

    What an awesome post Howard! It makes so much sense. Big love mayarita to you and everyone .

  9. Helen says:

    Good on you Mayarita you keep on going you are so worth it xx Helen Aust.

  10. Rebecca from New Zealand says:

    Hi everyone,
    Entering my 5th year of PD, cant believe how the time has flown.
    I take the most minimal of meds still, in order to drive, and look after myself.
    Just started a new way of eating,, The Wahls Protocol, written by a Dr Terry Wahls, who recovered from MS by deciding to alter her diet drastically.
    I’m growing my own healthy green vegetables and walking on the beach (actually I find jogging easier than walking now – which is weird )
    My balance is dreadful, and I move in slow motion, but I’ve begun loving and valueing myself each day. ( Throwing off the old mindset of not being good enough )
    I’m somewhat slack at doing the Recipe, but I’m getting there.
    Really appreciate this site and the great encouragement and solidarity each time I read everyones messages.
    Love to all.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Rebecca, I have that book but OMG how does she expect one human being to eat SO much in one day? Lol :-) xx

      • Rebecca from New Zealand says:

        I make lots of smoothies, I find it a good way to go, and i agree, it is a lot too eat. But better nutrition must certainly help our brains to fight PD I’m thinking.

  11. Pat in Florida says:

    “if Parkinson’s did not provide me physical symptoms that lasted until the day of my cure, I would not have fixed the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances in my life. I lacked the understanding and motivation to change.” This is what popped out at me. I see that it is totally true for me.
    I couldn’t see that something needed fixing until Parkinson showed up and dramatically changed my life. I had been too busy to take care of me. I was living to take care of everybody else. Now I can’t take care of anybody!
    But change is hard. Change takes time. Change takes practice and consistent effort. To invoke another Beatles song – “it don’t come easy”!
    Parkinson’s took away all the obstacles by imposing restrictions on what I could do. And for that I can be thankful for Parkinson’s – alerting me that something needed fixing, and secondly forcing me to live a simpler life.
    This set the stage to embrace the Recipe for Recovery. I am so thankful for Howard being here to show the way to identify and understand what is needed and helping us make the changes that result in recovery.
    I am fully in – making 2016 my Year of Love! I accept that my cure will come, only by learning to love who I am. I will be looking to God, who is love! And then, watch out people, I will really be able love you, from a place of balance, abundance and truth!
    I am grateful for all the friends who post comments on this blog.
    I am still so excited and encouraged by Helen’s testimony and full recovery!
    I am praying for you, Mayarita.
    Love you all who are courageously battling this out!
    Big Love, (I think this is becoming our community’s trademark :) )

    • Cynthia (from England) says:

      Thank you Pat, you expressed perfectly just how I feel xx

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Pat, I always sign my post Big Love. My sons aunt always puts it in her cards and I thought the first time I saw it how wholesome and full it sounds. :-) xx

      • Pat in Florida says:

        Yes Karen, when I see the words Big Love I think of you! And I have noticed others using the same closing.
        I think it is big love which enables you to be such a positive influence despite your daunting physical struggles. God bless you for all the good you do! xoxoxo

        • Karen in Ireland says:

          Bless you Pat, what a lovely thing to say, thank you. I’ve logged in a few times today hoping to hear that Mayarita is feeling a lot better after her chat with Sally Carson. She seemed so very low and overwhelmed, bless her. We all know how that feels. xx

    • Helen Gill says:

      Thank you Pat. It’s lovely to read how you are taking care of your self. love Helen Aust.

  12. Leena says:

    Hello Howard and all the Warriors. I feel doing the recipe is one aspect to cure oneself but we have to work in entirety of every word of the blog Howard writes. These blogs we need to follow and put them into practice in our daily life. In every thought that crosses our mind. I am sure that will bring the biggest change in each one of us. The more we practice our way of thinking the sooner we will be on the road to recovery.
    People like Marie, Helene and the others if they could shed their thought process like Marie said in one of the blogs to make gratitude as a practice. Helene shared the mirror talk to love oneself. These are invaluable advises from people who have recovered.
    Howard is doing every possible effort but if the others chip in I am sure we will have more recoveries sooner than later.
    Howard you are our guru in this road to recovery. I thank you for your dedication, self less efforts and your drive to help each one of us is beyond comprehension.
    With deepest Gratitude

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Well said Leena, Howard is truly amazing but so many helpful things that Marie has posted and continues to post help me. ” fake it til you feel it” is one of my favourites. Recently I think it was Waseema that Marie advised to get into the ” feeling” of how it would feel when she sees the words ” Fighting Parkinson’s and Waseema is Symptom Free” Little hints that make a difference. Helens mirror advise also brilliant. Betty seems to have left us but Pratima says hi now and again, bless her, considering she has no English. We are blessed by these warriors. xx

    • Helen Gill says:

      Good one Leena x

  13. Debbie says:

    Sending Big Love to Howard and each of you. Thank you for your comments and words of encouragement. My life is a blessing. It is a wonderful gift and I am grateful. I choose to love myself. I choose to accept recovery for myself. Have a wonderful day.
    For all those who are struggling know that you are not alone. Love and be kind to yourself, have faith, and fight this thing called Parkinson’s. It is beatable and we are all worth it.
    Sending love and Blessings your way

  14. Mårthen says:

    Hi everyone on this wonderful community.

    Bless you all!

  15. Anita in England says:


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