Fighting Parkinson’s, and having no fear of symptoms

What is a symptom? According to Merriam-Webster Online, a symptom is “subjective evidence of disease or physical disturbance; broadly: something that indicates the presence of bodily disorder.” We all should be able to agree that symptoms are evidence of disease, but they are not the disease in and of themselves…they are the “something that indicates the presence of bodily disorder.” So, although the symptoms of Parkinson’s are unpleasant and can prevent you from doing some of the things you would like to be doing, you have nothing to fear from your symptoms.

If you have nothing to fear from your symptoms, then where does all of your fear of your symptoms come from? Lack of understanding what is occurring…”if symptoms appear worse, I must be getting worse.” This is where many people tell me their fear comes from. Here is why this is not the case.

Let’s suppose you have been doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® for a while. Your sense of smell has returned, constipation is under control, and on most days you feel like you have pretty good energy. In fact, you are doing so well that when your kidneys encounter a blockage in the kidney meridian, they contact the brain and this discussion takes place:

The Plan:
Kidneys: Hi brain. We have detected a major blockage in our meridian and we need more energy to break it open.
Brain: How much energy do you need?
Kidneys: 90% of the available energy in this body.
Brain: I cannot give you 90% of the available energy in this body. As you know, a Parkinson’s body already is low on energy. The symptoms will go haywire if there is only 10% of the available energy to tend to them and keep them in check.
Kidneys: Here is how we see it. If you give us 90% of the available energy in this body to open up this major blockage, the body will be low on energy for a couple of days, but after that, we will be able to provide you 10 times the amount of energy we are borrowing. The body then will be soaring with energy and recovery will go more smoothly.
Brain: Okay. Sounds like a plan. Let’s do it.

The Result:
When the brain gives the kidneys 90% of the available energy in the body to open this major blockage in the kidney meridian, here is what the body feels like for a couple of days: tremors out of control, severe rigidity, extreme slowness, major fatigue, and pain in the lower back that feels like somebody has been using the kidneys as a bunching bag.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real! What Appears Real when you are facing the result listed above is that something dreadfully wrong is happening with your Parkinson’s. This is where FEAR takes over; some people stop doing what they were doing (the Recipe), and some people run to the doctor to have this terribleness remedied. However, when you look at “The Plan” listed above, you know it is False Evidence to think that anything bad is happening in your recovery. In fact, something wonderful is happening. So, the end result for those lacking faith in themselves, their Higher Power and the Recipe is FEAR — False Evidence Appearing Real — and they get off of the recovery path.

FAITH: Fully Accepting Intuitively Tremendous Healing. Faith says, “what is occurring is just my experience in the moment, and it will pass.” Click here for more on your experience in the moment. And after a couple of days when it passes and the tremors settle down, and the rigidity subsides, and the slowness speeds up, and the fatigue turns into higher levels of energy, and the pain in the lower back disappears, you smile to yourself and say, “I am happy I surrendered having to know why things are happening, and I am happy I chose faith. I am happy that I am Fully Accepting Intuitively Tremendous Healing. In retrospect, I clearly can see that I had nothing to fear, and to the extent that I had a little fear, it turned out to be False Evidence Appearing Real. I am really happy I did not give in to the fear.”

If you have faith in yourself, faith in your Higher Power, and faith in the Recipe, then you absolutely have nothing to fear. Remember, a symptom is nothing more than something indicating the existence of something else. If you are doing the Recipe, your symptoms are nothing more than an indication that you are out of balance and that you have more work to do in your recovery. That’s all!

Please know this: recovery is not just a destination…it is a journey. You are recovery in each moment of the journey. Since you have to move through this recovery slowly, why not enjoy the sights, explore the things you used to miss because you were moving too quickly to notice, and accept that Parkinson’s is temporary.

Fear and FEAR are not real. They are in your mind. Faith and FAITH are real. They are in your heart and they are a part of who you are. Be the best you that you can be by looking inside yourself, grabbing a huge amount of faith, and telling your Parkinson’s that its days are numbered.

A symptom is nothing more than something indicating the existence of something else. The something else is Parkinson’s, and you are doing the Recipe and recovering from Parkinson’s. You have nothing to fear with the symptoms or the Parkinson’s. You are recovery.

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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39 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and having no fear of symptoms

  1. Helen says:

    What a great way of expressing it Howard. What I related to was the bit about we are not going for an end goal it’s that we are recovering all the time we do the recipie and have Faith.

  2. Sylvia Sars says:

    What a great powerful way of describing it!
    You made my day, thanks Howard.

  3. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, I really enjoyed this post. I love your humour and the kidneys and the brain having a chat. These posts are so good for us, as they simplify it all. However, I want to honour all my fellow warriors by stating, the reality of day to day, is so much more than rigidly, slowness, and tremors. It’s the constant ” overwhelm”. The madness in your head when you wake after an hours sleep and can’t get back to sleep and the hours tick by and you can’t turn left or right and sitting up causes so much strain in your neck that most days your neck is throbbing and you feel as if your suddenly suffering with blood pressure. So you lie there and talk to God and ask him to just ease the tremor as once the arm is tremoring it causes the legs to follow and you beg to him to just let you sleep. It’s the pain in your arms and shoulders, that gets so bad there are days you can’t move your arm and so it hangs as if you’ve had a stroke. It’s seeing your body naked and seeing how the muscle has wasted away from lack of use. It’s the staggering around and then suddenly freezing and your legs then shake so much it’s easier to try and crawl on your hands and knees. You all know, I’m just touching the surface here. Not medicating is still my choice but it’s HARD.
    And in it all, we do the recipe each day and give gratitude and put smiles on our faces and keep going with Howard at the helm and God at our side. I truly believe each and every one of us is Bloody AMAZING! Whether you are medicating or not, you my warrior comrades ROCK and I am proud to walk this journey with you. So now when I cross the finish line, no-one will have to ask about my symptoms lol. There are nights when I truly think ” maybe I’m dying” that’s my truth. But I’m in a really good headspace because I discipline myself to feeling happy. ( the dying thought is given no air time) The better we FEEL the more we ALLOW perfect health to flow to us. Remember too, we ARE love and that love of God dwells within each of us, we just have to align with it through feeling happy. As our beautiful warrior Marie would say ” fake it till you feel it” I feel really good as I have wanted to do this post for a long time. Today’s post gave me the opening. 🙂 xx
    Thanks Howard. Big Love to All.
    Karen xx

    • Debs says:

      Awesome post Karen, thanks for taking us into the nitty gritty…which we live moment by moment, until we forget about ourselves and see the sunrise, friend, or a cat…..etc and become inspired with the beauty of life again. Your description of your journey validates mine. Thank you!
      Stay strong and loving, we’re all with you xo! Keep sharing!

    • Thank you Howard! And thank you Karen…I am especially appreciating your authenticity in telling it like it is. And I walk to own up:…I often allow my symptoms to get the better of me. Plus I’ve been experiencing a bit of a battle with an infected cat bite and lack of stamina…but even with that, noticing how much support I provide for myself in addressing the “can’ts” (the idea that I can’t walk for instance). Whenever I remember (and, being human, sometimes I don’t), I shift my thoughts to “of course I can”, I take a deep breath, visualize the act of walking…and guess what…I manage a reasonable walk 9 times out of 10. The PD mind is a funny old thing, isn’t it?

    • Kathy says:

      Oh Karen, your post nearly brought me to tears as you nailed my experience exactly. I was one of those ones who went quickly from cane to walker to wheelchair despite my best efforts. The burden of my care fell on my husband and he became more and more frustrated, angry and resentful as my health deteriorated. I cried a thousand tears the day I made the decision to take the nedication, but I couldn’t survive in such a negative atmosphere. Love and light are crucial to healing and I had to find my own way to deal. I hate taking the meds, but I’m grateful that they are available and give me some relief. I believe with all my heart that healing is possible, even for those of us who have succumbed to medication. I admire your strength and grace and embrace your loving brave spirit. Daily I remind myself that I, and all of us, are ” fearfully and wonderfully made.” Thanks for posting.

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hi Kathy, I have heard it so many times here how warriors are pushed to meds by frustrated and fearful family. It’s totally understandable but like you say Kathy, it gives you a little repreave and quality. So don’t beat yourself up. I’m 51 and I never thought I would say it, but it’s easier being single as I don’t affect anyone. I have a fabulous son who thank God is at college, so does not have to be too exposed as it is soul destroying for family to see someone they love struggling. Hang in there warrior, we will get there. 🙂 Pratima was in a wheelchair and took meds and still Howard got her across the finish line. 🙂 xx

      • judy says:

        Kathy, I too, am on meds. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. On them since July, 2011, I didn’t much consider going off them until I discovered Howard and the Recipe in May, 2013. I am having improvement slowly even with the meds.
        Thank-you for the post, Howard. Shaking off fear is an on-going struggle, not only worth it, but necessary.
        Though I don’t like taking the meds, I thank God for them. They enable me, for now, to have a quality of life that I wouldn’t otherwise have. As I improve more and more doing the Recipe, I can see the day approaching when recovery comes, and meds go!

    • Waseema from Birmingham UK says:

      Karen you’re so brave. I was touched by your vulnerability and sharing. Thank you. We, each of us, can heal once we’ve travelled the journey and seen all the beauty along the way. I tell myself that all the time now so i can appreciate the slowness instead of resenting it. Howard’s post has described it in such a lovely way.

      Love and blessings

    • jimmy says:

      Karen querida, muy conmovedor su relato, que es la misma figura con la que nos sentimos identificados todos tus compañeros ,me duele tanto leer sus palabras ,,pero TENEMOS EL PODER DE DECIDIR.
      Al padecer una enfermedad , mientras el cuerpo se desgasta en sufrimientos, la salud parece una promesa lejana y ausente.hay personas que han perdido la fe y su malestar los envuelve en una atmosfera cargada de desaliento y desesperacion. la falta de fe siempre destruye y separa, la falta de fe siempre limita y ataca , la falta de fe interpone obstaculos. Mas es imposible alcanzar la paz sin tener fe , la Fe en Dios y en nosotros mismos, te llevan la verdad y el alivio al espiritu, actua como un balsamo de salud, que te llevara a una vida llena de esperaanzas….La fe siempre une y sana . la fe desvanece toda limitacion y brinda plenitud.
      un beso grande Karen , pronto esto lo superaras


      Karen dear, very touching his story, which is the same figure with which we identify all your friends, it hurts so much reading you words, but we have the power to decide.
      With a disease, while the body is worn in suffering, health seems a distant and absent promise. People have lost faith and discomfort wraps them in an atmosphere full of despondency and despair. Lack of faith always destroys and separates, lack of faith always limited and attacks, lack of faith is an impediment. But it is impossible to achieve peace without faith, faith in God and in ourselves, they bring the truth and relieve the spirit, act as a balm to health, which will take you to a life of faith where there is always hope …this unites and heals. Any limitations of faith will fade and give you fullness.
      a big kiss Karen, you soon will get over this.

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Bless you Jimmy, my friend. I love your spiritual depth and passion. Thank you for your lovely words. 🙂 xx

    • Marie says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for your post. As you said, you have wanted to write this post for a long time, and your giving yourself permission to do that, to write exactly what you were feeling in the moment shows courage and self love. It was great to feel the shift as you “laid that burden down”. Like a gigantic “okay!” Accepting all of it, all of yourself, including the struggle of daily life which is sometimes really hard and overwhelming. And sharing it with all of us.
      Much love to you, brave Karen!!

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Hi Marie, thank you. You are right, I am very much in ” okay” and acceptance. Deciding to be happy has made a huge shift. In writing what I did it was to acknowledge so many of our warriors who I know are suffering. It’s a reach out to say, your not alone and yes it does feel much more than rigidly, stiffness and tremors. I feel there are so many who feel what I’m feeling but don’t post here, so it’s a reach out to them. Marie, we are truly blessed that with Howard, you continue to champion us all. I hope your Chi Kong classes have begun as I know you will be an amazing guide and tutor. 🙂 xx

    • Shawna Carol says:

      Hi Karen,

      I was very moved by your post and have spent many nights as you described myself. I take several supplements now that help me get back to sleep when I wake in the middle of the night. I take L-Tryptophan; a neurotransmitter called GABA; and most importantly, I brew a pot of cannabis tea, which my doctor recommended, using the leaves of the cannabis plant boiled in almond milk. I use no pharmaceuticals of any kind. The recipe I shared with you has tremendously improved my ability to return to sleep. Add to this, a commitment to positive thoughts and you have my recipe for sleep.

      Wishing you all the best,


      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Shawna thank you so much for your recommendations. I think I would become very attached to the cannabis tea haha! I used to love my red wine at the weekends. Surprisingly I don’t miss it these days. Thanks for sharing friend. 🙂 xx

    • Anita in England says:

      Much love to you, Karen.

    • Cynthia (from England) says:

      Dear Karen, I think you are one brave and strong woman to deal with what you do. I am on minimum meds, taking it mainly at night as I find it helps my sleep and in the morning as it gets me kickstarted (eventually!). Being part of this community is a massive help, knowing we are all on the same road and understand what it’s like. We will all cross that finish line Karen, and we will have that promised game of hopscotch, but you will have to remind me how it’s done as its been many years since I played it! Bless you and keep trusting.
      Love Cynthia xx

      • Karen in Ireland says:

        Thanks Cynthia, yes we shall be playing hopscotch. I have promised myself that when I cross the finish line, I am going to take a picture of me beside a freshly drawn game of hopscotch outside my back door. All are welcome to come and play. 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

  4. Debs says:

    Perfect timing! You address what we need exactly when we need it! It’s all about the recovery not the symptoms as I delude myself into momentarily, until your voice comes in! xoThank you! Howard!

  5. mayarita says:

    Thank you Karen
    Thank you Howard

  6. mayarita says:

    From my brief experience with drugs at present I do not recommend it. But we all do what we must on our path.
    Love and loved

  7. Debbie says:

    Thank you Howard for your wisdom, love and the great amount of time spent on helping each of us. As always I loved your post. They all just make so much sense to me.
    I believe that as I do my best, I will be blessed with just the right blessings and help that is perfect for me. I will concentrate on doing my part; on the living and doing the best I can to be healthy and happy everyday. I will leave the rest or what happens up to God. I will not give in to fear. I HAVE FAITH ! I am using my energy to enjoy and do what I can each moment. That is all anyone can do 🙂 Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts.
    Karen, you are such a beautiful, strong person. Hang in there ! Know that you are loved. You bring joy and happiness into my life . I hope that you will be feeling better real soon and that the joy and happiness and strength that you share with others will be felt in your own life.
    Sending Big Love and Blessings to all

  8. Trish in Colorado says:

    Bless you Howard! Words cannot express how much you have done to change the course of my life from despair to hope, faith and even joy!!! This verse is appropriate here:
    ” God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

    And thank you Karen, for sharing your daily struggles with us. We ARE all fellow warriors and I’m so proud to be one of your number. I couldn’t walk this path without all of you!!!

    Love, Trish

  9. Susana L says:

    Hi Karen,
    Such raw honest words you have written! I hope the following suggestions will help you.

    Howard once suggested to me to do the medical chi gong for the liver when I can’t sleep. Sometimes I get up and do it 5 to 10 times and go back to bed. It usually makes me fall asleep right away. Another thing I do that I read in the Jin Shin Jyutsu book is to lie flat on my back and put my palms on either side of my groins. This usually settles my energies and I fall right to sleep. I’ve even woken up still in this position. I wish these ideas help you get the sleep you deserve so you can wake up with beautiful new strength. Sending you love and light, Susana

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Bless you Susana, thank you for taking the time to share what works for you. 🙂 I will give it a go. 🙂 xx

      • Linda says:

        yes thankyou so much karen for truly sharing the nitty gritty
        i am 56 now and single and today for the first time i didnt visit my friends down the road at their regular ukulele jam. i usually take my violin n sing bu t today i can hardly walk without lurching n my hands n arms arent working well n i am so fatigued i can hardly feed myself so i stayed home on my own- i am calling it a day of self care but i am really disappointed on missing my musical friends. i read your post n it is such a relief to read your honesty. i try so hard to stay positive but sometimes its so hard when my body is in so much pain. so thankyou sOO much for sharing your reality dearest karen, yes you truly ROCK!!! and jimmy thnx always for your insight and inspiration,. love to all. LINDAxx
        ps does anyone get affected by hot weather???

        • Karen in Ireland says:

          Hi Linda, thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry you missed your music session but happy you turned it into a self care day for you. Well done. 🙂 Recently I made a deal with myself to ” feeling happy” so even in the days and nights that I’m feeling bad, etc I still practice feeling happy. It takes commitment and I’m enjoying the game. I laughed at you asking about hot weather. You’ve obviously never been to Ireland. Lol. Our land is so green because grass obviously loves rain :-). What’s hot weather? 🙂 xx

  10. Jimmy R says:

    So powerful insights! Thank you once again Howard! Thank you to all of you warriors who regularly participate in this forum. May the Almighty bless us always!

  11. Anita in England says:

    Thanks for this post, Howard. As ever, it’s a valuable and much needed reminder. It’s taken me another small step in the process of rewiring my brain’s responses – one neural connection at a time.
    Much love to all my companions out there.

  12. leontina says:

    Dragii mei,eu cred ca suntem cei mai puternici oameni de pe planeta ca induram asemenea grozavii (simptome) si sa vorbim in acelasi timp de dragoste iubire Dumnezeu.Ducem o lupta dura cu o multime de demoni cce ne bantuie trupurile slabite,dar nu se pot atinge de sufletele noastre ,de credinta,de speranta ca ne vom elibera Dragoste Leo


    My dear, I think we are the most powerful people on the planet that also endure horrors (symptoms) and talk at the same time of love God. We live a tough fight with a lot of demons haunt us and give us weakened bodies, but cannot touch our souls with faith and hope that we will release. Love, Leo

  13. Leena says:

    Howard, thank you for the wonderful post. The brain and kidney chat is awesome.
    Karen, you already are a hero for sharing your daily struggles. I have had pd since 2011 and was trying all sorts of herbs to get rid of tremors as that’s what I suffer most from. Until I came across Howard’s website last March until then I was unaware that pd is fully recoverable.

    Howard has given me a chance to second life which I am trying hard to attain. I am free of western medicine from day one but I have been doing YOGA for many years and believe that God has been good to me as i do not suffer from most of the symptoms Karen listed out. Karen after reading your post I took a minute to thank god that he has blessed with me with just tremors in my four limbs that’s all.
    Karen if time permits and your physical condition allows I would suggest you watch some yoga videos and pranayama( breathing techniques) specially ujjai ( breath of victory) on you tube and incorporate a few in your daily routine and boy you are going to see a world of difference in your energy levels. Let me know if you need help along the way in this reg and I will be more than glad to help you out.

    Love, faith, hope and god’s grace will definitely be showered on all of us as God is just testing our faith and trying our patience, he sure will run out of time and will have to bestow our recoveries to each and every one of us.
    With deep gratitude to Howard. And love to all my pd journey mates.
    Leena ????????????????

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      Hi Leena, thank you so very much for your yoga suggestions. I will research your suggestions, have a go, and get back to you. Bless you my friend. 🙂 xx

  14. Наталья says:

    Thanks, Howard! As always timely reminder and it is necessary for me

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