Fighting Parkinson’s, and acceptance in your heart

In my last post, I discussed that symptoms are a sign that something else is going on. The symptoms are not the problem, and sometimes, worse appearing symptoms are a sign of vast improvement. If you are doing the Recipe, then occasional worse-looking symptoms are a sign that you are getting better. The Recipe works that way, and accepting this fact will assist you immensely in your recovery.

That’s right, if you are doing the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®, then you are getting better every single day. I spent the last 15 days of 2015, day by day, posting and explaining in-depth how and why the Recipe works physically, mentally, and spiritual on your path to recovery.

If you are going to be successful in your recovery journey, you will need acceptance in your heart. Acceptance in your heart looks like this:

I accept:
I have Parkinson’s.
I am doing the Recipe.
Five people so far have had full recoveries doing the Recipe.
Hundreds of people are reversing their Parkinson’s.
My symptoms will probably look worse periodically, but it still means I am getting better.
I have faith in my full recovery.

I have explained the following concept before, but it needs repeating to assist you in achieving the type of acceptance in your heart listed above:

Suppose every thought you had sent a vibration out to the Universe, like a ripple in the pond when you drop a stone. Then suppose that the Universe did not interpret whether you liked or disliked your thought vibrations, but instead merely viewed them as: “Whatever this person is thinking about the most, he or she must want, so I will give him or her more.” Then, all of the thoughts of symptoms would bring you more symptoms, even if your were thinking how much you did not like your symptoms.

In my recovery, whatever misery I was facing, I looked at it and accepted it as necessary for my recovery. Using the same analogy, the Universe said, “Whatever Howard is thinking about the most, he must want, so I will give him more.” Since the symptoms always were there and always were changing, I constantly was thinking and saying “this is necessary for my recovery,” “this is part of my recovery,” and “this is my recovery happening,” and I knew this to be true. Changes in the symptoms (often in them looking worse) was nothing more than changes in my internal vibrations or internal changes in my electrical flow.

I was on my way to my recovery, so everything that was happening was necessary for my recovery, plain and simple. And, the Universe delivered recovery, recovery, recovery. If you are consumed with your symptoms, then chances are the Universe is delivering to you symptoms, symptoms, symptoms.

When you get angry or frustrated or fearful that your symptoms are getting worse, does it make them get better? NO! They get even worse, which kind of proves the point that focusing on your symptoms with negative emotions and fear does nothing more than bring about even worse symptoms.

It is hard for some people to understand that the more you let go of your attachment to your symptoms, the more you accept what is going on in your recovery, and the more you surrender that anybody owes you an explanation as to why your symptoms seem exacerbated that day, the better you get and the better things go for you in life. It is the release of the ego, the drama, the lack of trust in yourself, and the self-criticisms that sets you free. It is getting out of your mind and into your heart that calms your symptoms and releases your dopamine.

When you choose to accept what is happening in life from your heart, you feel your recovery in your life and you feel your Parkinson’s recovery in everything you say and everything you do.

When you follow your heart in choosing how to view your reality, you become consumed with faith, hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, happiness, joyfulness, contentment, and gratitude. These positive, heart-felt emotions send a beam of healing light from your heart to your head and open the dopamine faucet so you can, as our friend Marie suggests, “give your brain a lovely dopamine bath!”

Take a moment and sit with that: “give your brain a lovely dopamine bath!” Aaaahhhh….

Accept your life and your recovery in your heart, and follow your heart to your cure…it knows the way!

You are worth it!!!

All my best,



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16 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and acceptance in your heart

  1. Karen in Ireland says:

    Hi Howard, Awesome reminder. I love it! Thank you. :-)
    Big Love to all warriors.
    Karen xx

  2. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful message. Thank you Howard. Here is a thought that I read on the internet today that I think ties right in with this.
    “Like thieves in the night unwelcome thoughts can and do seek entrance to our minds,
    But we don’t have to throw open the door, serve them tea and crumpets,
    And then tell them where the silverware is kept ! ”
    Have a great day.
    Love and Blessings

  3. jimmy says:

    Parkinson’s is part of the inner transformation that we are experiencing, everything is expressed inside ….. life is born in our hearts, life is happening inside and that can not teach anyone to you, just your life has the resources to show you ,, but to see it, you have to open yourself to look in there, and when you open it, you realize that everything that happens in your life, is designed to help you look right there in the center, so you can see the origin of life, so you can see the meaning of your life, so you can see beyond your suffering.
    because we are always trying to understand what is trust in life from one aspect of mistrust, distrust of my life and can not be understood from there, is like trying to understand the underwater world, looking at it from the surface, you can believe you know it because you take many years watching, but really do not know anything, until you do not get in there and find out what it means to be there in there ,, you can not appreciate what you know and what you do not know, hence, when many people start doing this process, he believes he is not doing well or do not go out or that are very green in the process, it’s a lie they are findings themselves ,, if you stop to ask life. Hey life where I am? .In What time in my life I find myself ?. Be surprised by the answer that would give you life, because life is always at its best, life is always giving herself completely.
    And you realize how we fool ourselves, as we believe we are wrong one day maybe and not true something is moving in us, something is opening, any suffering, any pain that this hatching, which is coming to the surface and that it is beautiful but we do not trust it, we believe that something wrong is happening because we are afraid of life………….Why we’re afraid of life?
    We believe it is a threat that can happen something that makes us suffer, and this is not a threat is only a transformation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a beautiful caterpillar -crisalida – Butterfly is happening.

    • Sally Carlson says:

      Beautiful Jimmy.
      Thank you.

    • Karen in Ireland says:

      I love that Jimmy as I have ever loved butterflies, they are hugely significant to change and transformation. I have said for the longest time that I feel I am presently healing in my cocoon, waiting for my true self, the butterfly to emerge. My grandmother used to call me butterfly. :-) I love your posts Jimmy. xx

  4. Tony says:

    Great post brother! Yes it’s so true the body follows the mind. Before I had this slowness stiffness I wasn’t thinking about so I didn’t have it . I’m ready to send my parkinsons right into the trash because where it belongs to true Tony is coming back!!!

  5. judy says:

    Right on time, Howard. Thanx. I don’t know what i would do without these timely, ongoing reminders.

  6. Anita in England says:

    Recovery… recovery… recovery…
    Thank you, Howard.

  7. Sally Carlson says:

    Thank you Howard.
    Powerful reminders of how our thoughts direct our choices
    Forgiving myself and getting back on track!

  8. ken says:

    Thanks Howard for reminding me that I am making progress on the road
    to recovery no matter how my symptoms appear on that particular day.
    As you said previously said ”Think back to how many times you have felt
    worse than you are feeling today…this alone should prove to you that you
    are getting better”

  9. mayarita says:

    beautiful jimmy

  10. mayarita says:

    thanks. Howard

  11. corazon salvador says:

    it is nice to hear from you Howard it is such big hope to pursue the recovery
    from this illness . thank you for the encouragement that you always provides
    for us May GOD BLESS YOU and continue to spread the healing words.

  12. sue in sf bay area says:

    Always so timely. After reading this post I emailed Howard that I was experiencing ‘foot freeze’ & was asked to describe it. As I did I was able to let the symptom go & voila, it has disappeared. Healing is happening!
    Thanks again Howard you are an angel to us all.

  13. Lohren says:

    Purrfect Howard!

  14. Alain Bonnamie says:

    I love your post, I’ll use it a lot, thx, will be really helpful !


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